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Public Channeling of August 6, 2008






Lighthouse and Torch Bearer

Open a New Door

The Time of Suffering Is Over<?xml:namespace prefix = o />



I am Kryon of Magnetic Service and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. The entourage of Kryon enters. The entourage bears the intention today to transmit healing and zest for life.


Depending on what you need, the angels will sit next to you, stand behind you, stand in front of you, float above you and sit at your feet, with the intention to pass healing and zest for life to you - in the high and lightful frequency which the entourage is bearing. The energy of Kryon is spreading in this room full of light and love, full of magnetic energy. The hearts of you who are present connect themselves with the grid of love and the Divine Thought Field. A short spoken prayer causes the Divine Thought Field to bring you more attention. You understand with the heart that you are messengers of God, of fundamental might, of fundamental power to accept what this evening, what the angels, what your divine might, the energy of Kryon and the Divine Thought Field are giving you.


Therefore let us invoke the Lord, the Eye of God, together with the words Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth.

When you breathe the energy into yourself you will sense how the Eye of God turns to you protectively, gently, lovingly and yet strengthening, for you are a part, a part of all that is. You are in the duality and that is why the angels honor you so much. Go into your innermost self. breathe the light of love and feel how the entourage and the angels touch you. More expressive than any word - healing on all levels, zest for life in all situaltions - is the intention which the entourage is bearing. As on a golden tray they want to pass the energy frequencies to you. Kryon would like to prepare you to accept these energy frequencies which are so extremely important for you with the magnetic energy. For you are allowed to be completely healthy and full of zest for life. Even though it may not appear to you like that in some situations, this is planned for you. Thus it shall be for you are the bearer of the light.


For your courage, for your openness and for your trust you direct the energy to the human beings in the duality, bring peace where there is a hectic rush, and love where there are sleepers. You coat the duality with your wonderful matrix. You are, more than you know, of highest consciousness, here, now in the present, chosen to take this which is meant for you. All human beings who take part in absorbing these words of Kryon will sense how much stronger the energy has become. You are strong and full of love. Even though you have dared do the split which makes you stand with one foot in the duality and with the other foot in the Divine Reality. Fill the space in between with love, then you have received everything that you need for love is mightier and stronger than anything you experience in the duality. Only the high energy of love can penetrate the low energy. Never be afraid of low energy. It cannot reach your love. You are protected. Lighthouse and torch bearer of this age, you are being loved immeasurably.


Breathe in a rhythm which is right for you and open yourself to the entourage. Sense how these beings full of power and full of love are kneeling down. Give them permission to pass to you the energy frequencies by very gently touching your Light Body, your aura. You could feel joy in each situation. You are a divine being and your spiritual openness permits you to live your divine might on Earth, not to manipulate, but to permit yourself to be that which you are. Create for yourself a life in which you are happy, full of abundance and zest for life, harmony and health. The guardians of light and love have agreed to be there when you express your intention that healing frequencies and frequencies of joy stream through you. The energy begins to flow.


Each time you are ready to absorb these wonderful gifts into yourself you will pass something of these gifts on to other people. Through your presence alone it will reach people. The interwoven grid of love is turning and this love energy, your star siblings, greet you. Hear the words of Kryon: The louder it gets in the duality, the more hectic time becomes, the more peaceful will you be. The more human beings doubt, the more will you trust. You are the divine light on Earth and the Eye of God looks at you. Many of you, here in this room, can sense how very close the angels are, how the magnetic energy is flowing and the heart energies connect with each other, like a big family. Permit yourself to accept the happiness. Permit yourself to accept contentedness, joy, healing.


In the now, here in this moment in which the room is filled with this high energy, you will be able to experience it. Many of you think so much, are in their intellect, think about their past and their future, but be in the now, in the presence of the highest energy and recognize your ability, that you are a light bearer. The more you recognize yourself and know that anything is possible for you, the more you can do for other human beings. Sometimes human beings live in a drama. But that is the drama of the duality. Close the door, let the curtain drop and begin again. Open the door of love, open the door of joy, of health, of abundance. Leave the drama in front of the door. In each moment of your being you can decide anew. Which door would you like to open? Would you like to have the drama and entanglement back? Or would you like to open the door of love? All possibilities are given you in this time. More than ever everything manifests in no time at all. That is why it is so important that you open the right door for yourself. Let the past be the past. You have a wonderful life ahead of you. Do not entangle yourself in the duality, not in the problems of everyday life, but turn your energy and your focus towards the solution.


Your potential is so high. Be in joy, be kind to yourself just as we are kind. Some human beings feel empty in this split, with one foot in the duality, with the other in the Divine Reality. But this space is to be filled with the attributes of your Self, with your divine might, with your love. Then everything you wish for so very much will fulfil itself. The time is over. Do not bear this pain any longer, this emotional pain which you had in you for so long. Open yourself for all kinds of love. Kryon sees each single one here in this room. For some a lot has changed already and others, in turn, have opened themselves for human love. If only you could see what we see. In the linear time in which you move everything manifests in no time at all. Your time is turning fast. The energies are turning fast. Love itself, the Divine Thought Field, would like to free you of all your pain. The Divine Thought Field is giving the impulse of the drops of blessing. God's breath will go through the universe like a fountain of light and be brought to you, in a strength in which you may not have felt it ever before, for today in particular, now, is the time to accept this with ease. Kryon asks you: Rise and absorb the drops of blessing, the gift, and God's breath into yourselves.


Note: A powerful song is played.


Feel the breath of God in you. Feel how the angels have moved even closer. For many of you a small miracle will happen soon. Pay attention to the miracle. They brighten the room with the energies of divinity. This evening the energies were particularly high and it was possible because you, light bearers, gathered and opened yourselves. So much is happening in the duality, so many changes. But you are the temple of peace, you are the one who goes out and reaches the hearts of the human beings. For each one of you carries the torch with your head raised. Full of love you ignite a light grid with this torch, the light grid of love. Kryon, who loves you so immeasurably, would like to say goodbye to you in the third language for the sounds, the frequencies, contain a highly vibrating frequency which will accompany you and which will change you if you permit.


I would like to repeat once more: The time of suffering is over. Close the door. Leave the drama outside. Open the door of love, of abundance, of health and of joy. All of this comprises peace for you. Permit yourself a good life.

Even though you do not understand the sound frequency with your mind, your soul will absorb it if you are ready when Kryon speaks:


Elei elei nostre diano elei eleia onar.