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Public Channeling of July 7, 2010




  • Dissolving Resistances


With my original name NAMA'NOSTRANOS I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. But on your planet I am known by the name Ganesha.


Ganesha was called to bring the words and the energy through the medium Sangitar to each single one of you today. This is a great pleasure for me. Ganesha is a being of love. I ask the medium Sangitar to open the eyes so that the energy of Ganesha can spread even more in this room. That is why it is important that you keep your eyes closed, in order to bring the energy of Ganesha directly into your soul via your third eye.


Ganesha would like to speak with you about resistances. What does resistance mean? Resistance means an unconscious or conscious blockade as regards the opening of an energy flow that would like to come to you. Ganesha would like to speak with you about this so that you can better understand what the spiritual world means when it speaks about resistances.


You are an old soul - going by the number of incarnations. In all important epochs you have incarnated several times. In all epochs you were brought up spiritually. You were given conscious handicaps so that you can reach enlightenment. It is true that each divine light carried the aspect of awakening in itself in every incarnation, but this aspect was accessible to only few avatars on earth. In these epochs the highest level that you were able to reach was enlightenment. In order to reach this enlightenment you took much upon yourself. Many of these epochs were characterized by bans and guidelines. You were told exactly what you have to do and what you must not do so that you can reach the state of enlightenment. But with the epoch of the New Age, the Golden Age, your awakening aspect was activated. For in the Golden Age you will experience something that has never happened in this way before on this planet - a complete change of dimensions. Because of that it was necessary to activate the awakening aspect and go beyond the state of enlightenment.


This Golden Age is characterized by new energy. This New Age comprises freedom, human love, abundance, health, security, joy and peace for you. All of that you can achieve, but the resistance, namely the unconscious or conscious blockade - many of the great lights in the universe also call this the crystalline structures - are embedded in your soul again and again. The resistance to enjoy, to take advantage of something for oneself without hearing bans, without direct orders as to what to do and what not to do is very, very difficult for many of you. Too often you unconsciously remember all those epochs in which it would have meant that you cannot achieve the state of enlightenment. For this I will name you an example: If you worked as high priestess in the epoch of Avalon, it was demanded of you that you forgo human love. But in this epoch of wonderful freedom you may and should live human love as priestess. But for many this is very, very difficult to accept unconsciously.


Resistance does not mean what many seem to believe, that you do not accept the spiritual world for yourself. That the Golden Age is characterized by awakening is what the collective among the highly spiritually aware human beings, such as you are, calls good. Awakening, the highest level of spirituality. This means to live human love, to accept abundance for oneself, health, security, joy and peace. In the collective you think all of this is very good and you also approve of it, and with each message you feel that this is the truth for this age. But when you are not in the collective and you are to accept the same attributes for yourselves, then you go into resistances. Then you ask yourselves in so many situations of your everyday life, why does this not work for me, to accept abundance, health, human love, joy, security and peace. Why do I not allow myself to go into freedom, without bonds, without limits, without bans. And so Ganesha repeats the words again: It has something to do with the fact that you have received bans in many, many epochs, in most of your incarnations. For this epoch these bans were still very important, but it was a different time and a different energy. You have gone through all of this, always with the realization and the inner knowledge that there will be an epoch in which all of this will change.


As early as in the times of Atlantis and Avalon you were told by the spiritual world that there will be a different energy one day that will go beyond the state of enlightenment. Now you are sitting here in this room, in this age, and are hearing the words of Ganesha. For many human beings it is easier when they are given clear rules, but the Golden Age is characterized by freedom. In this age, the divine human being on earth is entitled to live all his power and his divinity in every situation of his life. If you managed to do that, all your hopes and your wishes, your visions would manifest in your everyday life. If you set yourself limitations, if you still believe that bans are important, that only he who meditates for hours and lives in poverty is accepted and loved by the spiritual world - you will not find this freedom. And yet with each breath you are in this freedom because this energy is manifesting itself more and more.


Very often the spiritual world transmits the message to you: Break the fetters that hinder you in going down your path. There are no limits except for the ones that you set yourself. Go beyond these limits and realize what is concealed by this limit. This exact life that is intended for you is waiting for you there.


