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Public Channeling of April 4, 2007



Lord Sananda:

The Drops of Blessing

Intention and Manifesting the Energies

Forgiving - the Effect of the Duality

Removing of Intentions which no Longer Serve You

Melek Metatron:

Set a New Intention



I Am Lord Sananda. The cosmic Christ greets you with the words OMAR TA SATT. With the glory of the vibration, with the light of being I turn to you and surround you with the immeasurable love. You are the divine light on Earth and here, at this moment, you are integrated in the collective thought field of love.

More than any word it is the energy which brings you gifts, the being, the light, which opens you and brings peace. More than you know this loving collective is the great gift to yourself.


We will arrange this evening slightly differently than you are used to. The cosmic Christ would like to prepare you to accept the greatest gift: It is the drops of blessing of the Divine Thought Field. More than your mind can explain to you the drops of blessing are of the highest energy and contain the intention of immeasurable love. They connect themselves with your energy fields. They not only have a purifying effect but they also raise you into a status of revelation and redemption. If these energies were to be expressed in pictures you would be overwhelmed by the multitude of gifts which these drops of blessing comprise. You often think you have felt the same thing before for once before you have received the drops of blessing. But believe me: With each minute of your time the energy of Lady Gaia is changing and thus also your energy. The drops of blessing comprise a very personal gift for you each time. The intention carries the energy, the spirit manifests and the Divine Thought Field pours out.


Today and now, at this time exactly, human beings of very high energy have come together. I look into each single soul and I recognize each single one of you. Even if you perceive the words it is not the same when the cosmic Christ looks into the depth of your soul and sees who you really are. I know the structure, the sound and the colour of each single one of you. I see everything in you, the divine and the love.


How often do you attempt to understand the universe? But understand your duality. Only then can you appreciate what the cosmos means. The stepping out of the duality can only happen when you understand how imprisoned you sometimes are in your reality.


Before the Christ tells you about your intention, the connection with your spirit, the manifesting of the energies and thus the situations in your life, it is important that you open yourself and absorb the frequencies of love.

So many human beings carry intentions and thoughts within. And just because they do not seem to be visible the focus is often not directed to them. Imagine that all intentions and all thoughts of the human beings were visible. They would carry the thoughts and the energies like signs before them. But in an energetic way this is the case. How often do the human beings form intentions from some motives of the mind and are then surprised about the situations in their life? How many thoughts are in your head? How many energies do you send out?


In order to create the life, to live the creative priciple in you you have to form an intention of love. The intention is something very important and essential in your reality for it sends a vibration which is recognized by the spiritual beings. But your intention also needs a connection with your spirit. If it is for the good of your soul and you call a third frequency, a great light, three different energies concentrate. If you direct the focus to this intention without doubting then the divine principle is creating, manifesting. But you have also formed intentions in your life which may no longer be helpful to you at this point in time. Sometimes you are not aware of having given an intention which has already manifested in your energy field. And many such intentions can also block your real intention.


The energies which come into being around you from your thoughts are energetic rays. When you meet other human beings they often connect with intentions of other human beings. For example, certain energies and intentions connect with each other when people fall in love. But sometimes the intentions which connect with each other are unpleasant for you. You cannot understand it because you are no longer aware of having manifested this intention with your thoughts at some time.


Today's drops of blessing comprise: When we have gone into the deep intention of love with you beforehand Melek Metatron himself will collect any intentions which no longer serve you. Perhaps you can appreciate what a big gift this comprises for it means that room is being created, unpleasant situations resolve themselves and with the freedom attained you can set new intentions in the vibration of the New Age. This we will also do together with you today.


To understand the duality is hard for you sometimes. I will give you an example, only one of thousands upon thousands. What does it mean when we tell you that you are to pardon and forgive? What does this feel like for you at a moment when you perhaps are in a situation in which somebody appears to have done something terrible to you or hurt you? Perhaps you are angry because of that and on top of that you are meant to forgive! This can be hard to understand at times. But when we say pardon and forgive this means and comprises for you quite simply the renunciation of repetitious energies which are not good for you. For when you forgive and let go these energies will no longer bother you. As long as you cannot let go of certain energies the priciple of the duality and repetition is at work. Thus you will experience similar situations in which you get hurt again and again. So forgiving is a renunciation of recurring energies which are not good for you. This understanding of the duality is so important for only when you understand can you step out and open yourself for the true and good which is intended for you. For with joy we see that the New Age is moving closer. In order to understand the process of the ascension you should also understand the duality. And, unlike the duality the divine principle is very simple.


