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Public Channeling of February 4, 2009





  • Consequence of the Activation of the 3rd Light Body Level
  • Recognize Your Magnificence
  • Connection with Your Inner Child


I am Maris, and with the words OMAR TA SATT I greet you with the all-embracing love. I greet my friends, I greet all those who have come here in order to perceive the messages.

The Arcturians have, as you have already heard, raised the Light Body level to level 3. This means that it's possible for each human being to begin his spiritual path with the 3rd Light Body level. It means that the human beings become better able to take things in, that energies from the Divine Reality are easier to absorb. But it also means that energies manifest faster and it means that at the moment many human beings go through their fears in this new vibration.

Sangitar has asked me how it can be possible that one raises and activates the Light Body level and if this isn't an intrusion on the human beings' free will.

It's no intrusion on the human beings' free will for the human beings have agreed. Some time ago the human beings went through a great change. Emotionally they have opened their hearts for in America something has happened which was important for many, many millions of people, and they went into the feeling of love in one moment. America has a new president. The human beings love this president for he doesn't embody a rigid mask. He embodies a living human being with eyes that are awake, with an open heart and a smile on his lips. The human beings have shown that they are ready for this change. They have opened themselves. They have rejoyced and they have united.


This energy and this feeling one can see in the intention of the human beings and thus the fundamental vibration of the planet was changed. In these moments it is possible for us to anchor this and thus we did it. With this great change which has taken place in a very powerful country a new age has begun for the human beings. However, the most important thing for us was to recognize in their intention that they are ready to allow changes and to be open for all that is happening. When you imagine that it isn't so long ago in dual time that human beings of other colors weren't just rejected and cast out, but also tortured in certain countries. Never was it possible for human beings to even think that a differently colored person will be the mightiest man in the country. During the preparations already we could see how the human beings were looking forward to changes so much and felt the yearning that there must be a change deep in their souls. In this community, in this love, we, the Arcturians, were able to act. You know, Maris studies the human being. I study the duality. I watch, realize and can understand some things. The more I study the human beings, the more I occupy myself with the duality, the more understanding is in my structure for each one of you and for the human being.


You who are ready to develop yourselves spiritually have opened yourselves a longer while ago and bear the love in your hearts. Many who are present here have pulled the veil of oblivion or also the veil of the shadow aside in order to realize who they really are. But we have noticed that many human beings do not really realize and not really know what this means. We have also realized that the difficulty in telling you doesn't lie in the fact that you cannot understand something, but we have found out that the greatest difficulty is to convey to you what it means that you are so magnificent. For this magnificence is being judged by you and by many human beings. Almost every human being carries a different judgment about the word 'magnificence' within. What does magnificent mean? Why are you magnificent? Why are you unique? Are you magnificent because you fit into this society? Are you magnificent because you are successful? Are you magnificent because you are loved by those who are associated with you? Are you magnificent because you are beautiful? Are you magnificent because you are young? Are you magnificent because you possess a big house? What determines the magnificence which is in you? What do you connect with your magnificence? Are you magnificent because you are an honest human being? Are you magnificent because you are a spiritual human being? What is it, what is this magnificence?

Take a short moment in order to find out for yourself without thinking long why you believe yourself to be magnificent. While you are sensing into yourself spiritual, high beings, lights from the Divine Reality, will cleanse your second chakra.


The high lights are cleansing your second chakra because the energy of inner joy or also, as you often call it, the seat of the inner child is there. The inner child is not only a part of you, the inner child is fused with you. When we recognize the magnificence in you then we recognize the pure divine light, wrapped in a body. This divine light is closely connected with your inner child. But how often, and this question is very important, how often do you listen to the signals your inner child sends you? It's so important to Maris of course on the one hand to express to you and to also support you, to tell you how important it is to develop oneself spiritually. But the entire spiritual development blocks if the inner child blocks, if you don't perceive the magnificence in yourself, if you judge the magnificence the way society and the collective judge it. We have experienced that there are human beings who develop themselves spiritually and at the same time fall into a rigidity, who seem to have forgotten that there is something like joy and lightness. Many of the human beings who haven't found a spiritual path yet still project a picture of godfearing onto a screen which doesn't exist. All that which you and the human beings have been told about the strict God in heaven, this God doesn't exist. For in the Divine Reality there is no strictness. In the Divine Reality there is the absolute joy, the peace, the sound, the music, the colors and the immeasurable love.