It is difficult for each one of you to accept himself in his divine perfection. When the great lights of the universe say to you, in your soul, in your light body you are perfect, for in you is the divine Core, it is difficult for many to accept this. In this incarnation alone, so many human beings have told you that it is different, that perhaps you are not worth it or are not good enough. But hear the words of Ganesha: Each human being has the chance at this time to carry his divine light to the outside, to free himself from the dual chains, from the collective energies that sow fear and create limits. You always have the chance to regard a situation as it shows itself to you in daily life from your divinity and not to join the collective. Of course we are aware that it is not easy in the duality, and still we cannot transmit a different message than this one to you, how the human beings deal with their worries and problems. When a human being has a problem or bears worry, then he gives his entire energy into this exact situation. He feels and thinks of nothing other than this problem and this worry. Then it happens that this energy of fear and worry expands more and become bigger and bigger. Were you to look at the solution with your divinity, then you would know what you have to do. For with each problem that you create for yourself you create a solution at the same time.


Sometimes the solutions are served on a golden tray, but if your look is directed towards the fear, the worry and the problem too much it is difficult to look at the golden tray and see the solution, especially if the solution is something that you may not know, something new, a change. To accept a solution means to be courageous. Many human beings feel so disheartened. They think they do not have the strength for a courageous decision. But I tell you: You are the most courageous souls of all. It was you who incarnated into the duality. It was you who took everything upon yourselves in order to fetch the earth back home. As great light you made a conscious decision to take off the energetic wings and to begin a long journey, into the deepest duality. It requires so much courage to do this. Because of that the angels say again and again: We honor and we respect you for what you are doing. Make yourself aware of this when you think that you are disheartened in your daily decisions. Trust in the strength that is inherent in you. For with this strength - when you release it - you will only look at the solutions, and some time will not need solutions anymore because you will not manifest problems anymore.


Ganesha was chosen because my energy alone works very deeply through the words and the eyes of Sangitar. But now I will dissolve resistances consciously, if you allow, and let the energy flow flow. For this I ask you: Breathe the light of love into yourself.


What do you believe, do your resistances lie deep in your soul? What do you not allow yourself to accept? Is it human love? Is it abundance? Is it health, joy, security or peace? Where do you still feel limits that do not allow you to carry your divine light into freedom? Where do you not feel courageous enough to make a decision for your life, only because it holds change?


Now decide consciously. Do you want Ganesha to dissolve these resistances? Do you want to accept human love, abundance, health, joy, security and peace? Do you want to realize for yourself that it takes great tolerance in order not to judge yourself, to wonder what is not right about you, what other human beings say about you, what you should and should not do? Do you want to decide that you make your decisions for yourself and appreciate how beautiful you are? If you have decided for one or the other with a clear intention Ganesha will remove these structures now. Ganesha is a very powerful energy, very loving and full of light. If you are ready the energies of Ganesha will flow into you with sounds from the Divine Reality. You will feel it immediately.


[Sounds from the Divine Reality are played.]


The Golden Age is not an age of the intellect, inspection, bans or limits. The Golden Age initiates the ascension. The energies are moving in the direction of the Divine Reality. Consequently the Golden Age is the age of trust, tolerance, love, solidarity, simplicity. For this exact reason, for this exact reason you once came to this planet. Were sheer and pure light, have taken so much upon yourself in the certainty that the earth, together with many other planets, will be pulled back into the divine, magnetic lines. Now you will experience it in this life, in this incarnation - with your body. When this takes place, then you will understand completely what the 36 High Councillors have conveyed to you with each Step, for where the Divine Reality is, there are no bans, there is no right or wrong. You will realize that you are a divine human being, an avatar on this planet. Thus we will let our unconditional love, higher energetic patterns flow to you with the messages more and more. But the words will repeat themselves again and again so that even the last crystalline structure of resistance can dissolve in you, and you live your life as avatar in such a way as you feel is right for you.


Call Ganesha during the next seven days. Ask Ganesha, while you retire and your mind has gone to sleep, that crystalline structures of resistance be removed.


Thus it was a great joy for me to bring you this gift today.
So it is, so be it, and I say goodbye with the words A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.