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Public Channeling of April 2, 2008





The Golden-Blue Light

The Blue and Golden Energy

Balancing of the Energies in all Systems



I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I greet the family of the golden-blue light with my immeasurable love, OMAR TA SATT.

When we whisper the words to the medium Sangitar we coat them, each single word, with an energetic pattern. When Kryon greets you in the name of the family of the golden-blue light, the word family lifts you up. It lets the blue energy pour into you more through the blueprint. With this word alone the energy, your life energy, is strengthened and gives you power and confidence. The more the blue energy circulates through all your bodies, the more you have the feeling of home for it is your original energy, the golden-blue light. Two frequencies which flow through your blueprint as a living substance through all your bodies.


There is a total of 144 different color frequencies which are incarnated in the duality on different planets, as great light in a human body. You are endowed with the energy of the golden-blue light. Once, when the planets moved away from the magnetic lines of the divine field and fell so low into the depths, great lights of a certain frequency were needed who agreed to go to Lemuria. They were endowed and characterized with a very particular energy pattern which showed itself as the color blue. Only very much later you assumed a physical body. But in you golden light also circulates. It is the light of the great might. Both together generate the energy which you can feel at a fusion: Your original energy. It shows you where you come from and who you are. Try to imagine, whether as flame or as sphere, how these two colors circulate in all your centers and in all your bodies. They are, if there has been a fusion, interwoven with each other. But one can clearly see that they are two color rays which send out certain sounds. In this color ray, in conjunction with the high golden ray, everything is stored. On the one hand is stored what you as old soul have already experienced, and on the other hand your whole energetic pattern is stored.


The fact that you went to Lemuria emphasises that today you are taking steps as Pioneer which many human beings are not ready to take yet. Sometimes they may seem almost painful to you, but the basic pattern of your color is so highly energetic. We, beyond the veil, recognize each single basic pattern of each light. We know about all your incarnations. We know about the golden age, now, in this incarnation.


It may seem sometimes as if the blue light is paling in some human beings. From the moment in which a great light, the soul, leaves the human body for ever the energy of the color ray pales. That is the energetic dying. But we do not want to speak about energetic dying, we want to speak about life. Here on Earth, with your own energy of the golden-blue frequency. The stronger the blue color circulates as energy ray through all your bodies the stronger and the more full of the joys of life you will feel. The blue color shines in your aura and in your Light Body. When you are in confidence and intention then this blue energy begins to shine. It transmits certain sounds which, in turn, are connected with an energetic pattern. They attach themselves to the grid of love and find the connections beyond the veil, the connection with the Divine Reality. There is the point where we gather when we see the color rays of the family. That is the sign which the golden-blue frequency, each single human being of you, sends us. The deeper you go the more sounds and energetic patterns can attach themselves to the big star tetrahedron.


We are in contact with each single one of the golden-blue frequency. All the other frequencies are also important frequencies. But this is the golden-blue frequency. Since the beginning of time you have made yourself available. We always recognize in great love what you do and have done. That is why we respect and honor you so much. If, however, you are in a weak intention, if you permit that you are in permanent doubt with yourself, if you are full of impatience because perhaps your abilities have not come to bear quite as you would like it yet, then the energy current of the blue color sends fewer energetic patterns and sounds to us. Never feel like a victim of that which you have experienced in all incarnations for that weakens your color and your color ray. Naturally various other colors also circulate in you, but your original energy, the golden-blue energy, flows through your blueprint. Borne by the Sewaja angels it is distributed in all your systems. This is what you can fall back upon. The blue color ray, the blue energy, is always the energy which causes strengthening, clearing and confidence in your systems. The golden energy is the energy of the high might and the immeasurable love. The combination of both energies is very, very important. While most of those present took the Steps they felt a fusion of the energies.

You have to imagine that with each circulation of your life energy patterns are sent out and we, if you invite us, recognize these patterns and get in touch with you.