But we have recognized, particularly I, as I study the human beings so much, with what kind of strictness some human beings develop themselves. But this strictness blocks you. For the magnificence of the fusion with your inner child and your divine light, your soul, with that what you are, should be the lightness and the joy. Not that which is expected of you and often also not that which you expect of yourself. Naturally you will say now: 'Maris, it's well for you to talk. My life situation is so difficult, marked by fear, problems, failure, age, illness.' But Maris would like to give all the human beings the opportunity to understand that this is a projection onto a screen which doesn't really exist. For when you have created a problem for yourself you have also created yourself a solution for it at the same time. Kryon has already told you this once before, but I would like to repeat it because I feel it is so important for you. I'm well aware of the kind of problems which confront you in the duality, in your everyday life. But most human beings fixate on the problem so much that they do not look at the solution. The hosts of lights, the divine light in you and, above all, your inner child present you the solution on a gold tray. But many human beings refuse to even direct a glance at it for they occupy themselves with their problems. They generate an energy with it which shows itself as worry and fear in your aura field. With worry and fear you will never solve a problem.


Magnificence means absolute trust in yourself, absolute trust in that you never create something in your life which you can't solve. If you understand that no matter how difficult your everyday life turns out to be, you can free yourself of the fear and the worry which the problem comprises. If you were to go into the solving of the problem the problem would dissolve. That is a law. But how often in your life and in your everyday life are you ready to have absolute trust in your magnificence? Trust in the signals your inner child sends you, what your intuition tells you? How often are you ready for that? Because, like I said, I study the human beings, I'm aware, of course, that you are in a grey fog, this energy veil of oblivion and the duality. But there is a solution. If you absorb the words of Maris in yourself you will sense that this is the truth. To stop in the fog and to look at the fog again and again and to say how thick this fog is because one cannot see anything and to be insistent - this won't do anything for you. That which will do something for you is to walk on, to trust that this fog is a fog which can't harm you. Magnificence means to know that nothing can happen to you. What, I ask you, what should happen to you? How often in your everyday life, in your life, do you do something rash? When are you not strict with yourself? When do you permit yourself to go into the joy and to feel your magnificence? This kind of magnificence that I mean, if you were able to realize this, would change so much in your life. You have a free will and with this free will you have to make decisions, every day anew. But no matter how you decide, trust your inner child, your divine light.


Maris asks you now to close your eyes and to take deep breaths of love. Take a little time in order to arrive in yourself completely. It is so important to Maris to give you an understanding of your inner child and to let you feel it. When you leave these rooms today then you will carry something within that is magnificent and unique. Let a sun appear. In this sun feel your divinity, your divine light. Now follow the energies and the vibrations of Maris. Simply let it happen.

You are standing on a meadow, but you cannot see much for fog has risen and removes visibility. Sense into yourself how it is to stand in this fog. Since the beginning of time a representative of love has accompanied you and this representative of love will guide you through the fog now. You will see your inner child there. Let yourself be guided by the representative of love, when you meet your inner child take a close look at it. Is it sad? Is it laughing? Does it yearn for your love? Simply let everything happen that will happen.

Now, without thinking about it, I want you to give your inner child a name. Now ask your inner child what it needs in order to feel loved by you. Take your inner child and hold it close. You will feel and also see that the fog is dissolving and it's getting light.


Magnificence means trusting oneself. Magnificence means the smile on your lips. Magnificence means granting yourself a pleasure. Magnificence means when you trust that nothing will happen to you when you accept the solution.


I know how often you have been told how you are to behave, often in relationships or also towards your parents or your children. But Maris would like to assure you, exactly as you are, you are magnificent, unique. This picture, the child in your arms, keep it for another while and trust that this inner child is present in you and alive. It needs you and you need the inner child. Permit yourself to do things sometimes even though they are rash.

I speak and Sangitar repeats the words for you. But she has asked me beforehand that I repeat something that is important to her after her. Simply do something in your life even though it doesn't make sense, just like that. And for this Sangitar has found a song for you. Listen to the words, just like that.




(A song is played: 'Einfach nur so' [Just like that] by Rolf Zuckowski. Album 'Der kleine Tag' [The little day]