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Public Channeling of July 4, 2007





Transmission of Magnetic Love Energy

Pay Attention to the Signs of the Times and Burst the Fetters

Change Requires Courage

Keep Your Focus on the Solution, not on the Problems

Purification of the Inner Eye



I Am Kryon and I welcome you to the room of the Divine Reality with the immeasurable love and the words OMAR TA SATT.


The now-moment is being used to give you a transmission of magnetic love energy during this hour. Magnetic love transmissions from the cosmic world mean so much more than human words can express for the veils of the duality are getting lighter and lighter and with each new opening the quality of the magnetic love energy, which itself always contains the same currents, gets much stronger for you personally.


You, who are present here, have grown out of infancy. You carry the awareness. You are spiritual beings and great lights in human bodies. The end times of the duality present all sorts of things, of course also confusion. Many questions emerge. They want to be answered. But your soul, in reality your soul is calling for the cosmic energy of the great love. Your soul and your heart do not need answers for the duality will dissolve in the field of the Divine Reality. The fog will lift. Clarity will come over you, descend on you and you will be knowing.


Kryon will continue to convey messages, even during the transmission. In addition the magnetic transmission of the high love energy is being transmitted with the frequencies of the great light of the Starseed. Thus this frequency ensures joy, harmony, balance and courage. For in these times the human beings who carry the dawning of consciousness, of who they really are, within are very unhappy in the duality. Very many human beings among you would like to change their job. They feel that it is time to change. The collective energies of the sleeping, though without judging this, are particularly strongly at work at this time. It is up to you yourself to free yourself from this by realizing yourself that you have chosen a path which leads you to a goal, back home, to yourself and to your divine might on the planet Earth. Comparing this path with a mountain, it sometimes seems to you to be exhausting and making you sweat. Sometimes you would like to have a rest. But you are moving and are giving free reign to the movements of your soul at the same time. Human beings who deny themselves to develop spiritually are travelling in a car of the funicular - seemingly the easier path. But they are caught in the fog and cannot see the beauty of the Divine Reality. Each experience that you have now will bring the realization that this has not been in vain. Pay attention to the signs of the times. Burst the fetters. Set yourself free and be what you are. The liberty in you is a valuable possession. Do not permit fetters to surround your soul. Do not let yourself be restricted or curbed. Free yourself. Let the courage of your divine might flow within you and recognize the signs which you are leaving behind for many who will still take this path.


And so Kryon asks you: Breathe into the middle of your center. Ground yourself and unify your chakras.


If you are ready give the permission that the magnetic love energy may pour into you. And as by themselves all your channels open. Kryon calls the messengers of the light from the big net of the Starseed.

Very gently but yet very powerfully we begin with the transmission. Trust that you are ready right now to absorb this high energy into yourself. You have great changes before you. Make yourself aware: The further you go away from the duality the deeper you go into the Divine Reality. For everything is changing in these times. Even the structure of time of the duality is changing. The elements are vibrating with special energy. The tingling and aching in your hands indicates that the energy is already being transmitted.

Kryon would like to repeat again the words: Each experience, each realization which you make now, at this time, will not be in vain. Even if many things are still confusing for you trust that the fog is lifting.


In addition the messengers of the light are now transmitting energy frequencies of joy, harmony and balance. With each breath that you take you are inhaling high energy. For all new things require courage. Each step into the unknown requires courage. Each step of change requires courage in conjunction with love and intention.

Thus make yourself aware: The less pleasant the duality is the more you carry the frequencies of intention for the true and the new in yourself.

Allow the changes to take place. Lightful, powerful magnetic energies which are increasing more and more are being transmitted to you.

If you want to change something in your life, if something in your life annoys or hurts you, do not ask for the 'why' but take the solution which you created long ago. Do not keep your focus on your problems but on the solution.


Finally, while the energies are circulating in you and you are so open we will wash your inner eye with golden light.

Sometimes you feel as though imprisoned in a cage. What imprisons you is the duality and the collective, the collective work. You yourself carry the might within to free yourself from that. The solution lies on a golden tray. For know, even though you may have heard the words before, hear them again with your heart:

Whenever you see a problem - you have already created the solution at a higher level.


Many human beings keep their focus directed to the problem and thus cannot see the solution. Why do you put energy into thoughts that you are not good enough or have deficits again and again? Why do you not direct your energy to the wonderful, to the wonderful that you embody, to your talents? Sometimes people even say to Kryon that people who do not develop spiritually are faring better. They have fewer physical problems or they seem to be faring better in another way. But see the example and the sign of the times which I have conveyed to you: Going up the mountain in a car seems to be effortless, very easy and simple. But what good does it do if the view from this car is dimmed because there is a thick fog. What good does it do, be it ever so pleasant, when the car suddenly stops.


Your path may seem more difficult to you but you are in motion. Step by step you are moving and thus also your soul. Each development, each expansion may sometimes appear difficult in the duality. But it does not change the truth. For you step out of the fog, the sun shines on your face and bids you welcome.


It is time to end the transmission. We from our dimension serve, and we also serve you. We give you what is right at this point in time and for this evening it was this magnetic love transmission. Thus you will leave these rooms another bit more lightful, expanded and fresh.

Kryon and the messengers of the light from the Starseed gather in order to convey immeasurable love to you with the words:

A ni o'heved o'drach.

Stride forward on the path of love, realization and truth.