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Public Channeling of February 6, 2008





Letting Go old Structures

Erection of a Pillar of Light

Melek Metatron:

You Are Free


I, Kryon, greet you. I greet the golden-blue frequency. I greet you lightworkers, all-embracing, as the ones you are: great lights in the human body. Each single one and all together I greet with the words OMAR TA SATT.


Hear the messages of Kryon. Hear the messages of Kryon and perceive them in the all-embracing love which resides in you. Be open in your heart and breathe the love of Kryon deep into yourselves. More than any word the energies of Kryon touch your soul and, if you permit, cause all these miracles which may happen at just this now-moment when the collective love joins together. Far from the worries and hectic pace of the day, in quietness, you find the strength and the openness for the high energies which are spreading already in the cells of your body, across all layers. More than you can imagine the miracles will happen. In the now-time of the energy much confusion reigns, for the magnetic energy has arrived in the expanse. Many places of the Earth and many human beings have been touched and covered by the magnetic energy of the new age. But the electric energy of the duality is opposing this. It is like a battle, and this confusion is what many human beings feel at present. But even though you sometimes feel weak physically, believe the words of Kryon: When other human beings look for answers you will have been living the answers for a long time, with all the facets of your abilities and your high energy of the fundamental consciousness.


It is almost as though here and now a window of time had opened, in this collective, in the present of your time, in order to let go of all the structures which do not serve you. The development of your consciousness is the higher power in your soul, deeply anchored in your divine core. You can observe climate changes and all sorts of other things while the messages of Kryon deeply touch the soul of your Self. You know you are one of us, you feel the energy.


Breathe in a rhythm which is right for you. Let the energy of Kryon circulate within you and expand across all your bodies. Call all your chakras together and unify them in the unconditional love. Feel the strength and the peace. Hear and feel the high sounds of the energy when Kryon speaks EL'GOTSHA. EL'GOTSHA comprises letting go. Often we have brought you the messages of how important it is to let go of all that which does not serve you. But today, in this collective, Kryon will use the Crystal EL'GOTSHA. For you are not only to let go of the structures of your Self, which no longer serve you, Kryon will also let the whole energy of EL'GOTSHA circulate through everything you have burdened yourself with in your life, or you have accepted from your ancestors, and through which you sometimes feel trapped.


Visualize the Crystal or feel it and deeply inhale EL'GOTSHA into yourself three times. Believe me, we know what weighs on your mind and what you carry. So much of what you carry is not part of you. You have accepted it out of love. Sometimes you have burdened yourself with something for other human beings and embedded it in your structures. Now is the time to let go of it. Go into the intention. Let all your channels open as by themselves. Ground yourself. While you are doing this Kryon will embed new energy like a pattern into your structure, full of love and powerful - just as you deserve it, for you are so valuable. You are great light in the human body and even though you cannot see me now there was a time when everything was unified. You are one of us. If it is possible for you then send your ancestors love energy out of the centeredness of your heart. Thank your ancestors for everything they have given and brought you.


If you decide to follow the words of Kryon now then inwardly say the words:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


The old Gods, the Thrones and the Powers have gathered to send you the energy of EL'GOTSHA. With the power of EL'GOTSHA turn to your consciousness and ask all the structures which do not serve you to dissolve. In the past, in this life and in so many lives you have borne enough. Now it is time that you are free, that you detach yourself from what is not part of you. Permit the structures to dissolve.


Speak the words:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


All the things you have burdened yourself with, which are not part of you, are to be taken from you. Ask these structures as well to detach themselves.


So often you feel responsible for so many things, but the time has come to accept responsibility for yourself. Become free and feel free. Structures which do not help you can burden you and thus the high beings of the light will let the energy of EL'GOTSHA circulate through your systems once more now. Sense and feel the Crystal PRADNA. Visualize PRADNA, the power of the Divine Reality, the power of the New Age, the power of the new energies, and breathe PRADNA into your system.


All the structures which have dissolved will be replaced with PRADNA now. The high beings of the light additionally send you the ELEXIER of PRADNA. They embed it in your cell pattern. The time has come to free oneself of all burdensome structures. You are to feel contented, happy and free.


As a special gift we will instal a pillar of light in your Light Body now which will last for 7 days in your time. Into this pillar of light the drops of blessing of Metatron will flow afterwards, and will expand in your Light Body daily, hourly, more with each minute. Sit upright with your back straight, lay the hands on your legs with the palms facing up, and grant the high lights the installation of the pillar of light. There you can absorb the hundredfold amount of drops of blessing into yourself. Give the permission and thus it will happen.


Hear the message of Kryon once more: Even though you may sometimes feel tired and carry Light Body symptoms you are hurrying into the new energy with big strides, and when others are searching for answers you will be living these answers. You are being loved so immeasurably, and thus you will receive the drops of blessing of Metatron now. Kryon asks you to rise, and says goodbye at the same time.


(A powerful song is played.)


Thus the Lord of Hosts, Melek Metatron, speaks to you. You are being loved immeasurably, and today a great miracle has happened. For many of you were able to let go of structures with the help of the high lights. When structures are dissolved, even if they are structures which do not serve you, it sometimes leaves a feeling of emptiness behind. Therefore many human beings do not like to let go. However we have charged you with PRADNA beforehand. In the coming period you will feel particularly well and strong. In the next 7 days of your time you can release the fountain of light, the heavenly breath of God in yourself whenever you want to. When you would like to do this speak the words:


Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth.


With immediate effect the drops of blessing will pour out of the pillar of light into your Light Body. The messages of Kryon were charged with a special energy pattern today, for high vibration and high light fills your consciousness. Remember, it is like a song which has been sung. You are to be free. Free, for it is in freedom that you find the power, the all-embracing love and the peace. Be glad about all those structures which you were able to let go, for from now on they will not bother you anymore. The structures which do not serve you are to be dissolved. This is an important process of the New Age.


Melek Metatron would like to thank Kryon, the old Gods, Thrones and Powers, the Lords and hosts of lights who were present and involved, and you for your love and readiness to expand and to develop yourselves further and further. Hear the sounds, sounds of the Divine Reality, when Metatron speaks:


A ni o'heved o'drach.