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Public Channeling of December 5, 2007





The Magnetic Field

The Meaning of Balance between Giving and Taking

Take Time for Inner Retreat



I Am Kryon and I greet you in the collective with the immeasurable love of the magnetic energy. With the words OMAR TA SATT I extend a warm welcome to you.


The field of the magnetic grid is constantly being realigned and adapted to the vibrations of the earth energy and these change not only daily but even hourly. Great changes are in progress and the human beings are split.

On the one hand there are the human beings who want to hold on to old structures. But they cannot keep a hold and slip off into the infinity of sleep and forgetting. The other human beings begin to understand that the golden age is beginning to make itself felt in all facets.


These changes can be felt more and more in the duality. Big chinks in the veil of the electro magnetic energy have appeared and a host of Nunis has created a big magnetic field in the universe, what your scientists call the comet, which will be visible in the sky for a few days. This big magnetic field conveys big fountains of light and light waves of magnetic energy to you.

Perhaps you have found recently that technical equipment does not work so well anymore. This is part of the New Age. The magnetic energy is arriving more and more. And in these days in particular, in which the light fountains of magnetic waves descend on you in intervals you are all of you facing small and also big changes.

Much of the outside in your lives will change for you for the energy is spinning faster and faster and each thought manifests in the outside in no time at all. Hence these gatherings are so important. The human beings who come here in order to follow the words of Kryon and the High Councillors are mostly of a high consciousness and they recognize the signs of the times.


Kryon asks each single one now to go into the intention of love and to breathe deeply.

Most of those present here are givers. What does it mean when a human being is a giver? Kryon will explain it to you. But while you are hearing the words of Kryon go into the depth of your soul and center yourself into your unified chakra so that you can absorb all the gifts which we bring you deep in your cells.


Breathe in a rhythm which appears to be right for you.


Givers are human beings who are particularly happy to do good for other human beings. Most of you want to give the human beings presents, heal them, love them and let them share your beautiful energy.

But it is so important that you are also a taker for otherwise an imbalance develops which often leads to physical symptoms. For taking is just as important as giving. And even though you often take with your surface consciousness, particularly here in these gatherings, it is still crucial that your soul is ready to accept these gifts.

Therefore go even deeper into the deepest intention of unconditional love. For only when your soul is ready to absorb these energies are you a taker. This balance, this cycle, is very, very important.


Now Kryon will give you a little time. Let situations appear in which you are the giver and feel what it is like for you to give, to give presents to other human beings, to do good for them.


While you are calling situations in the deep centeredness we will ground you on all levels.


And while you continue to inhale the light of love, call situations in which you were the taker. How does it feel to take and how often have you been ready to really take?

For know, everything is energy. If you give much of yourself and take less you sometimes feel powerless and weak. Here in these gatherings you have the opportunity to take unreservedly, to recharge yourself with the highest love energies, to create balance, for yourself, for your body, for your soul, for your spirit. But, as Kryon has already said, your soul has to be ready for it. Your surface consciousness alone is not enough.


In your time, the Christmas season, a very big collective is working. Also is this period one of giving and taking and during this time the effect of the angels and also the spirits of nature is particularly strong.

Check in the depth of your soul once more: are you in balance between giving and taking?


And now Kryon asks you to prepare yourself for what is being granted you today. Call the Mahatma energy and ask for help for the taking of the energy which we are going to send you from the newly created, huge magnetic field.

Invite the Mahatma masters and give the permission. The more you permit yourself to take today the more you can give without feeling exhausted and sometimes miserable. The Nunis are carrying the big magnetic field and the magnetic waves are flowing like fountains of light through the chinks of the veil on to Earth and to the human beings. The Sun God will help you today to absorb this energy of the magnetic field.

As by themselves all your channels open. Kryon calls the Central Sun, the strength and the power of life, the fire. Kryon calls the Sun God. With the help of this energy light fountains are being brought directly to you from the magnetic field. It is a sign of life, a sign of power. It is the fire. It is the magnetic energy.


We ask you to sit up straight.

Kryon would like to make clear to you once more how important it is, now, in these moments, when this concentrated energy is flowing and circulating through you, that you are the taker. Permit yourself to take it from the depth of your soul.

Thus the energy transmission begins. If you feel a little hot at times let it happen for it is a sign of life, a sign of power.


And if you are willing to take this very special energy there will be changes for you, changes which have been waiting for a long time already.


This magnetic field will work for a total of 29 days in your time. In a few days you will be able to see the magnetic field, or even the magnetic sphere, in the sky. When this happens make yourself aware that you have been transmitted concentrated energies from this magnetic field.


At this time the new is already there. The old will go. In the collective of this time the effect of the angels is particularly strong. At this time many human beings are willing to put up angels at home, and the angels in the universe are singing a song of joy and love, for they are so close to the human beings now.

You are a step ahead of the human beings for you carry the angel within you. Fused with the highest energies you are standing in the new era. And for the coming time, while the energy is being transmitted, you will be flooded by a fountain of light, the drops of blessing of Metatron from the divine Source. Here, too, Kryon would like to call you: be the ones who take. Be the ones who take here and take this gift.

Thus you will receive the drops of blessing from the divine Source now. Rise.



(A powerful song is played)



Kryon would like to thank the Sun God, the central field. Kryon would also like to thank the Nunis who are holding the magnetic field and sending the light waves to the Earth.

Your scientists will tell you that the so-called comet is not moving towards the Earth, but that it is moving away from her. They are not able to understand this phenomenon. But after 29 days the Nunis will carry the magnetic field back into the universe Quadril 5.


Kryon would also like to thank you, each one of you and the collective, for today many of you were ready, ready for the first time, to take.

You have spoken about Jesus. Jesus was more than an Avatar or the Redeemer. Jesus is what he is. Jesus is what he has been and will always be. Jesus is the Son of God.


Use this time for contemplation and inner retreat. Let the love of Christ in to you and feel the redemption when you absorb this love into you. Occupy yourselves more with the angels and the spirits of nature. Use this time, the contemplative time, for quiet and find the place in you in which you find the inner peace in yourself. Take care, that whenever you give you also take something. When you have the feeling to have given too much, once again, because you are so good, then ask the angels and the Sun God for energy and make yourself aware that this is a balance which is necessary for you to feel good. Have sympathy with all human beings who want to hold on to the old structures, who cling to something which no longer exists. Make yourself aware that you are the bearer of the torch and that your consciousness spreads in the form of sympathy for all those who may sneer at you now. Also use this time of contemplation in order to get in touch with Jesus Christ more.

Allow yourself to be guided from the depth of your soul.


We cannot tell you often enough how much we love you, and each time special aspects of your soul are being addressed which get in touch with this immeasurable love, unify themselves and will guide you to paradise on Earth.

Thus Kryon would like to say goodbye with these words:


A ni o'heved o'drach.