In some incarnations it may be that the blue color paled a little. The consequence was that in the next incarnation you did not incarnate with quite so strong a blue color again. But it was possible for you at any time to express and expand your basic energy and also the Elise energy, which is what we call the golden high might. It is a process which takes place in you yourself.


Therefore it is so important also for us beyond the veil that such gatherings of human beings with the same frequency - and you are of the same frequency otherwise you would not be here - join together. The magnetic words which we send through the medium attach themselves to your colors. Through this attaching a raising happens which, if you permit, causes not just healing, but also cleansing and strengthening at all levels. Most of all it gives you, deep in your soul, the feeling of being at home, of who you really are.


As the golden-blue frequency were the first great lights which agreed to go to Lemuria Lady Gaia also carries a golden-blue color ray within. She, too, attaches herself to the star tetrahedrons beyond the veil. Now the golden-blue frequency and in addition, because you open yourselves, more of the magnetic energy of Kryon pour into you. These three frequencies, when they connect with each other, change your cells. They align themselves for the new. The new which is coming has arrived already in many areas and in many parts. Do not tire of absorbing magnetic energy into yourselves for it keeps your system awake. Each word which we whisper to Sangitar is coated with the immeasurable love which connects itself with your Heart Ray. Thus you have the opportunity to feel deeply the presence of the High Councillors and the presence of Kryon.


As very much is changing at this time the expansion of the energies in you naturally also change. Not so very long ago human beings of different frequencies united in the duality. But it turned out that more and more human beings of the same frequency find each other. Naturally you mostly feel a deep closeness and also sense of belonging when you meet a human being who possesses the same color ray, which your mind sometimes cannot explain at all. This is no judgment but a natural process of change. At another time it was important also to mix many frequencies with each other. But at this time the frequencies search for their families in order to connect with each other from a higher standpoint.


We see the sounds which your golden-blue frequency sends out. We understand these sounds in a way which you cannot comprehend with your mind.


Kryon asks you: Breathe the light of love into yourself.


While you are sinking into the depth of your soul you will be grounded at all levels. It is of the highest importance to understand that the basic color, your original frequency of the Sewaja angels, is flowing through the blueprint into all your systems. It is a living substance. You can perhaps also call it life energy. This energy possesses its own emotional intelligence. There, where there may be deficits in your systems, there the life energy flows with a special vibration. It tries to supply the systems with the energy. But sometimes it is the case that instead other systems are inadequately supplied.


Kryon has the task today to spread the energies which Lady Amethyst will bring you in all your systems. High energy will flow through your blueprint. If you are ready to absorb this gift of Lady Amethyst your life energy will increase. Blue color will shine and expand special patterns. The high might of the golden energy will also be strengthened - by Jesus Christ.


With the words Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth call the Lord of Hosts, Melek Metatron. Melek Metatron will bring the crystal angel, Lady Amethyst, to you. With the expression of Kodoish you have given permission that your original energy be brought to you.


Get ready now. As by themselves all your channels open. Lady Amethyst as well as Jesus Christ will let your original energy pour in. it begins with you laying your hands with the palms facing up on your legs. Entrance through the blueprint into all your systems begins to flow in the regions of your head. Perhaps your inner eye can see how the life energy circulates through all your systems. You absorb as much of this energy as you permit. It is Kryon's task to spread this energy evenly. Even now the blue energy begins to become deeper and shining more beautifully - a deep blue comes into being.


The process of transmission is complete. Now send from the middle of your center, there, where you are, a deep intention to the spiritual world. Let the depth of your color sing in the most beautiful sounds. The golden light flows in and connects itself.


Thus it has happened. Kryon will continue to accompany you and Lady Gaia, until the birth is completed. Make yourself aware again and again that the energetic patterns and sounds connect themselves with the living star tetrahedrons in the depth of your intention. We react to this vibration a thousandfold.


Thus let us speak together the words:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.