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Public Channeling of April 5, 2006



Seraphis Bey:

        The Energy and the Responsibility of Seraphis Bey

        Your Ideas About Abundance

        Activation of the Channel for Abundance



The entitiy Seraphis Bey is speaking through the medium. OMAR TA SATT.


In the absolute grace of the perfect Light I was created by Melek Metatron and Shakti. I, Seraphis Bey, was given the grace to be part of the first beings of the creational phase. I am working in the spheres of El'Shaddai but my energy expands throughout the whole universe.

My energy carries every planet and every light that was ever created. The words and messages are being brought to you in the absolutely highest form of the energy of grace through the medium. You will hear the messages of Seraphis Bey today but we will take care that these messages will go around the world.


It is the responsibility of Seraphis Bey to take care of abundance, to offer abundance, to distribute abundance to every being which has ever been created. Abundance pours itself over every planet in the measure in which it is being called for.

What does abundance mean when I focus my attention on you the way I am doing now? What does abundance mean to each one of you?

For one person abundance means wealth, for another health, for the next person freedom and for very many people human love. Abundance is all-embracing and is reflected in all its facets. My attention, the energy of Seraphis Bey, is manifesting itself now, here in the present. Feel the energy of abundance.


Before I will pass the messages on to you, ask yourself what abundance means to you. Permit yourself to claim all facets of abundance for yourself. It is not subjected to any judgment. The way you feel it, it is right and good.


How does the human being think he can create abundance for himself? There are many people on Earth who feel shortage within abundance. Be it within wealth, within health or within human love.

How is it possible that people are so different? Some people can accept abundance and manifest it for themselves. Other people, however, have a hard time with that. What is the reason?


I also mean freedom. Many people think in terms of shortage and create pressure with their thinking mind. They think they can remove the shortage through this pressure. Then the energy 'worry' comes. But with that the human being can achieve nothing except reinforce the shortage. You human beings often believe you are thinking and feeling at the same time but that is a mistaken belief. The thinking mind always works first before the feeling spirit sets in. To give the feeling mind space the thinking mind has to be pushed aside for it is mostly combined with pressure.

You can lay your thinking mind aside by unifying your chakras, by using the language of the Elohim and by saying the words: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


Seraphis Bey will do this exercise with you today. When the feeling spirit has gained space the third frequency is added which is necessary to manifest abundance in all facets. It is the Holy Spirit.

There are areas in your Light Bodies which were made to activate channels, which the Holy Spirit will expand and activate. It works just like the mixing of a cocktail: various frequencies will be conducted through this channel and if you are ready you can manifest abundance in any form for yourself. For this you need some of the energy of Seraphis Bey. Added to that is the frequency of the Mahatma Energy. All of this will be enriched with the frequency of grace.

Believe me, if you are open to the messages and energy of these frequencies now at this moment, the subject of abundance will only be a positive subject for you. For this it is important that you repeat this exercise as often as is possible for you, so that this particular channel, surrounded by the Holy Spirit, can expand further and further.


And so, with the expression of the Divine Frequencies and the expression of immeasurable love, Seraphis Bey will grant you this.

I ask you to lay the thinking mind aside. Go into the depth of your Divinity. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Deep and calmly.

Call all your chakras with the words:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


Give the feeling spirit space and feel your chakra expanding, further and further into all directions.

Permit yourself to be feeling spirit, to expand the depth of your Divinity.


What we need from you now is the permission to activate a channel in your Light Body which makes it possible to absorb the named frequencies of the absolute abundance. Give the permission and express the intention with ELEXIER.


Now, from the center of your heart, call the Sacred Spirit who is above all your bodies and ask for consent.


Now a channel will be activated for you so that you can absorb the frequencies. It is happening now. If you feel physical symptoms at the same time stay calm and have faith in the presence of God.


Now it is ready. Lay your hands on your legs with your palms facing up. As you grant it the energy of grace will flow to you now.


Now the Mahatma specialists will add their energy.


These energies will now be accompanied by the high frequency of Seraphis Bey. And while the energies are flowing very strongly through your channel, end the dream of illusion, open yourself to the Divine Reality and ask for abundance of every facet that you would like to have.


With the expression of ELEXIER and AN'ANASHA in your soul, grant the Holy Spirit to manifest. The might of your Self is fulfilling itself.


And so the abundance will manifest itself in the way you have demanded it. The abundance of human love, the abundance of health, the abundance of freedom, the abundance of wealth. Trust the words that Seraphis Bey is sending you. Every being in the universe asks for abundance and is showered with it.


It is your right to use abundance. The time of the Ascension has long since begun and even the last phase of the Ascension has begun. The spiritual world will do everything to free you of all old patterns and memories and to strengthen your trust. This phase of the Ascension is so important. You should be carefree, with open heart and strong faith.

Do not be so strict with yourself.


The holy beings of the light in the universe will now increasingly activate further channels for certain frequencies which will accompany you and carry you through the Ascension. And so it was agreed and made known that Seraphis Bey will activate the first channel today. You are the first people this has been granted.


Before Seraphis Bey withdraws I will tell you: It has happened.


We love you immeasurably and we are very close to you. Repeat these exercises.