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Public Channeling of January 2, 2008




Melek Metatron:

Journey to Shambala with a few Aspects

Journey to the Temple of Your Soul

Blessing of Your Hopes and Wishes for the Year 2008



From the divine Source of the light love itself, Melek Metatron, speaks. Each word which is conveyed to you and all of you is more than a word, for each letter carries the pattern of a certain energy frequency. Melek Metatron greets you with the words OMAR TA SATT.


I look at your Light Body, your soul mantle, and the light and the love expand in you. From the beginning of time you have received the message: You are more than just human being. You are great light in a human body with all the fundamental abilities which you need in order to achieve the inner view. Sometimes these abilities seem to be buried or hidden, but they are in you and you are what you are. So much more than you imagine are you bearer of the light. And, full of gratitude and joy we appreciate that you are opening yourself for the new energies in the New Age, for all the changes which have embedded themselves in the air so noticeably that nobody can deny themselves anymore. You are bearer of the light and you carry the attributes of your cosmic parents in you more than you imagine.


At your time level a new year has begun and you may have made resolutions for this year. But do not subject yourself to the collective and do not put yourself under pressure. Open yourself to all the gifts which have been given to you already, which are in your spiritual wheel, and the additional gifts which we would like to bring you. The highest awareness would be if you were to permit yourself to accept all these gifts and, without doubting, to allow the miracles to become true, trusting yourself, the divinity in you. How much nicer would it be if you could permit yourself to feel bliss and joy, to give yourself gifts and to think of yourself, to lavish care and attention on yourself, to love yourself, the way we do? More than all the others will you, who are open, perceive the changes. And also today a field of energy has opened itself and a host of angels has manifested itself already. Even though you cannot see them they are still here. They are sitting at your feet, they honor and respect you, and they love you so much. They whisper to you: Allow yourself to be embraced, allow yourself to be loved and touched. Feel, deep down in yourself, how the miracle is happening now by permitting yourself to be touched by an angel for one moment. While this is taking place breathe in a rhythm which is right for you and feel the presence of the angels. Each time that an angel touches your soul a song of energy vibrates. These sounds expand you, widen you and open you in all directions.


Very often we invite you to go on a journey into another dimension with aspects of your Self. But what happens when you release some of your aspects and they go on a journey? Metatron would like to explain this to you. We are speaking of the unified chakra, a moment in which all your chakras unify and you are in unconditional love and therefore in the deepest awareness of your Self. When you permit, a few aspects are extracted from this unified chakra. They are energy frequencies which concentrate. This succeeds only through the unified chakra. You stay present with your body, but these aspects concentrate and find their way to the alpha chakra. They are expected there by the beings of light and love. They surround these aspects with a light bubble, with a kind of membrane, and bring it into the dimension to which the journey with your aspects leads you. It is important to know that energies cannot come out of the light bubble. But energies of the highest dimension can pour into the light bubble. Just as you absorb energies in a certain frequency, they unify themselves with your aspects and are brought back through the alpha chakra by the light beings. The membrane is released and the aspects unify themselves with the unified chakra again. When you open your eyes again, the unified chakra dissolves and the energies travel into your body and spread. That which your soul would like to absorb and is ready to accept it accepts. The remaining energies are embedded in your spiritual wheel. As soon as your soul is ready they are released. It is very important for you to know that your aspects are completely protected in the cover of light. The more often you go on a journey the more aspects can concentrate and be released from the unified chakra. The bigger this light bubble is the more energies can you absorb when you are travelling. Put your intellect aside and follow the words of Metatron, who invites you to travel into another dimension with parts of your aspects in order to absorb the holy light of Shambala there.


Breathe in a rhythm which is right for you. The angels are holding you, and ground you at all levels. Now call all your chakras together and expand yourself. Imagine a sun. With each breath that you take this sun expands in all directions, further and further. Grant yourself to let go in the certainty that what happens is exactly that which is right and good for you at this time. Inwardly speak the words:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.

These words reach the depth of your divinity. Melek Metatron himself will carry your aspects to the halls of Shambala. Now permit that aspects of your consciousness detach themselves from the unified chakra and concentrate. Go into the intention that your alpha and omega chakras open.


While your aspects are being wrapped in a light bubble and brought to the halls of Shambala Melek Metatron would like to convey to you what awaits you in Shambala. Your aspects will be led into a golden chamber. Permit yourself that you may follow this without pressure with your Third Eye. Permit yourself to feel. It is a big golden, wonderful chamber. When you enter this chamber in a moment your personal angel will welcome you. No matter what will take place, let it happen. If you receive messages, receive them. Allow the love which is being brought to you.

Enter the realm of Shambala now. If you are ready permit your personal angel to give light into your light bubble. Absorb as much as is possible for you.


Melek Metatron will bring the light bubble back to your alpha chakra now. All aspects are being released now, and with each breath you take you are absorbing the aspects back into your unified chakra. This is one way of travelling. The more often you allow your aspects to go on a journey the more will they fuse with your merkabah.


There is another way of travelling. Metatron will also accompany you on this journey. Stay in the unified chakra and breathe the light of love into yourself. We are guiding you to the temple of your soul, away from your surface consciousness. Continue to breathe, and we are guiding you into the palace of your soul, in shining colors, a room, which could not be more beautiful. If it is possible for you, visualize a chair with your Third Eye. Walk towards the chair now and you will see that a person is sitting there, and this person is you yourself. Kneel down in front of this person and give it your hands. Look into your own eyes and repeat inwardly, when you are ready, the words of Metatron:

I love you just as you are. I permit you to experience joy, bliss, abundance, health and human love at all times. Do not doubt, but trust your abilities. Trust that you are a Divine Human Being.


If it is possible for you, embrace the person opposite you.

You know what it means when Melek Metatron pours his fountains of light, his drops of blessing, over you. Thus Melek Metatron will bring these drops of blessing to you today. But before this happens I ask you, go deep into your consciousness once more and declare your wishes and hopes for this year. Melek Metatron will bless the energies of your wishes, your hopes. This happens without words by you rising and laying your hands on your heart.


(A powerful song is played)


A very strong energy field has built up. When you open your eyes in a few minutes a pleasant shiver will go through you. The energy of Shambala will spread in all your bodies and it supports every healing process, every form of love, even that of human love. Make use of each day, each hour, make use of each moment of your time in order to discover who you really are. Metatron would like to convey to you once more: Do not allow that human beings face you and tell you you are incompetent or full of blockades. Make use of each day, make use of each hour, each moment in order to discover your wonderful potential. When the Earth calls there will be a big dimensional change. The increased supply of magnetic energy makes your time run faster. Make use of all the moments. Do not tire of developing yourself further. For with each step which you take you are going into the new age, into the golden age.


Melek Metatron says goodbye with the words

A ni o'heved o'drach.

So be it.