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Public Channeling of December 3, 2008





  • Angels in the Universe
  • The Duality
  • The Golden Angel



Beautiful, shining, perfect light - yes, that is what you are. And if the veil had not been put over the collective of your planet you would realize how wonderfully, how strongly and how powerfully you, as messenger of God, as human being, are living on this planet.


I am Sheldrak, the guardian of the light. I am the guardian of the Throne Angels and come from the highest frequency of the light. Nothing in the universe happens by chance. Everything is structured and has its plan. Thus Sheldrak will not just pass the messages on to you through Sangitar today, but when Sheldrak speaks to the angel beings in the universe the universe is covered with a special energy. Hosts of angels have hurried here in order to be there, here, now. Each single one among you, everybody will have contact with a golden angel for this is what you call Christmas time in your reality. No matter what meaning these words may have, in your reality the collective determines this pre-Christmas period, and in this particular time, for the most various reasons, human beings are willing to invite angels, even to put them up. They are more willing to let angels work in their everyday life. The angels in the universe gather and use this quality of time, this window, in order to work in your reality with their omnipotence and love. You are not far away from the divine lines anymore and you feel - everyone of you - how everything is changing.


Though these changes may show themselves as painful for some, if you are sad or carry longing, all that happens - hear the words of Sheldrak - is important for the overall plan and for your life on Earth after the change of dimensions. You are still enveloped in duality. It is still possible for only a few individuals to recognize the truth, the beauty which is involved with this change. But many have an idea what it means to live on this beautiful planet as Divine Human Being after the dimensional change, to return home and stay on your planet. Feel the energy of Sheldrak and realize the immeasurable love which is behind each word, behind each message that I bring to you. You are still enveloped in duality, but the ice is beginning to melt.


The magnetic sun energy is working like never before. Feel how the golden angels are hurrying over, are present and choose you, approach you and want to make contact with you. In the duality it may not be easy for you sometimes. The universe knows that. But times will change and each single one of you and each single human being on this planet has the possibility to do this which is his destiny: awaken, awaken, realize who you are. Trust, trust, trust in yourself, that your life will be paradise on Earth. Everybody has the opportunity to realize now already what this means and so every human being also has the opportunity to absorb this energy, to expand himself and to manifest a peaceful and beautiful life on Earth. You are a human being, but you are also a Divine Human Being. You carry the divinity in you and it is our task to bring you the energetic patterns in order to realize who you really are. Not separate from us, not separate from the universe, not separate from other planets, and yet the veil is over the collective. Many cannot make out the beauty, the abundance, the joy and the hosts of angels through the fog. Unsure they go falteringly through the fog step by step, and yet each human being carries the longing to end this within. For no matter of which origin, no matter of which religion and no matter which path a human being may take, each single human being carries the quiet longing within to be happy and united, to live love and to feel love, to love himself and to recognize perfection, just as we see you. It is as if you were under a sheet of ice. But the rays of the sun let the ice melt and you will realize that whatever you have lived through, in earlier incarnations or even in this one, you are chosen and destined. For you are here, you are hearing the words of Sheldrak.


Sheldrak has the authority to work through your blueprint with the Sewaja Angels. As the time window of the now-present is open very wide Sheldrak would like to transmit the energies of the angels and the energy of Sheldrak to you. You are being loved immeasurably and if only you could guess how many lights, how many beings are bending down to you, touch you, sing to you in the highest notes. For the beings want to show you the path to your divinity. No matter how your everyday life appears you have the possibility to change this. You have the possibility to choose a path, to recognize yourself. The frequencies are ready. And I ask you, I invite you with the omnipotence of my authority:

Breathe the light into yourself and sink deep into your soul. For we need your permission in order to be able to work. We do this because we love you so very much and we use each moment that you put at our disposal in order to expand you, in order to strengthen you, in order to love you, to show you who you really are, perfect being. The duality in which you are - hear the words of Sheldrak - the duality will break, shatter into many pieces. The truth about being arrives. Never doubt yourself.


Very many human beings feel bad in the duality when they doubt the angels or God himself, but how is it when you doubt yourself? That is what we see. Do not doubt yourself. If you were not so mighty in your structure you would not be here. Here the frequency of the golden-blue light has gathered and you had the courage to go through so many incarnations. If you were weak you would not have done it. But you are here in this incarnation. You feel very clearly, it is enough now. Now you need change and you are ready as lightful messenger to donate the light to all those human beings who need it.

Give now, if you are ready, the permission that the energies of the angels and the energy of Sheldrak be brought to you. As the veils of the fogs have risen very far already, the energy on Earth has become very light, the messengars in particular, the human beings of high consciousness feel physical symptoms. Many of you suffer from tiredness and head-aches, from back pain. Many of you have the feeling to have lost drive. Sometimes fears also come over you, but that is a sign of how far and high you have already developed yourself. Even if it sounds contradictory it is still the truth. But you will also be the first who recognizes the shining truth, the meeting with the beings, the Gods and the angels.


If you are ready now we will transmit these energies now. As it works particularly strongly in the collective and sounds have a special meaning this transmission will be initiated with sounds. You will feel what is happening. As the energy flow is stronger when you stand upright we ask you to rise and to hear the words of Sheldrak afterwards.


(Note: Here a powerful song is played)


Sheldrak has conveyed the message to you that you have the opportunity to speak with a golden angel who approaches you. We have transmitted very much energy, depending on how open you were. This golden angel who approaches you now and reveals himself to you offers you the opportunity to speak with this angel. Do this in a way that is right for you. You will sense it when this angel approaches you and I will tell you now that it will also be Sheldrak. Use this opportunity and speak with the angel. For this I give you the opportunity now.


Very many of you feel a deep connection with Sheldrak. This is because you also come from the highest frequencies of the universe. The time has come to let the ice melt. The time has come to perceive the truth. The time has come to understand, to feel and to acknowledge who you are. Permit yourself through this to lead a life in human love, in health, in abundance, in joy and in peace, but above all in freedom. Human beings are so dependent on diverse things in the duality. But there is the possibility that you lead a wonderful life if you acknowledge how wonderful you are. It is possible for you to reach everything if you trust yourself. It is possible for you to love if you permit yourself to love yourself. You are our lightworker, our lighthouse and our Pioneer. Especially at this time in your duality, in this Christmas time in which the angels are specially at work because the collective permits it, you have the opportunity more than ever before to get in touch with us. This deep connection which was established today will accompany you. The immeasurable love is with you.