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Public Channeling of December 1, 2010




  • The Energy of Grace, the Angels of Grace and the Fulfilment of Wishes


I am Lumina and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.


The love and the light are arriving. A big field of energy ignites the fire of the soul. Let your eyes close and enjoy the energy of Lumina. You call it Christmas time and we call it energy of grace when so many human beings open themselves for the angels and the light of love. Through that a light of grace comes into being. This light of grace is full of peace and this light of grace Lumina will transmit to you with a group of angels


Lay your hands on your heart. The wings of the angels are lowering themselves. Lay yourself into them and become a child. Receive the light of grace. Let your soul relax and divulge your wishes, your hopes and your yearnings. The light of grace flows in and carries your wishes into the divine Reality, and the Angel of Grace will receive them. Bed down on the wings. Let it happen - the light of love is flowing - arriving are the peace, the security and the angels.


We will begin with the transmission. Become a child.


[Meditation of Heiko El'Shara]


Simply let yourself fall into the softness and the gentleness of the wings. Feel how the energy of the angels surrounds you more and more and the childlike joy and energy begin to flow in your innermost being. Your childlike heart opens and the energy of grace pours in and unfolds its effect. All your wishes and yearnings are being touched. The love of the angels, the grace pours through you - through your whole soul. You are being carried, you are secure and sink into the warmth of this security of the highest light.


[Resumption of the channeling with Lumina]


Thus receive the drops of grace from the divine Source now so that the angels of grace can accept all your hopes and wishes. This takes place with sounds from the divine Reality. Receive the drops of love, grace and peace, of reflection and quiet.


[Sounds from the divine Reality are played]


Sometimes a field comes into being and we use this energetic field, for everything you hope and wish for, all your yearnings shall fulfil themselves for you. Whenever such a field comes into being the Angel of Grace is called. For the energy of grace carries your wishes into the divine Reality and lets a special energy, the energy of grace, flow for you. When it reaches your soul, then you will feel the miracle that can come into being. It is a very special time, make it usable for yourself and lay yourself into the wings of the angels again and again.


Let the Angel of Grace cover you with the love. Thus it will be and so it has happened - for each one of you who is present here. Become like children. The peace is in you.