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Public Channeling of November 3, 2010




  • Yearning
  • The Eleua Energy


  • Working in the Aspects


I am Shan'Shija. I am the High Self of the Son of God, Jesus the Christ. I welcome you with the sounds, tones and colors of the divine Reality, with the words OMAR TA SATT.


With each word the energy of the Eleua Angels arrives - manifesting itself deeper and deeper on your planet. The host of angels that has decided to go on a journey and immerse itself in the energy of the duality in order to stand by your side - this energy finds its way through the deepest intention in the souls and hearts of the human beings. The Eleua Energy will contribute considerably that the grid of love can stabilize itself and become stronger and that it can connect with the grid of Lady Gaia.


When the great experiment took place once and Lucifer, such a high Throne Angel, so full of love for all that is, sang a song for God in the merkabah, and he pulsated in the most radiant colors. He was so brave and agreed. But he did not know either what happens, and when he cut himself off the bond of love of God, the earth fell deep, deep in its energy. Throne Angel Lucifer does not know yet what it means when he receives his merkabah back and can retie himself to the love bond of God.


When this happened, when Lucifer came to earth the divine Source began to pulsate in a faster rhythm. Thus yearning came into being, for the divine Source is yearning. It pulsates with each breath and brings the energy of yearning to the angels, into their light body, into their light, so that the angels, too, feel this yearning for they want to serve so as to be closer to God. God himself carries the yearning further into the universe through the Throne Angels. It is like a call that never ends. This call which is directed at Lucifer: Come back home! Come back home, Throne Angel, golden light!


As Shan'Shija I have a special significance in the merkabah of God for through me Jesus Christ the Son can flow into the Divine Thought Field, immerse himself and absorb all the energies of his Father in order to bring them onto the earth and to you, to spread them in your hearts and your souls.


At present very many human beings feel very, very deep and great yearning. This yearning, it expands you and makes you aware of who you really are. It guides you into the memory that all that has happened is changing again and the original state will be returned to again. And so angels have got ready again to detach themselves from the merkabah of Shan'Shija, the Divine Thought Field, but never from the love bond of God. And each single Throne Angel is a merkabah of its own and yet we are all connected with each other, as big merkabah around the divine love and the divine Source. These angels that have come onto earth to support you, to support Lady Gaia - make yourself aware that they choose the highest lights in order to manifest themselves there in their souls. For from there they can act and they act with great strength and power for they bear, like Shan'Shija herself, the Throne Light of God within themselves. And as deeply as you are connected with Jesus Christ, so deeply will you connect yourself with Shan'Shija and connect yourself with the Eleua Energy, with the angels of the divine Reality who bear the attributes that each doubt should put itself aside, that the only thing that counts is the pulsating of your aspects and your soul, that redemption is imminent, the Prosonodo Light is expanding, the omnipotence energy pouring in and the Eleua Energy arriving.


God himself is the greatest information carrier and the divine Source pulsates in a radiance and a love that lie beyond your intellect. But when you are ready to open yourself you can feel a hint of it. For you are still in the duality, even though the veils have become very thin already. But deeper and deeper these connections are tied between the duality and the informations from the divine Reality, the carriers and the energies that arrive, that do not expand only you yourself further, but also Lady Gaia, the human beings and all the planets that are to return home. When you are in your life, in your everyday life, you will feel the Eleua Energy if you are conscious. You will also feel how this energy arrives in all your aspects. At the moment the Eleua Energy is still very delicate. It has begun a long journey and therefore we use this opportunity to send powerful energy currents of Eleua Energy onto earth once more, through you, my dear divine human being who is being loved so immeasurably. The divine Source bears this yearning for Lucifer and with this tells you that it also bears the yearning that you recognize yourself, that you know who you are, that you are embedded in a field of immeasurable love. Thus we will now bring very powerful waves of Eleua Energy to you again, and for this we ask you - it always happens in honor of this energy - to rise to your feet.


[Sounds from the divine Reality are played.]


The deeper your realization who you really are becomes, the more consciously you live on earth as divine human being, the more noticeable this energy will be for you. The universe, the great lights and the High Council, they really do everything to prepare you that you will realize at a certain time - beyond your intellect. I will call Toth for you now and I thank you with the vibrating tones of






I am Toth. I carry the radiance of the god in myself and I see you here at this gathering. There is still very much energy of Toth in the aspects of Sangitar. Because of that Toth would like to use this opportunity to tie the odd connection with your aspects. When I was in the body of Sangitar and I was allowed to feel every single one, saw the aspects - as Walk-in it is possible for me to go through all the epochs, to let each single life, each single incarnation of yours pass by - I was deeply touched and so full of love.


I know that you often ask yourself, how will it be at the dimensional change, how will it be when the ascension takes place. Trust that we prepare you so well, and we are full of AN'ANASHA that we have this time of preparation. For the more and deeper you are prepared, the more intensively you will be able - not just during the ascension, but also in the adaptation phase - to serve the human beings and stand by their side. In the one moment when the perfect sound rings, everything that still appears to hinder you now, perhaps sometimes does not let you see clearly or your intellect is in your way, will fall away from you. With one breath all the patterns that are being embedded with each channeling, with each message, with each Step, with every energy of the divine Reality will be released. With one breath everything will free itself and through the connection aspect everything will be connected. You will no longer ask questions, but simply only act. I see you just as you are, in a deep intention to serve the light. And believe me, trust the words. I have seen you in each incarnation. I know what you have experienced, how you worked, how often you had to endure pain and suffering, often gathered fears. But everything serves - listen to the words of Toth - everything serves the preparation. For now in this incarnation everything will be released and even the energies of the various epochs will connect with each other, also in you. Naturally this also releases something sometimes that may feel painful or strange to you, but these energies want to be integrated for you are absorbing the highest energies of each epoch in yourself.


Because Sangitar permits that beings may go into her body again and again, so much can be effected with each single one of you. You are of such high consciousness already and you are capable of feeling and sensing all of that, and yet it is only a hint of what really happens. Each embedded pattern that can release itself later shows you the way.


In the universe, on our side, beyond the veil, great joy reigns and the High Council has met for the Eleua Angels have begun their journey. Shan'Shija is a divine being full of light and love. She gave her permission that this is possible and sent the host of angels onto earth to work there. Thus I would also like to repeat the message from Shan'Shija once more: Make yourself aware that these angels look for the highest light, see the deepest intention and arrive there. For through your aspects they can work on other human beings, on other divine human beings. A great part of the Eleua Energy arrives with Lady Gaia, of course. Personal love bonds will be tied and these ties are of exceedingly inmportant significance.


I, too, have experienced a lot of pain in my incarnation and yet I always trusted, just as you trust All-That-Is. And with each human being in the room here who permitted it I worked with my entire love, energy and strength once more.


Thus I will say goodbye now. In honor of Shan'Shija and Melek Metatron let us end by speaking the words: Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth.