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Public Channeling of February 7, 2007



Jesus, the Christ:

The Crystal Ball

The Path into the New Dimension



I Am Jesus, the Christ. I Am what I Am. I Am love itself. And I send the words of love through the medium to you. Each single letter is wrapped in the blessed love of the Father and the Mother.


I am the guardian, I am the Son and the expression of the all-presence. Particularly now I am present here with you. The bearing love flows from soul to soul and connects everything. The Divine Reality arrives. Thus you have gathered in unity and in trust. Thus are we in the spiritual world in unity with you, with your intention, in unity with your soul. We love you so immeasurably. I tell you, I tell each one of you: You will live to see it. You will look into my eyes, recognize the truth. So it is.


In this closeness of the family of the golden-blue light Jesus, the Christ, will hand you a crystal ball today. It is filled with the energy of love. The mirror of love is all-embracing and expresses itself in many facets: the immeasurable love of the spiritual world but also the human love, the love for your neighbor, for the person who is close to you. The love for Christ, the love for the spiritual world. Love is an expression and this expression would like to spread. More and more open and more and more lightful are the gates of the dimensions and the energy which we send is getting stronger and stronger.


And so Jesus Christ asks you: Go into the depth of your soul and breathe the way it is right for you. Breathe the frequency of the golden-blue light. The connection to your divinity is becoming perceptible.

Unify all your chakras and turn to the energies of love.


The crystal ball which you will receive will circulate in your Light Body for 7 days and 7 nights. At the 7th hour you will ask Melek Metatron with Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth that the liquid, loving energy of the crystal ball spreads, catches your soul and expands.


Thus I, the Son, turn to you. Trust, for only with your soul will you see the real and the truth. Not with your physical eyes will you see, but with your soul you see all the essentials of the Divine Reality. It is as if a window opened, and you look out and see how beautiful and rich in facets the life of the Divine Reality is. And you are a part of it. No matter how often the duality puts on something for you, see the essentials with your soul.

For even when I was on Earth I once saw with the physical eyes. But I recognized and saw with my soul the source of the Lord, the source of my Father, my Mother. It was the Holy Spirit who told me who I really am. So receive that which will be given to you. Receive, for you are far from the illusion. You can see what is happening. Turn to the Divine Reality and open your hands. Lay them down with palms up.


Declare your intention that all this may happen and you are ready to receive the crystal ball. And when you have declared this intention the center of your hands will begin to burn like fire.


With the intention of love open all your channels now. At this special hour Jesus Christ himself will pour the crystal ball into your Light Body.

The crystal ball begins to circulate in your Light Body. For 7 days and 7 nights this crystal ball will wander around in your Light Body, will expand it and cover it with all facets of love.

The 7th hour: Use this opportunity and ask Melek Metatron that your soul absorb this energy. It will be like a fusion. You have to know that everything moves forward faster at this time of great changes, that the energies become stronger, that the messages which are being sent to you through the medium are even more energetic and even more loving for you and your soul. The fusion serves your recognition - that what you are.


Even though you may still look into the appearance of the duality your soul is carrying you into the new energy step by step. Wrapping with love I am very close to you now and lay my hands in yours. Even though you cannot see me with your eyes look with your soul. Look into my eyes and recognize what I, Jesus, the Christ, am for you. Where Jesus is fear turns into courage. When you see me you will realize how strong and full of life you are. Through you my work on Earth will be completed. And the new Earth will begin to blossom. Now lay your hands on your heart and feel how the energy of Jesus Christ pours into you.


Most human beings, even some among you, suffer from fear, no matter what kind. But do you really believe Jesus Christ would ever leave you? I stand by you, I am always with you the way I am in you.


Together we will send this intense love energy to Lady Gaia now. So I ask you: Connect yourself with Lady Gaia.


Now let the Christ energy pour through your omega chakra to Lady Gaia.


Let yourself be told in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son: The path you are taking is a powerful, expressive, affected by love, heavenly path into the new dimension. For this we say AN'ANASHA.


Become aware of your crystal ball during the next days and feel it circulating in your Light Body. So it has happened.


A ni o'heved o'drach. So it is.



With the 7th hour the 7th hour after midnight is meant, between 6 and 7 o’clock in the morning.

The sum of digits of the series of numbers 7 – 7 – 7  is 21 which means the unification of masculine and feminine energies. Through this the energy of the Trinity comes into being.