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Public Channeling of August 4, 2010



El Morya:

  • Freeing from Collective Energies
  • What Does Dissociation Mean?

Lady Faith:

  • Initiation of the Ability Aspect


I am the being of light El Morya, and I greet you with the highly vibrating sounds OMAR TA SATT.


Thus I bid each individual welcome with the presence of my energy, and while El Morya transmits the message through the medium Sangitar, the energy flows to your soul and begins to work there. It serves as preparation, for El Morya will give you a gift today - if you are ready to accept it. After the supporting words of strength and love, in which the yearning, stillness and calmness are inherent, El Morya will free you from the collective energies that do not serve you today. Feel what this means when you are free in your work and in your energy, when you are very close to yourself without carrying the burden of the collective energies.


Thus I will begin with the words that are full of love for you. I, El Morya, can understand everyone and see the divinity in you. It is possible for me to look into your light body while I bring you the energy, and to transmit the words of strength and the message of dissociation to you. But what does dissociation mean? For you in the duality it is a word that you can understand. For very often this word is used in the duality in order to clarify that you bear something that does not belong to you. But words have limitations. Behind it is the energy. Thus we would like to use a different sequence of sounds, a different word to dissociation. But we shall leave it at that, for this is what you understand.


Dissociation does not mean what many suspect, to draw a border and to say, I am here and you are there. Dissociation means very much more. Hear the words of El Morya. Dissociation begins with yourself first of all, in your system, in your aspects, in your soul. How many thoughts and pictures do you carry in your mind that do not serve you? How many thoughts and pictures do you carry in your mind that make you tight and small? That is where dissociation begins. If you could manage to give these thoughts and pictures less energy, the supporting strength of your divinity could have a much stronger effect. You would be able to feel much deeper what powerful might of love you possess. Because of that dissociation begins with you yourself first. As I said, it is not a border in which energies may mix. It is a word that is being used and that the human beings understand. Words have great power in their energy, just like pictures and feelings.


In the duality, in which you still are, it is so that not only the word but also the pictures that develop in your mind can have a healing and loving effect on other human beings. Words, too, can heal. They can bring love and open the heart. Words in the duality can build a bridge between human beings who find each other and get along. In the Divine Reality, on the other hand, these words do not exist. The lightlanguage, the energies, the sounds and the music exist. But you are in the duality and most human beings do not know what power a spoken word bears. Just as a word can connect, can build a bridge between human beings, can foster love, can open and heal the heart, words can also cause pain. They can hurt. They can attack. Every human being should be aware of all of this as long as the Divine Reality has not carried itself out fully in the duality.


Many human beings think that it is the deed, a ritual, that could hurt the human beings or harm them. But believe me, each thought, each word and each picture carries its own energy of power. How many human beings are there who cross your borders, who ever hurt you with words, with pictures, thoughts or perhaps even with deeds? Be it human beings associated with you or at work. It is not even the big collective, but first of all human beings associated with you.  How many burdens, how many energetic burdens do you carry on your shoulders that do not even belong to you? And then there is the big collective. You are being showered with the worst news and with the fear of the big collective. This you also take on. And therefore, before El Morya continues to speak, first of all we will free you from collective energies that no longer belong with you, so that you feel the difference afterwards when El Morya addresses you. Then you will feel what the real energy of love would like to tell you without the confusing energies of the collective that attach themselves naturally.


It is very important that you understand that much of what you feel, of what you think and of how you act does not just develop from you alone. Then add to that that each human being, each divine human being has his own individual limit of vulnerability and pain. A lot of this has to do with the origin of your last incarnations of the various epochs. A human being who was hurt again and again in many epochs will be very vulnerable in this epoch, too. As divine human being in the duality it is very hard to know on the one hand, that there is nothing but love, and nevertheless make the distinction that the dual energies can transform only when the supporting power is that of the words, the deeds, the thoughts and that of love.


Because of that El Morya would like to let you feel very deeply what it means when you are freed from all these energies. In this one moment you will feel how symbolic stones fall from your shoulders, how you suddenly feel free, how your thoughts as well as your feelings change, and how you suddenly feel the flickering light of divinity in yourself.


So breathe the light of love into yourself. Go into the depth and call all your chakras together. Give El Morya the permission to free you from energies, from burdens that no longer serve you, and they be equally transformed immediately. For only when you can feel this difference will you understand what El Morya means when he says you should dissociate yourself. For dissociation does not mean to draw a border. Thus, with your permission and with sounds from the Divine Reality we will free you from these burdens now.


[Sounds from the Divine Reality are played.]


