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Public Channeling of August 1, 2007




Lady Nada:

Permit Yourself to Live the Joy and the Love

How Fear Hinders You

Purification of the Chakra of the Zest for Life

The New Age Is Pure Joy



I am the flame of the Christ consciousness. I am Lady Nada and I greet each single one of you with that which I am: joy and love. OMAR TA SATT.


It is a great pleasure for me to speak to you, to a group, to all human beings on Earth through the medium Sangitar today. For the Christ flame, the energy of the consciousness of Christ radiates far beyond these rooms. When a spiritual being hurries here, stays here among you with the high vibration, it has consequences for the human beings, here in these rooms and without. I, too, have experienced incarnations on Earth, among them also difficult and sad ones. I have lived through all facets of the duality and have ascended into the Divine Reality. Never, when I was still great light in a human body, was I able to imagine what this would be like. Here, in this reality, there is nothing apart from love and joy. Nevertheless I am very close to the human beings, especially because I have experienced so much. Your power of imagination is not sufficient to describe to you what will happen when the Earth has carried out the change.


Nonetheless the human beings are attached to their fears, however, a longing for the development of their soul drives the human beings on. This longing comprises the drops from the Divine Reality, God's drops, in you which sometimes show you the picture of what you really are when all is awakened. The difference between the duality and the Divine Reality is that we really live. We are innumerable beings. The duality sleeps. As in a dream you are dreaming your life on Earth. But awakening will take place.


Lady Nada is so close to you. When I approach with my rays you can feel the joy and the love. This is the subject which I would like to go into today. Everything that you expect of the dimensional change, everything you imagine is connected with joy. But in the name of so many human beings I ask you: How much joy do you grant yourself? How much joy and how much light-heartedness can you bear? Perhaps the words of Lady Nada are confusing you now but ask yourself: How often have you denied yourself a joyful life for fear of the consequences? How often were you told you should be grown up, thinking rationally and logically? Where is your inner child? How much joy do you admit? How many fears determine your life? Now you will perhaps say, these fears are justified in this duality. But Lady Nada tells you: Fear holds you back. What does fear give you? Which feeling is conveyed to you by the fear? Does it hold you tight? Does it make decisions for you? Does it make you unfree? What about this fear in you? How often do the human beings imagine something which could happen in their future and out of fear decide against their zest for life? The fear of being deserted, fear of being lonely, fear of loss. Where are the joy and the light-heartedness?


Lady Nada would like to tell you: The dimensional change is pure joy. Everything that awaits you is joy and love, for fears are part of the illusion. Fears are feelings which came into being in the duality when you were born as great light in a human body with your soul. How often has something which frightened you come from the outside, from human beings. I know that there are some among you who were even afraid of their parents. Thus you learned to deny the essential part, that which is important. Namely the freedom to decide to lead a life full of joy and light-heartedness. You are a wonderful human being. All human beings are wonderful. For we are not different from each other. You are, sitting here on your chair, in the fullest trust and listening to the words of Lady Nada. You heart is open wide and you feel this energy. Almost singing you can absorb it in your Light Body. There is nothing in your life which forbids you to feel joy and light-heartedness. All the decisions which you make in your life and in your everyday life should be orientated towards joy. Thinking logically, common sense and fear manipulate you. How often are you or the human beings told that the spiritual world manipulates? We do not manipulate you. Love does not manipulate you. It is the fears which tempt you to make common sense decisions.


Lady Nada would like to bring you various gifts. But now it is important that you breathe deeply and turn your gaze inward. Now, before your real inner eye, the eye which sees everything, let a small child appear. It is your inner child. Look at it. How does it look? Is it happy or sad? Is it restrained or demanding? Is it crying or laughing? Is it frightened?

It is a look into your soul. Grant yourself this. If you like you can have a dialogue. Ask the child what it needs, what it wishes for in order to be happy and content. While you are doing this, frequencies in your Light Body open as by themselves. Lady Nada will purify your chakra of the zest for life and dissolve crusts as is right for you and you permit.

Experienced injuries, that which you were forbidden and the pain you were caused Lady Nada will try to soften. But even with human beings who are in a fully awakened state, memories of injuries and pain are present. These memories, these structures are so stubborn. But we wish so much that all human beings free themselves from the idea that they are not worth to lead a happy, contented and carefree life.


It is so important that you prepare yourself for this time. For you will experience this joy in the New Age. No doubts, no matter into which direction these doubt go, no fears will help you. They hold you back. Make yourself aware and tell your soul and your inner child: You are worth it. You are worth it. You are born to lead a joyful and happy life.

The love energy of Lady Nada pours into you. Meet your inner child with love. Perhaps you can see how very grateful your inner child is. How very grateful your soul is. I embrace you.


I have, if you permit, a task for you. When you lay down tonight and when you wake up in the morning grant yourself something. Do yourself good. Make yourself happy. It is the greatest gift that you can bring yourself and your soul will be grateful to you. Perhaps not all human beings are aware of it, but the Earth vibration is very, very high. Very often the duality tries to assert itself in all its facets once more and to keep up the illusion. But we are dancing for joy and love. Through the grid of love which was erected, what belongs together is joined together. I tell you: Have no fear and admit joy into your life. Make decisions out of joy. The flame of Christ will accompany you.


Lady Nada says AN'ANASHA.