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Public Channeling of June 2, 2010




  • Changes on Lady Gaia
  • The Next Consciousness Level



I am Kryon. I greet you all and each individual with the bearing words of the light language, OMAR TA SATT. Let us begin at the present moment to welcome the Entourage that has sat down in order to be with you, in order to honor you, to hold you and to touch you. For it is a gathering of the dimensions. Even if you cannot see the light beings you can still feel them.


Feeling, if you allow it, is very significant. When you make yourself aware that a light being is with you at this moment, touches you and loves you so immeasurably, just as you are, then it is something truly wonderful that happens. They are the moments that are so important at this time of the great change. With each structure that collapses on the outside, with each structure that dissolves, in which ever a human being found something to hold on to, an old pattern in you also collapses. The change in you is very significant, serves you and is beneficial to the broader view and to you yourself. But it sometimes feels so inaccessible and not tangible for you. Doubts come over you as to whether all of what you have ever done, whether all of what you have ever believed has really been anchored in you. Sometimes you feel emptiness, feel as though cut off, torn and full of doubt. Now a light being from the highest level comes and speaks to you and says: Welcome all of that, no matter how it may feel to you. It carries you onto the next energetic level of your consciousness. It strengthens you and prepares you for what is coming.


Of course we also understand how you are, and that is why the Entourage is represented particularly powerfully in order to caress each single one, in order to honor each single one, and in order to transmit the energy. Lean back and enjoy this moment. Free yourself from all fears and worries. Simply let happen what happens, for this is the highest form of spirituality.


When two human beings love and trust each other it generates a field of high energy - this is comparable with it. But as soon as one human being begins to doubt his love this connection is disrupted. All the beauty that had been built up begins to crumble. Suddenly the human being who doubts will regard the other human being whom he had loved so much with different eyes. Suddenly he notices many trivialities. It is similar with the spiritual energies at the moment. Much in you you notice in a way that you have thought to have changed long ago. Sometimes a doubt wraps itself around your soul and sometimes this makes you so angry because would like to push the doubt aside. But it almost seems as though something were preventing you. Therefore feel now at this moment what the Entourage, the angels, the high light beings who really are gathered here, are doing with you at this moment, at this one moment. Feel it very deep within yourself and let it be at work for a few moments.


Each pattern that breaks into pieces in you, brings you a new pattern: the energetic pattern of high quality that brings the change that you need at this time. We have invited the Entourage to carry out an energetic transmission which opens the doors of the hearts with each single one, and makes it possible for you to feel with this wonderful moment of grace that which is really happening in you.


With sounds from the Divine Reality the light beings begin with the transmission. For each single one of you the transmission will be personal, exactly suited to the energy that you need at this moment in order to feel and perceive yourself in the entire familiarity of your spirituality, in your deep love and forgiveness.


Thus let us begin.
Sounds from the Divine Reality are played.


[A moving song is played.]


When patterns break into pieces in you and new patterns come into being, then this may not feel nice for you. Let me explain it like this. Let us leave the word pattern and call it experience. Thus it is also the case that you hold on to experiences in you that you have made all your life. Even if these experiences were not helpful for you they still gave you support. But these experiences are collapsing, and it is so confusing for you because you cannot understand what is happening. You perceive it as painful, but in truth new patterns develop that resemble a soul star. Radiantly beautiful and strengthening with new experiences. These experiences will show you that your spirituality, that all that you are and the changes, will carry you further, make you stronger for your tasks during the ascension - to stand by the human beings's side and serve them.


When we direct the look to the outside, then there, too, many patterns and structures collapse, there, too, new patterns and consequently new experiences will develop. Experiences that permit human beings to go into a different consciousness, to regard situations from a different point of view and to go onto a higher level.


When Lady Gaia discharges herself it comes to earth quakes and volcanic eruptions, but Lady Gaia or the spiritual world are not responsible for everything. There are mighty ones among the human beings who carry out terrible things, who abuse their power and use it where it creates the most damage: in the oceans. For that is where the highest angel beings, who were the first to incarnate without ever having inhaled the energy of Lucifer, are. There it is attempted to destroy them. But they will not be successful with any of that. It is important for you to know that those who abuse this power know what they are doing. It is also important for you to know that at the moment the entire earth energy is vibrating a little lower because of this terrible abuse of power. It has terrible consequences when the highest angel beings who have incarnated on your planet are attacked.


But do not hold the focus on these mighty ones, not on this darkness, not on this abuse of power, but hold your focus on the might of love, answer your friends, brothers and sisters of the oceans with love and send them Crystals from the Divine Reality.


Many mighty ones will abuse their power, they will try everything in order to keep the planet low in the energy. But love is stronger. Perhaps you ask yourselves why we do not intervene? We will not intervene, for the law and the plan of God are that love will triumph by itself. We will intervene only once should this become necessary. We will not allow that the planet is destroyed by human hands. Then we would intervene.


The dolphins and the beings in the oceans, the whales, who sing their song, who have erected the grid of love, they suffer greatly. But they are aware of what is happening. Thus show with the clear intention of your love sympathy for the highest beings of the light on your planet. Distinguish between pitying and sympathy, for when you pity you expand the suffering. Sympathy comprises that you use your love. Use the possibilities that offer themselves to you, to stand by our brothers and sisters with the Crystals and with prayers at this time. Even though they are high angel beings they feel pain.


Thus, to conclude let all of us together send the Crystals ELEXIER, PRADNA and ENA to the great light beings of the oceans.
Go into the deep intention of your Self and activate your Heart Ray. Put the three Crystals onto the tip. And as by themselves the Crystals find their way with the Heart Ray.


Thus it has happened.


It is important for Kryon to add that many human beings who were involved in this so-called accident did not know what is happening. Some did know it very well, and it is their goal to destroy the great creatures. For they know that this energy is needed during the ascension.


As none of this happens by chance, Kryon conveys to you from the now-moment that we have decided: The Entourage will stay with you for 48 hours of your time. Thus today each one will bring a light being for 48 hours. This light being will touch you, love you, speak with you and transmit energy to you. After 48 hours the Entourage will return into the dimension and fuse with Kryon again. These are the special moments, the special gifts that we can bring you at this time, in which you are so confused.


It is also important to know that for those who are on a very high level of consciousness the omnipotence energy is pouring in very powerfully. They feel now already a certain strength within which they cannot explain to themselves at all. Even great strength can sometimes disguise itself energetically, and so it is also the case that sometimes great might and strength show themselves as fear. But this will dissolve very quickly. For the omnipotence energy is the highest form of energy that can be brought to you. And even if you do not think it possible, you have never been more stable, in your aspects and in your entire system.


Thus, in conclusion let us speak the words that mean so much:
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham.


Perhaps you can ask the light being that accompanies you for 48 hours its name. How often did you want to know which angel beings are fused with Kryon. Perhaps this is the moment and the opportunity to find this out for yourself.