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Public Channeling of January 3, 2007




Lay Down Your Weapons

The Rebirth of Lady Gaia

The Preparations for the Ascension

Support Lady Gaia with Peaceful Thoughts



My dear family, I greet you with the immeasurable love of being. I Am Kryon. OMAR TA SATT.

While the vibration expands through the grid of love in these rooms the High Councillors of the Light will bring peace with their energy. Peace for yourself and peace for all those people who feel the yearning for change, fulfilment and bliss within. And so through the grid of love we call out to the human beings: Lay down your weapons. Stop fighting. Look for the peace in yourselves, with each other and without paying attention to borders, no matter which religion, which skin color. Embrace each other and make peace. You sitting here also lay down your weapon of the mind and get involved in the peace in you. Get involved in the bliss of change, in the rebirth of Mother Earth.


The ascension into the new dimension can be compared to a birth. The contractions set in long ago. Before Lady Gaia can be reborn bearing down pains are necessary. Sometimes they are painful but when the child is born the bliss and the joy are all one and forgotten is the pain and peace spreads. The new Earth lives in all its facets. We cannot repeat it often enough for you are there, you experience it, have a part in this joy and the new beginning: Lay down the weapon which hinders you to live what we shout to you: to find the peace in yourself, reduce the pressure, lose the fear and forget the worries. For when the peace arrives you will feel that everything that holds you, that saddens you and that worries or frightens you can pass you by and in your bliss you feel your divine might.


Through the grid of love the energy increases continuously and the phenomena will become visible for all those human beings who want to see them. The changes will become more perceptible. So we whisper to you: We are here. We are very near you. We have never been away, never far and never separate. We are wrapped around you and we protect you. We extend the hand of freedom to you. Together we go through the Gate of Awareness into the next dimension.


Thus I ask you: Go into the intention of love. Breathe, and form the intention that all your channels open in the here and now of the divine presence.

The High Councillors of the Light will move very near to you now. They will ask you to pass them a parcel of your thoughts, the worries and the fears which are still inherent in you. Take a moment and make yourself aware of what frightens you and what causes you to worry.

While you are in the awareness of the perfect love the High Councillors of the Light move very near to you. They caress you with a tenderness which cannot be described with human words.


They ask you, in fact they beseech you with their immeasurable love: "Please pass us your worries, your fears. Let go of the pressure which weighs heavily on your shoulders."

They are collecting the parcels. They are gifts. A gift which you are giving for the great lights know: When you are blissful, when you are at peace with yourself, when you feel joy and light-heartedness then you can feel God in yourself, so strong and powerful. Doubt turns into courage. Take this courage and open your heart very wide for what will happen now.

For the High Councillors of the Light are holding the energies of the new era, of the bliss, of the freedom and the love in their hands. Feel how the cosmic hands are gliding over you. All yearning, all hope and every wish which you carry in your soul will be fulfilled. Nothing will be refused. All that we can give you we will bring you.


But sometimes you fight with your mind and therefore Kryon asks you, be so courageous now to accept the abundance just as it is being given to you, now at the current moment. Wish for what your heart desires.


Now repeat the words:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh.


Let yourself be told that again Arcturians have come to Earth in various areas so as to be present at the birth. Let yourself be told that various great beings are already waiting at the portals of the dimensional gates in order to welcome Lady Gaia.

With clear energy Sherin is working more through the grid of love.

Shakti is working on Earth for Lady Gaia.

Melek Metatron is working with more energy through the grid of love with drops of blessing for all human beings on Earth.

You will perceive the energy of Jesus Christ more in the next period and you will feel what it means to have absorbed Kryon energy, magnetic love energy, into yourself as this energy will connect itself expandingly with the grid of love.


Let yourself be told that Lady Gaia is in a phase, like a mother who is giving birth to her child. She groans and for Lady Gaia it involves a lot of work, consciousness work, to give birth to the child. Therefore help Lady Gaia with your body of thought of the presence of God for you have the power to form your thoughts in order to encourage Lady Gaia in difficult hours.

But Lady Gaia is also full of happiness and joy for she knows what is happening and she endures it with such great courage. But Lady Gaia asks with a request that the weapons are to be laid down. Peace to all human beings on Earth.


So let yourself be told that each one of you can do something for when you yourself have peaceful thoughts, when you yourself feel the peace in you, with your energy and your consciousness this radiates out into the world and this energy of peace pours through the grid of love. And the human beings have never been this open. Even if it does not yet look like it to you the human beings are ready more than ever to lay down their weapons.

The yearning in you springs from the reality of your being. It is the yearning to be united with your star siblings on the new Earth, as Human Being of God.

Thus it shall be.