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Public Channeling of July 2, 2008





A Real Feeling

The Feminine Energy of Shakti


I am the mother of the feminine energy. I am Shakti. I am what I am and work with Melek Metatron. Today I will open a field so that the feminine energies, the light rays of the universe can be brought here to you through the dimensions. You will absorb this feminine energy and bathe in it.


I am Shakti and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. These words which comprise the all-embracing love. The words which are characterized by the energy of truth and love. Today the feminine energies are brought to you. They are to go directly into your soul, to open you for the feeling of love and wideness, the feeling of freedom and powerfulness. Feminine energy is to show you what it can mean to feel a real feeling. The real feeling is not surrounded by a thick mass of energies from the thought structures which cross over to the emotional level from the mental level and often change your real, own feeling.


Open your heart and your soul. Sink into your soul. Often the feelings which you feel are energetic thoughts which stem from your mental spirit. They distort themselves and tug at you. Often you feel that the feeling is deceptive. You do not know whether you can trust this feeling. You try to find out with your mind whether your feeling is a real feeling. Often you then decide against your feeling and let your mind prevail. But how do you recognize a real feeling? A real feeling is like a song, like a sound, a realization, an inspiration. A real feeling cannot reach the mind. A real feeling which you feel lifts you up, lets you grow wings, carries you away from your thoughts, from your thought structure. A real feeling gives you contentedness, joy and confidence. A real feeling is the all-powerfulness in your soul.


How many thoughts do you carry during the day? How many thoughts bundle themselves to a mass which then form themselves to a feeling? How much sincerity, how much truthfulness does this feeling comprise? Can feelings make you sad? What about rage, pain, doubt? Sense the feminine energy of Shakti in this one moment. For, when your channels open as by themselves, this energy flows into you in the highest form. The human beings have long since realized that man is more than body and soul. Many human beings think that feelings arise from this soul. A good and a bad conscience, good feelings, bad feelings. But your soul is so much more. Your soul is the power field of your divine might and it does not comprise judgments about good and bad, good or bad conscience, about certain collective values which you have created for yourselves. The soul is so much more, and a pure feeling is like the touch of your breath. So fine and so pure that sometimes you hardly perceive it.


Shakti asks you: Breathe in a rhythm which is right for you. Many cultures carry their own values. Do not judge this and do not divide it into good and bad. Focus on your deepest center, on your real, pure feeling, for Shakti would like you to feel this today. Intellectual energies which form to a mass and become a feeling can also trigger symptoms on the physical level. Therefore always check your mental spirit, your thoughts and purify this mental level with everything which is at your disposal. Each negative thought forms to a mass of negative feelings. From this helplessness arises. For deep in your center you sense that this cannot be the truth. For love is the truth. The truth is joy, security and contentment. The feminine energy flows through all levels and your soul is so much more than you suspect. This room also carries a soul, the Earth also carries a soul. Connect yourself with all that is now.


Not knowing whether your feelings are real and pure leads you into inner conflict. How often do you feel this in your everyday life? While you are connecting yourself with all that is the rays of divinity will cleanse your mental level and free you of thick energies. Without putting yourself under pressure let now, deep in your soul, a pure feeling, a real feeling come to life. Be it love, peace, bliss, whatever. Let it come into being, like a light which begins to shine. With the help of the feminine energy let this feeling, this light, expand in you, further and further. Thus let this real feeling grow wings, lift you up into freedom.


That each human being carries a soul most people on Earth know. But mostly they do not understand their soul. So much research was done to understand the soul, but so far nobody has been successful. Most human beings think that if they adapt to the norm, if they are good and polite, if they follow the values, they do something good for their soul. But this stems from the energies of your mental spirit. The soul comprises the all-powerfulness of your Self. Your divinity, character of your Self, when you develop yourself further and open yourself, then you are doing something good for your soul. Free yourself of the compulsions. Never let human beings dictate to you how you must live. There are even human beings who want to dictate to you how you must feel and if you don’t feel the way they like it you are punished with withdrawal of affection or the human beings turn away. But believe me, these are not the real and pure feelings. Do something good for your soul and let the genuineness and purity grow in you. With this I mean your divinity.


Human beings are equipped with eyes which see. They think that because they see something they understand it. But they do not understand that this is another illusion. For true seeing happens inside. The true feeling springs from your soul. Shakti will charge you with this high feminine energy once more now. Can you feel this power and love? Thus I will leave the energetic pattern, the angel wings, for you as a gift. If you like you can free yourself of all the constraints which are imposed on you. Thus you also possess ears which hear. Often human beings want to influence you with their words. They can hurt you, imprison you, scare you with words. But each word is accompanied by a feeling. You make the decision whether you would like to accept this or whether you go inside and let the true, real feeling flare up. When you have realized this you will feel how powerful you are. Let the miracles happen in you. As you possess a mental spirit, take care that this is pure.

Thus Shakti says with the all-embracing love   AN'ANASHA.