Lord Sananda has mentioned that intentions connect with each other sometimes when human beings meet. Thus you can perhaps imagine how collective energies connect with each other. There are human beings who try to spread collective energies which are not good for you. For example, why do you think are the news which you listen to or read almost every day always filled with fear? Why do you so rarely read or hear positive, loving news? There are human beings who are aware of the power which the collective has. Collective intentions which connect with each other have even greater power. But the energies of love have the greatest power - and even those human beings know this. When collective energies connect in love it is the highest form of divinity. The light brightens the Earth and Lady Gaia is lent wings.


You have heard so much already from the spiritual world but very rarely is something mentioned which is extremely important. For when intentions can connect with each other it is also important to know that there is something which can prevent this. You know that every human being as great, divine light carries a personal group of angels within. But angels are only allowed to work when they receive permission. However, there is an exception and this is the guardian angel. What do you think how often the guardian angel works in your energy body? He is like a shield in front of the energies when they threaten you. Thus you can easily explain to yourself why you sometimes, apparently by coincidence, get into a situation which might be dangerous for your life but nothing happens to you because your soul has decided so. The guardian angel surrounds you and ensures, if it has been agreed with your soul, that nothing happens to you. Even Lady Gaia has a personal guardian angel. That is why that even though the human beings would like to tell you something different ultimately Lady Gaia's guardian angel would never allow the planet to be destroyed by the hand of man.


Before Melek Metatron pours out the drops of blessing over you Lord Sananda asks you: Breathe the immeasurable love of the cosmic Christ into you. Take a little time to center yourself.


I have told you: I look into each single soul. I know how often for whatever reason you have had ever-recurring thoughts in your life. Through it an intention has formed which has manifested in your life sometimes and which does not serve you any longer now. Now it is very important that from the depth, from the depth of your soul, you give the permission that Melek Metatron may gather any intentions which no longer serve you with his platinum colored net and remove them from your energy field. As this intention and this permission are very, very important I ask you to breathe deeply once more. Inwardly speak to Melek Metatron from your heart. Choose simple and childlike words and tell Metatron that he has the permission to take away intentions once set in order to free you. At the same time Jesus, the Christ, will shower you with redemption energy and afterwards you will receive the drops of blessing. Take your time and choose your words just as they seem right to you.


Now lay your hands on your legs with the palms facing up. As by themselves all your channels open. The taking away of these energies which do not serve you any longer creates freedom and room for new intentions for you. You will feel burning in your hands for the King of Glory is beginning to gather the energies now and the cosmic Christ lets the energy of redemption pour in at the same time.


After you have received the gift of grace of the drops of blessing the Lord of Glory, Melek Metatron himself, will set a new intention with each single one and yet in the collective. Thus receive the drops of blessing now. Stand up for it and hold your hands facing up.



(A powerful song is being played while the drops of blessing are being poured out)



Melek Metatron, called the Eye of God, has poured drops of blessing over you in the name of all the frequencies which the Divine Thought Field comprises. Intentions which no longer serve you have been taken away by the platinum colored net of the frequency of the light. Your energy body is freer, more beautiful and more lightful now than ever before. Now it is up to you, oh Divine Human Being, how carefully and with what kind of consciousness you manifest new intentions. This should happen from the depth of your soul for an intention which has been made in love and in the divinity is like a golden ray. When it connects with the Holy Spirit of your Self something is being created from this energy. Do not limit yourself. Perhaps other human beings limit you because they want to talk you into believing that this is not possible. But we do not limit you. It does not matter in the least what you would like to manifest for yourself. But do it from love and make yourself aware: If you integrate the lightful beings at the same time the intentions will express themselves in your everyday life. Often seemingly accidental occasions are the ones which suit your intention perfectly. Have the courage to seize the occasion then and do not reject the gift.


I know that your hands are burning. A lot of cosmic redemption energy is visible in your energy field. Metatron asks you once more to lay your hands on your legs with the palms facing up. Your channels are already open and so breathe deeply into your soul once more.

The energy of love expands into all directions, like a sun. Feel the depth of your love, of your divinity. In the center of this sun set an intention. It is your decision alone. Feel free to choose something human. Do not limit yourself. Phrase your intention inwardly with simple and clear words.


From this intention a golden ray emerges. The more energy you send into it the more this golden ray will expand. You can do this again and again, at each moment of the centredness of your love. Now direct the attention to your third eye and ask the Spirit in you to connect itself with the intention in the sacredness of the immeasurable love.

A golden ray also appears and connects itself with the ray of the intention.

Now breathe deeply once more. Call the angel of grace and give the permission that the angel of grace may connect himself with his ray with the intention and the sacredness of your spirit. A trinity will develop.


Thus the connection has been established and the more often you send energy into it the more this connection will expand. Carry no doubt inside that this connection will manifest in your life.


Thus we will all of us speak the words:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


In the immeasurable love Melek Metatron speaks the words:

A ni o'heved o'drach.


So it is.