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Public Channeling of December 6, 2006





The Consequences of the Magnetic Love Energy

Erection of a Personal Light Pillar to Harmonize the Magnetic Energy


I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I greet each one of you with the immeasurable magnetic love and the words OMAR TA SATT.


Moving times, shiftings and energy raises are taking place for the gates of the dimensions are opening further and further. The further the gates open the more magnetic energy can pour into the duality. Surely you have already noticed that things shift, many things of your everyday life break apart and newly put themselves together. The magnetic energy is the energy of modern age and has great consequences on all that is, on human beings and also on Lady Gaia.


If you consider and understand that everything is energy and when you have understood that perfect magnetic love energy leads to awakening you will also understand that nothing is ignored and that everything will be concerned by it. By the Pioneers a grid of love has been erected in the magnetic field and since then the magnetic love drips into the duality continuously. A point in time is hard to name and still Kryon would like to tell you: The year 2007 will be a very moving year for all of you for already the change is showing itself at all levels. The consequences which result from that are so immeasurable, so wonderful, so all-embracing, and yet only a few human beings compared to the multitude of human beings can understand this. For some the pouring in of the magnetic love energy is confusing for the others, though, it is the biggest gift. But as nothing is separate from anything else in the Divine Reality it is the same gift even for those who experience it as unpleasant and who are afraid.


The human beings who have raised themselves energetically, whose Light Body has expanded and who are open and full of trust for the new absorb the magnetic love energy into their Light Body, into their soul and into their body. The magnetic energy circulates, expanding itself in harmony. And nevertheless symptoms such as tiredness, head-aches, confusion and sometimes even a little fear may occur. But you know about these things and this knowledge alone is very helpful.


But how do human beings who have not yet heard of this fare? For even these human beings absorb magnetic energy. And many of these human beings do absorb the magnetic energy as far as their heart chakra but they are unable to let the magnetic energy flow through their whole body, through the whole system of chakras. That is why, for example, unconsciousness may occur. For even the physical body is a marvel. When a human being loses consciousness he is in a completely relaxed state. Then the soul permits to send on the magnetic energy. It is integrated into the circulation and can circulate in balance for this period. Very many human beings who block in the heart chakra experience this at night. When they are roused or have confused dreams it is mostly a sign that the magnetic energy is lowering itself. When the magnetic energy gets stuck in a certain region it is very, very unpleasant for human beings. But these changes of the New Age are unstoppable. How often have we spoken about it? How often have we sent messages about that, about these things?


But as you know we are not allowed to intervene in the free will and thus the human being always makes up his mind himself. You have made up your minds. You were brave. You are brave. You have decided to take this path of ascension - in the awareness of the Divine Reality, far from the duality, far from the game of illusion. And yet these are only the first changes which will become noticeable. Through the grid of love these changes will continuously become more and more clear.

You are here and are hearing the message of Kryon. You are here. You have trust. We, the High Councillors of the Light, we love you so immeasurably. We need just such great lights in these moving times. You receive one gift after the other for your trust because we want to expand the immeasurable love in you. We have the opportunity right here and now to show what it means that you trust, dedicate yourself and stride along the path into the New Age so brave and courageously.


Our gift of today is a pillar of light which we will install in you if you permit it. It ensures that the high magnetic love energy, whether you are in your everyday life or in a meditation, circulates evenly. But for that we need your consent and your permission. And so Kryon asks you: Sink into the love of your divinity. Breathe in a rhythm just as is right for you.


When you are in the intention of love give us the permission to erect a pillar of light so that the magnetic love energy can circulate in you without interruption. This will cause symptoms to improve, that you feel stronger and healthier but also that your whole system will be flooded with the new energy.


Open your alpha and your omega chakras by breathing ANA into yourself. Pull on your energetic shoes.


Before Kryon, the magnetic master himself, will install a pillar of light in you we will ground you at all levels for believe me, this is so important at this time. While we are grounding you at all levels a frequency of light will clean and purify you. Trust that the pillar of light which Kryon will install means something wonderful and very valuable for you.


Now Kryon will erect this pillar of light in your pituitary gland. It is possible that you will feel slight pressure with it.


This pillar of light is now being filled with magnetic love energy and begins to move. Because of this the magnetic love energy will be brought everywhere.


You will also pass on this gift for each time when you touch a human being, an animal, a plant, a stone, anything, some magnetic energy will be passed on. It is a process of the all-embracing love: the planetary ascension. As culmination you will receive magnetic love drops from Melek Metatron directly into your pillar of light.


I, Kryon, say to each one AN'ANASHA and ask you to rise.