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Public Channeling of August 2, 2006



Melek Metatron:

The Differences between You and the Sleeping

The Work of the Forces

The Alignment with the Immeasurable Love of the Creator



I Am Melek Metatron, the Lord of Hosts, called the Eye of God. I penetrate and pervade very deeply the Light Body of the medium with the waves of the energy. I am sending the messages through the medium to you.

You are being loved immeasurably. Hear the vibrations of the energy. Perceive what is in the now-present of your time.

See the deep process of transformation and be aware that the highest energy searches for the highest collective energies in order to work together throughout the changing times. You can feel great turbulences. Lady Gaia is preparing herself but the human beings on the planet have their free will and therefore they subdivide into different frequencies. Become aware of the difference which Melek Metatron announces to you. Profess yourself anew to being what you are: The Divine Human Being on Earth.

Where do the differences lie? You can see them. The great forces are currently trying to draw to themselves the world events, the world power. They try everything to keep Lady Gaia from ascending into the new dimension. They are trying everything to influence the sleeping and to restrict them in their energy. See the difference. You, who are sitting here, had an inner process of becoming aware. You followed the realization, are serving the light and are ready for the new dimension, the new Earth.

Do you feel these waves of energy which the Lord of Hosts is bringing to you? A trembling and a shaking is bathing the room of the energy of divinity for you have understood and are ready to open yourself, to experience the magic of the New Age and to carry out the change. Look deep into your soul and recognize yourself. Recognize the difference. All the sleeping will experience a great realization before they go into themselves. Perhaps in pain, perhaps also in love, just as they will decide. Only then will they turn inwards, will carry out the steps in their soul and will find the Divine core of awakening within.


Melek Metatron would like to point out the difference to you, my dear ones, once more:

You have gone into yourselves full of trust and have followed the steps in yourselves. Because of this you had a great realization. The great realization came after the Inner Sight, the look into the soul. These are great differences. Perhaps you can not yet understand them with your mind but your soul signals you the great star of the immeasurable love.


But great forces are also at work. Become aware of what this means. For many human beings the time of change will be a painful time. Yet they also have a free will. But for you it shall be the most beautiful time. The working and the doing, the holding on to the divinity in you, all of this will strengthen you when everything shatters, the duality falls apart, the new Earth arises and will already be partly equipped with you as Messengers of the Light, Lightworkers and Pioneers. The professions of the New Age are coming so that the bulk of the human beings may go to you. They need the Messengers of the Light. More than ever before they need your company. They are looking to you for the security which they cannot yet find in themselves. Your Light Body is vibrating and oscillating. It is aligning itself. You are recognizing the signs of the times.

It shall become the most beautiful time on Earth for you. It shall be the time of your work, the time of action, the time of joy and security, in which all the seeds which you have sown will blossom in full power and strength.


Still you are also exposed to the collective. Currently the energies of the collective are very turbulent. Many among you are subconsciously doing great pioneer work for Lady Gaia and for the people who are sleeping. They are sending their power of radiation and they are sending their love into those countries in which the people are desperate. They are sending their energy into the oceans. The turbulence of energy, the great collective which is working very strongly at the moment, sometimes comprises also for you that you feel yourself to be somewhat without strength for often you are not aware of how much pioneer work you are doing.


The Lord of Hosts, Melek Metatron, is with you with a wave of energy. Breathe the depth of the love of this energy into yourself.

Call all your chakras together, unify them and expand them.

And together, each one of you making his contribution. We will create something wonderful. Thus visualize, if it is possible for you, a dark blue star with a gold border at some distance.

Behind it a golden angel appears. He is holding the star with his wings so that it is quite visible for you.

As by itself a golden road appears, the way to this star.


Before we continue you will all of you ground yourselves with the Crystal ARIS and your energetic shoes.


If it is possible for you visualize yourself outside of your body as a person now and go almost floating along the golden path. Then come to a stop before the star.

Now you may watch yourself as you spread your arms. Golden energy is flowing through your fingertips. This golden energy is flowing and finding its way. You can see that you are laying your hands on your heart. At these moments of the now-present Melek Metatron asks you to all of you together align yourselves mentally to the immeasurable love of the Creator.


Now you are being invited: Move into the Divine Light of Metatron. Go into the star.

You will be connected with the waves of Metatron at heart level.


Now all of you together say the words:

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth.


When you now go back the golden road take as much energy with you as is possible for you. You may watch while you are striding almost floatingly down the road of peace and divinity.


Absorb your Self with the attachment to the Divine Source, the energies of Metatron, via the heart level.

Look at the big angel. Melek Metatron announces to you: This is the Truth.

The duality, the way you know it, will not persist. You are the builder of the new Earth. Do not let the collective either hold you back or influence you. When you feel that you are moving in the collective of the energies too much in everyday life visualize the blue star, the big angel and the golden path of the Truth.

Now let all of us together say the words:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


With your current strong and great God Energy visualize a golden ray and send it to all those people who are desperate and frightened in the now-present, not knowing what is happening. Simply just send a golden ray.


The forces who are working in these turbulent times cannot influence the Truth. They try to tug at it but the Truth will endure. It is not movable. Melek Metatron tells you, also each single one of you:

A ni o'heved o'drach.


So it is.