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Public Channeling of October 6, 2010



Jesus Christ:

  • Jesus Christ Brings his High Self Shan'Shija to the Human Beings


  • Transmission of the Eleua Energy


I am who I am. I am who I have always been. I am who I shall always be. I am Jesus Christ, the Son. With the words OMAR TA SATT I welcome each single one of you, and at this moment the words integrated with the power of the immeasurable love flow to each single one of you.


Many of you know about my story. How I was born by the Father and immersed myself in the duality as seed and thus as human being in order to bring the redemption for this planet. But today I would like to tell you: When I was born out of the Source of the Father, a bubble of light was born out of the divine field of the Source together with me. This source of light is called Shan'Shija. Shan'Shija is a golden angel and my High Self.


In this bubble of the divine light of Shan'Shija is the Eleua energy and the personal group of angels that accompanied me in my incarnation. It is very moving for Jesus to bring you my High Self Shan'Shija and the Eleua energy for the first time today. It is a festival that is celebrated, for soon, together in a big circle of love and the highest energy, many of you will pull my High Self onto earth and spread the Eleua energy, my High Self, on earth.


It is like a rebirth of my Self. Each single one of you will feel what it means when the High Self, the divine pure light of love, is brought to you. It is an increase of the energy on earth. For the veils have become so thin already that it is possible to do this at this time. The individual may not yet be aware what it means when the High Self of Jesus goes down onto earth. Shan'Shija is fused with me. For just like you I have a High Self.


Thus I call Shan'Shija for you now to bring this energy - called Eleua, vibrating current of love - to you for the first time. I will be present at this transmission, very deeply with you, in your soul, for the energy flows and flows, and more than any word could ever explain is this energy connected very deep in you. And so I call Shan'Shija, my High Self.




I am Shan'Shija. I am the golden Throne Angel, the High Self of Jesus Christ. I bear his personal group of angels within myself. Every piece of information and each energy that was ever gathered by the Son of God is embedded in my cover of light. This light is called Eleua energy. This energy has a healing effect in your structure. It opens your soul aspect and can connect it with your Christ aspect. It is a love energy that goes very deep and is almost personal. For each one of you bears the Christ love within. Shan'Shija will manifest this energy on earth soon, the High Self of Jesus, the Son. Thus pure God energy will be poured over the grid of love in you and the grid of love on earth, thereby expanding and strengthening them. We will work more with the Pioneers, but each human being should have the opportunity to feel the Eleua energy, the energy of love, and thus to pass it on.


Thus Shan'Shija asks you: Breathe the light of Christ into yourself. Let yourself be touched by Jesus and feel the strength that this energy and love bring you when they expand in you and deeply touch your soul. You are so deeply connected with Jesus. With each breath you absorb the energy of God's Son more and more. You will be able to bathe in the Eleua energy in a few moments. It will be a deep experience for you, for you will feel the love of Christ even more deeply, feel yourself even more deeply, feel even more deeply what power is in you that permits you to accept this energy. You will leave this room with this power. A deep feeling of joy arises, it will almost be like a conception, for sometimes you are lonely, are full of yearning. With the Eleua energy you will feel that you have never, at no point been alone. The Eleua energy embeds you in a field of security and of peace.


Thus let it happen. Lay your hands on your heart if this is possible for you. This energy will be anchored in your soul. Therefore ask your personal group of angels in deep joy to pull your soul aspect into the divine fire, so that this aspect may open wide. As High Self of Jesus Christ let yourself be told how much he loves you, God's Son. If you knew that his work will be completed. So deeply is he connected with you and with your soul. With the deep intention that all your channels open you will receive a transmission of the Eleua energy.


 [Sounds from the divine Reality are played.]


This Eleua energy, the High Self of Jesus, is a very gentle, yet a very powerful energy. Ask your personal group of angels now that they watch over this energy and it stay in your soul aspect for the next 9 days before it expands itself in all your other aspects. Deep in your soul you shall feel more and more who you really are. You shall feel the power on earth. It is your primal right to be who you are, with all your abilities, with all your love, with all your strength and with all your power.


Shan'Shija tells you: When this happens you will feel that we do everything and move all the energetic currents in order to bring them to you through the chink: so that the divine Reality can anchor itself more and more deeply on this planet, the Prosonodo Light in the Golden Age, the Eleua energy and at the end of the day the High Self of Jesus Christ come back to earth to be by your side, to be with you, to serve with you once more for that which is happening on earth. Shan'Shija is very connected with each single one of you for I am deeply fused with Jesus Christ. For he, too, experienced a fusion with his High Self in order to awaken, just like you too.


Shan'Shija is full of grace and joy about what is happening. I look forward to what is coming. For once more this Eleua energy will change the planet and help the earth energy to raise and change itself, towards the New Age, just as is destined on earth. I am a part of the divine Source and I breathe in the rhythm of God himself. With each breath will now be brought onto earth an energy that manifests the new and brings each single one of you into the deep self of power. Thus it will happen.


It was a great pleasure for me to be with you in this moment. It is a time full of grace even if many human beings feel it differently and the confusions on earth are big, even among lightworkers. Let me tell you: It is a time of grace, of inner withdrawal, the deepest intention, redemption and completion of the Golden Age. God himself pulsates in my light and with the pulsating, that the divine words bear within themselves Shan'Shija says goodbye to each single one of you with the words A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH and asks each single one of you to release the embedded Eleua energy after 9 days so that it can arrive in all the other aspects.


With each step and with every breath you will bring this energy to the human beings with all your living aspects, with your merkabah and with your soul. For the great event that the Eleua energy manifests itself on earth is near. I love each single one so immeasurably. A warming power has now been embedded in you. So it is.