Should a feeling of emptiness have appeared with some of you after this freeing, this means that the collective energies have been removed. Where the emptiness is El Morya will now fill the emptiness with the supporting words of love. With the highest energies, that at the same time bring you into the deep dissociation that is necessary so that you can regard your divine light, your work and your might with love.


El Morya would like to point out once more, that dissociation does not mean a border, but that you consciously clarify to yourself in the depth of your soul how often you say "yes" in the course of only one day when you really mean "no". How often do you allow that somebody touches you painfully with his words? How often do you allow that somebody makes you small and dips into your energy in order to feel better afterwards? The dilemma is, that very much new energy of the Divine Reality mixes with energy of the duality. You, who are especially highly spiritual and aware, of course strive to live this energy from the Divine Reality in everyday life. This is good and right, but as long as we have not heard the perfect sound yet and the ascension has not carried itself out yet - for then you would not need to worry about dissociation anymore - you should know that you do indeed have the right to stay away from energies that do not serve you, to turn away from human beings who hurt or attack you with their words, and to say "no" when you really mean no. Many spiritual human beings in particular do not dare to do this because they have learned that unconditional love is everywhere and works in everybody. This is, of course, right. How could it be otherwise? The divine light flows in each human being, no matter how he expresses himself. Everybody is loved equally by the spiritual world. As lightworker you may protect yourself at any time from the energies that you feel are not beneficial to you. How often have we called you to love yourself, to accept yourself and to listen to your soul? Included in it is also, that when your soul gives you an impulse, you listen to it. It may be that you are in a place where there are many human beings, and suddenly your soul tells you that this place is not good for you, then it would not be right to say: "Yes, but everything is unconditional love. I will stay here now." You have the right to turn around, to go, and to go to the energies that serve you, for you summon up strength and courage from these energies. Believe me, you will need this strength and this courage. The greater collective energies are, the more confusing and severe it will become.


Open a room now in the depth of your soul. El Morya will send you the powerful energies of his light. When we choose words and bring them to you through the medium Sangitar, we choose words of love, healing words, supporting words, words that advance you, words that bring together, words that build bridges, words that unite human beings. With each word we send the energy of unconditional love. We do not use words that intrude on free will, that manipulate or cause fear. The energy of El Morya strengthens you in your soul. It allows you to feel really deeply. Sometimes it is good that many human beings make themselves available as lightworkers in order to gather up collective energies, to accept the burden in order to transform it then. But it makes a difference whether you do this consciously or whether you allow it to be done to you.


Go another bit deeper and now connect yourself with me , El Morya, consciously. Hear the words that are being spoken: You are the flaming light on earth. You are a divine human being. You are the lightful form of love. Permit yourself to accept this feeling. Permit yourself to feel this sensitivity that spiritual human beings in particular bear within.


In an epoch, when there were no words yet, right at the beginning of the epoch of Lemuria, the energies of the absolute love of all of you circulated in the Crystal City. In time a body came into being, a mind came into being and the word came into being. Make yourselves aware that the unifying love is the bearing power. When you leave this room today you will feel very free and strengthened in your perception. So it is and so it will be. El Morya showers you with sounds: A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.






I am Lady Faith, and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. My light shines in the Divine Reality. The energy that I bear has a kindling effect on all kinds of things. It is like an initiation when Lady Faith brings a message, and at the same time each word has a healing effect.


El Morya, the fire being, has carried out magnificent, lightful work and transformed collective energies. This is the moment of clarity in which, without any energy that does not belong to you, Lady Faith would like to work - as initiation, as effervescent light in your ability aspect. There are energy lines there that I see in each single one. Sometimes these energy lines are interrupted. They are the jewels, the pearls that you carry in yourself, the abilities with which you can work. I will kindle these energy lines with your permission. That happens in the depth of your Self. Ask your angel group to put your ability aspect from the merkabah into the divine light. With your original name give me the permission now to kindle the energy lines - so that all your jewels develop to the full. Lady Faith will speak words that you cannot comprehend with your mind. Repeat these words, and with each word an energy line is kindled and connected with the next one. Speak:




When you speak these words now, Lady Faith will kindle and connect these energy lines. Speak the words: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham, So'Ham, So'Ham.


Now ask your personal group of angels to embed your ability aspect in your merkabah again. This kindling of the jewels helps that you can feel your ability as a whole, possibly you will feel your third eye or burning in your hands. But above all you will feel the yearning to work with these abilities. You will be able to comprehend them without your mind in your soul.


And so I, Lady Faith, say: A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.