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Public Channeling of July 1, 2009





  • Balls of Light
  • Drops of Blessing for the New Seminar Room


  • Magnetic Energy of the New Age Pours In


I am Melek Metatron. From the spheres of El'Shaddai I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. No matter what you regard yourself as, whether as lightworker, as human child, as angel on Earth, as avatar on Earth, that which you are is the essence of the all-embracing love in yourself, the divine light which shines and carries you through this difficult time in the duality.


The Eye of God, Melek Metatron, is here with the energy of the 36 High Councillors of the Light. You can feel it by going within. The Lord of Hosts conveys the message to you: If you look without you dream, if you look within you awaken. If you look into the Divine Reality you stay awake. This staying awake, the realization that you are more than just human, that you carry everything in you that you need in order to live on Earth as divine avatar, is very important in this time. You feel the energies of the divine field, you feel the energies of Metatron when you open yourself inside. Devotedly and without doubt you become aware that more than any word it is the bearing power of Metatron which guides you to realizing what is important.


Just as we work with you in the collective it has happened. For we search in this collective, in your Light Bodies for what you need the most. With this gathering of today it is strength. Allow yourself to be guided by the energies of Metatron in this sometimes so difficult time for you, my dear human child. Allow yourself to be guided by the energies of the angels who have hurried here in order to support you, to sit at your feet, to honor and respect you. The ones who love you so immeasurably are here. This is a very special moment. For they are the moments of Divine Reality and truth which move more than you will ever understand. This movement guides you into the deep realization of who you are, into the act of change and into strength.


That is why Melek Metatron asks you: Breathe the energy of the angels into yourself, the light of love. Let yourself fall and trust. Let yourself fall in the certainty that this is a special moment for you. Look into the depth of your Self, call all your chakras together and expand yourself. See the divine light, how it blazes, the divine light that you are. Sense the essence of your soul. All your chakras form themselves to a big golden ball, shining like a sun, vehemently like a sun. You are sunk deep in yourself. Even though you hear the words of Metatron you sense that the essence, the energy flows into you. Now decide with the intention of love that your channels open. Give the permission that we may work just as is right and good for you on all levels. You carry the Heart Ray in you. Melek Metatron asks you to activate it with the intention of love.


In front of your third eye a ball appears. It is filled with green light. Put it on the tip of your Heart Ray and connect with your physical body and your cells. Now release this ball filled with light and watch how this ball finds its way in your physical body, where it lingers and emits energy, where your cells need this. While you are witness to this the lights from the Divine Reality will let the energy of PRADNA - strength - flow into you through your channels.


All the pictures that you can see with your inner eye are messages from the Divine Reality. Trust this. The ball filled with light carries on vibrating while you are going to see a further ball in front of your third eye which is filled with pink light. With your Heart Ray you take it and the Heart Ray brings this ball into your emotional level. There you release it and it finds its way. Where this energy is needed let it flow. In the meantime you are being filled with PRADNA, with strength, for your emotional body. Here, too, take up contact with your emotional body, with your feelings.


While the ball filled with light emits the energy visualize a further ball with blue light. Use your Heart Ray again. The Heart Ray brings this ball into your mental body. Again you are witness to how the ball finds its way. Take up contact with your mental body, with your spirit, your thoughts. Again you experience the PRADNA from the Divine Reality at the same time.


While the ball filled with light finds its way you visualize a further ball with golden light. With the Heart Ray this ball is brought into your spiritual body and there you are witness to your self. You are being supplied with the highest energies.


So it has happened. You have been supplied with the highest energies from the Divine Reality, in addition with strength which the entities poured into you. The Eye of God looks over you. The Eye of God recognizes you. The Eye of God loves you immeasurably.


You are witness to how here, for the first time here in this room, the messages of Metatron have been announced - with the energy of the 36 High Councillors of the Light. I know how difficult it was for Sangitar. But now it is certain, this room is filled with love, with immeasurable love, joy and peace. With the energy of the New Age, with the energy of Kryon, with the energy of the 36 High Councillors. Now you will bless this room with Melek Metatron, with the Drops of Blessing from the divine Source, and so Melek Metatron asks that you rise.


(A powerful song is played)


Melek Metatron from the spheres of El'Shaddai has directed the messages to you through the medium today. So it has happened. Hear now the message of Kryon. Melek Metatron says goodbye with the words  A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.





I am Kryon of magnetic service. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT, friends of the light. Kryon has the task, in this moment, to let the magnetic energy of the New Age flow. While Kryon conveys the message this will happen. The magnetic energy of the New Age is the most important energy for it brings about the exchange. The magnetic energy takes care of your cells. It fills you with life, with health, with joy, with abundance, with love.


That is why Kryon asks: Go into the depth once more and open your channels with the intention of the all-embracing love. This time Kryon will let the magnetic energy flow through your third eye. After you have given the permission let this happen. Again and again Kryon and the spiritual world speak of the changes in this duality, in this time, and more and more these changes are perceptible. Thus much happens on your planet and the preparations for the change of ages have long since begun. It is important that you realize the necessitiy of these signs of the times, even though you sometimes do not understand these changes. Bid them welcome for they are a gift and a blessing for you personally and for the human beings on Earth.


With this I would like to tell you that you - here - have been called as witnesses of the times for you will also be the reporters when the change has been carried out. For this you are respected, honored and loved immeasurably. There are changes on all levels. Thus there have been changes in your latitude. The weather has changed, the air, bearer of the energy, has changed, certain smells have changed. Also, a few famous human beings have left this planet. They had a great task. Also, the grief because these human beings have gone joins human beings so close together in a collective that from that an immeasurable love and a connection to the collective grid of love, the planetary grid of love develops. Thus we shall speak about changes more and more often so that you will understand more and more. You will know what needs to be done at each change which strikes you. Trust the divinity in you, the ability which you carry within. So feel now how the magnetic love energy flows into you and lets you live.


So many human beings, whether they were famous personalities or not, had to leave this planet because their soul decided thus. Our entire sympathy - but hear the message of Kryon, use the word sympathy not pity - our entire sympathy belongs to all those who carry grief in their heart.


Your soul has decided to experience the change of ages. We need you, my dear lightworker. And so Kryon says, let us speak the words together:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham.