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Public Channeling of January 7, 2009





-          The Changes in 2009

The Divine Love:

-          You Are the Golden Angel



I am Kryon of Magnetic Service and I greet each single lightworker, child of the sun and Pioneer who has gathered here in order to absorb the word of Kryon, perceptible with the magnetic energy which is unconditionally full of love for you. In your time a new year has begun and it is an honor and joy for Kryon to convey to you the messages about what will change for the human beings and for Lady Gaia this year.


But beforehand Kryon would like to convey the message to you that it is possible at any time that the perfect sound announces itself, that the perfect sound and the readiness of Lady Gaia are given and the ascension is carried out.


But now, in this present, at this time, Kryon would like to prepare you for this year. When you absorb the messages of Kryon deep in your soul and open your heart for what you hear, only then will you understand. For your surface consciousness alone will not be enough to file these many happenings. For this reason Kryon asks you to not even try this for while the words of Kryon are being conveyed the magnetic love energy will flow at the same time. For this year is the magnetic year. It will be the year of decision. It is a split year. It is an aggressive year. It will be a year full of contradictions. It will be a year full of contrasts, but above all it will be a magnetic year and it will come to massive magnetic impacts. All human beings on the planet will have to decide in this and also the next year, always provided that the perfect sound is not sung first.


The magnetic energy is the new energy and it is needed in order to fetch the planet back into the magnetic divine fields. Thus it will be that magnetic irradiation will descend on you more often which will cause your brain to change. Through the magnetic irradiations the nerves will change. Magnetic fields will form at the synapses and synapses will join together. At some point, perhaps not in the first half of the year, doctors will realize this, but they will not know what this means. This magnetic energy is necessary, however, for it is the bearer of the New Age.


What does it mean for human beings when so much changes in the brain? Kryon has said, it is a contrasting year - a year full of contrasts - and a year of decision. Thus it will mean for human beings who open themselves spiritually for the energy and for the love in any way - and here it is emphasized specifically, no matter which path the human being chooses - that their thoughts manifest even faster. In this year so much spontaneous healing will take place as has never before been carried out on this planet. But human beings who close their mind, human beings who do not believe in the divine light in them, human beings who only approach things with their intellect, unfortuantely these human beings - not all, but many of them - will develop new illnesses, illnesses your doctors have never heard of, for they cannot cope with the magnetic irradiation and the physical change involved. Another consequence is that particularly medicine and doctors will decide to acknowledge that there is something that cannot be explained.


Through the magnetic irradiation it will come to more physical symptoms. I know that this sounds very bad to you at first, but believe me and trust the words of Kryon: This magnetic energy is necessary in order to fetch the planet home, and bodies that have not expanded themselves, cells which do not turn towards the light and the love, human beings who do not open their hearts and who deny themselves, will have to battle with allergies, inflammation and, above all, with rare blood diseases which have not been known to medicine yet. But for human beings who are open and even if they follow no spiritual path, but simply because they open their heart and carry love within and do not deny that there is something like divine light in them, for all those human beings it will come to sponaneous healings - not for all of them, but for very many.


Through the pouring in of the magnetic energy this will be the year in which human beings have to make up their mind. It is made very easy for them for through the planetary connections that we have created on the magnetic grid the third Light Body level was activated for each single human being on Earth. Consequently it is guaranteed that each human being, no matter where he lives, where he is on Earth, has the possibility to experience the planetary ascension in his body in the full beauty, in abundance and in joy.


It is going to be a year of struggle. Among lightworkers it will come to inward and outward struggles. It will come to more military attacks. Here, too, it is important to make a decision. The inner struggle which many lightworkers are holding within is triggered off by the emotions which are activated by the Sunlights and the Starseed who are working through the grid of love which has been connected. Lightworkers will notice that many things do not work so well in their everyday life. They feel very clearly that they have to make a decision for themselves, away from doubt into trust, into trusting yourself for you have everything in yourself, for you are the bearer of the divine light. You will feel how this love blossoms in you.


It will also be a year for human love, for human love is something very important for the total energy of the planet and also for the consciousness of Lady Gaia. Human beings, couples, who in form of light paths give off entirely different sounds will not be able to stay together. On the other hand it will come to more human relationships for more and more human beings will be ready to pay attention to the real and true things when they meet another human being. They will feel attracted, understood and loved just as they are.


At a certain point in time the Jewish people took the entire earth karma upon itself even if this is difficult to understand for you. They fight, and even though this appears to be something terrible at first for many human beings they still free Lady Gaia and the Earth of certain karmic connections and networks in this way. Through this freedom for the development of the planet and for the energy increase is granted which is necessary so that the ascension can take place.


New types of plants will be discovered. Scientists will see certain energetic perceptions and they will be freed of their pride. In this year they will also get in touch with human beings of whom they know that they have contact to the spiritual world in order to have these things for which they cannot find an explanation explained to them.


Contrast is also in this year in that on one hand it will come to great drought and on the other hand it will come to torrential rainfalls. Everywhere on Earth there will be more mighty earthquakes.


But I would like each one of you to know that this is also the year of realization and dawning of consciousness. It is the year, a year for you, a year of joy, human love, health, abundance and freedom.


The economic system will collapse more everywhere on Earth. Strong devaluation of money will happen and still it is development towards a better life, for the real life for you only begins when the ascension has been carried out. There is much that your intellect cannot comprehend, but your soul feels the truth and the love of Kryon. Powerful energy currents will show themselves on Earth like a grid of light. It is a year in which human beings will find it very difficult to deny their own selves. It is a year in which the masks will fall. Human beings will recognize human beings by their true self, by the beauty of the eyes, the mirrors of the soul. You will perceive the smile which is showed you differently than previously and even the messages of the spiritual world you will feel and perceive more intensively this year than this has ever been the case before. The High Councillors of the Light have decided to present you with a gift at the beginning of the year, a gift which - if you are ready to accept it - provides you with the possibility to feel your divine Self more. Thus you will be charged with divine light by different frequencies from the highest light - not just your Light Body, but also your cells.

Make yourself comfortable and take three deep breaths of light. While you feel your divine Self very deep in you, you become aware that you are part of the divine Source, that the might and the power are in you, we begin to transmit this divine light to you without words, just as is right and good for you at this point in time. Enjoy these moments which can change so much in you.


(A beautiful song is played. Title: 'My Heart Will Go on' )


Call me Divine Love. Describe me as the divine Souce. Feel me with the divine love, beloved human child.


Who are you? What are you? Where do you come from? Where are you going to? The Divine Love knows you from the beginning of time. You are the divine light on Earth. You are radiating into a new dawn, into a new age full of gold and full of love. You are that what I am. Divine love itself. Have the courage and have the trust to feel this divine light in you. Do not deny yourself the joy and the tears. Dance and sing into the new dawn for the clouds have long since dispersed. The rays of the sun are warming your skin. They touch you when the morning awakens for they are your siblings. It is the star angels who accompany you into the new day. So often you had to experience and be told that this and that would not be possible. Some of you were even told: You were born in order to suffer. I tell you, the Divine Love itself: You were born as golden angel. You were born in order to go into the new day full of joy, with all your love, and to know exactly, that this exact day will be the happiest of your life. Thus it will be every day. We love you so immeasurably. We are fetching you back home. You will experience it. The new Earth will show itself like the new dawn, full of love and purity. Never again will you carry any worry within for you will know: You are the divine source, the golden angel on Earth. Forgotten all the pain and suffering. Devotedly you will meet the day like a new dawn in clarity and with beauty. So be it.