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Public Channeling of May 5, 2010




  • The Physical Aspect and the Soul Aspect
  • Words of Love



I am the Arcturian Ma'Ha'Lias and I greet each single one of you with the words OMAR TA SATT, my dear friends of the light.


The medium Sangitar has asked me to speak to you today and to transmit messages which help you to understand yourselves better. And so Ma'Ha'Lias will speak to you, and each word is imbued with love as well as the energy of light and being.


Before Ma'Ha'Lias passes messages on for you, center yourself, and go into the depth of your center with the Crystal AVATARA. Feel how the energy of the high lights and the energy of Ma'Ha'Lias pour to you, expand you, widen and raise you. For it is this that happens when high lights give messages to you. You are raised in the energy, expanded, and the immeasurable love pours to you and lets you become free. Enjoy these moments.


Ma'Ha'Lias would like to go into two of your 18 aspects, explain them to you and give you an understanding of them in order to help you to get a better insight so that you can understand yourself better. Ma'Ha'Lias will speak about your physical aspect and your soul aspect today.


In the depth of your divinity feel that right now rivers of energy are flowing to you.

You know that you have incarnated with 18 aspects here on earth. The spiritual world, the high lights, have very often brought the message that in you lies all you need in order to recognize yourself, in order to awaken and feel the might in yourself, in order to live as avatar on earth, as divine human being on earth. In all your aspects is the energy of the Divine Reality and the truth. They are the highest energies, which expand and vibrate in your aspects. But a long time ago, many incarnations ago you took on a body in the duality. This body is a shell which enables you to live in this energy here on earth. Thus you carry a physical aspect in yourself.


This aspect bears the energy of truth and Divine Reality in itself, but also the energy of the duality. These energies blend every now and then. Because of that you feel something like physical pain. In your physical aspect you have the energies of the Divine Reality which allow you to stay in your body for a very, very long time. Your cell program can be changed so that you need not age if you do not want to. In addition, your cells are also prepared to supply your body with light, and thus you could also subsist on light nourishment. Perhaps you ask yourself now: "Why is that not possible just like that?" The reason why it is so difficult to reach for some is because this aspect also contains the energy of the duality and a collective pattern that has embedded itself. So that you understand this right: not we have embedded it, but you yourself have embedded it. This pattern sometimes makes it seem to you that it is impossible to be without pain.


The physical aspect is a very important aspect for this aspect keeps you alive. You need a body on earth, and pain of any kind may seem unpleasant, but you would have the possiblity to transform this pain if you were open to removing these crystalline structures of the duality which have embedded themselves in your cell program. For this many preparations are necessary, of course, but these preparations many of you have carried out long since. With the beginning of the 48 Steps you learned to rewrite the cell program in your body and to remove the crystalline structures that do not serve you. But we have noticed that it is often very difficult for you to free yourself from the collective pattern of the duality.


Before he continues to speak Ma'Ha'Lias would like to give you the opportunity for a moment to go into your body with your focus. I know that many of you have a judgement of their physicalness. Many judge their body for a certain age or for beauty. Many of you have wishes as to what their body should look like. But let Ma'Ha'Lias tell you: True beauty comes from within. Each of you, each single one, bears a very special beauty. All of what you judge is a subjective feeling that ties you to a collective pattern. It is very important that every human being understands that for the change of the cells it is really important to make preparations. Thus I had a few talks with the medium Sangitar and I fall back upon something that she has told me. There are human beings with you who have a kind of disorder which makes it impossible for some human beings to keep nourishment inside or even to take nourishment in the first place. If you were to say to such a human being, subsist on light, this human being would not understand it and, at the same time, what is actually more important, his cells would not understand this. So it requires a certain dawning of consciousness, a certain expansion and a certain spirituality so that your cells can actually subsist on light.


It is the same with aging. For you it may still be hard to understand when we say, you can stay in your body for at least 1000 years. For us, however, this is just a very short period of time. But when you speak to a human being whose consciousness is still very low, and tell him, I can stay in my body for 1000 years because I am spiritual, he will call you a nutcase. It is very important, and I say it once more, it is very, very important that you realize, that for every change in your body and in your cell program a dawning of consciousness, a spirituality and a realization is required.


With your soul aspect it is so, that mainly the energy of the Divine Reality and the truth flow and vibrate there. Far, far more than in your physical aspect does the energy of the Divine Reality show itself here. Sangitar has asked me to say it even more clearly for you, and so I would like you to know: In your soul aspect 99 percent of the energy stem from the energy of the Divine Reality. There is one area in your soul aspect, called the soul core, that is sacrosanct, that is not changeable. In addition, there is also a surface soul energy, and this is also connected with the energy of the Divine Reality with 99 percent. This 1 percent in your soul aspect bears dual patterns and these patterns are stored in your soul as crystalline structures. Here it is also the case: You yourself have embedded these structures - not the spiritual world. When we say that you are perfect, that you possess such a wonderful and beautiful soul, then many of you say: I cannot believe that for I feel the doubt, I feel my imperfection, I feel my fear and my worry. When you imagine that 99 percent of your soul aspect comprise the energy of the Divine Reality and only 1 percent the energy of the duality you could ask yourself: Why is it so that I do not turn towards the 99 percent of the real, highest energy of my soul but this 1 percent of the energy of the crystalline structures of the duality?


Most of you use very much strength and energy to focus on this 1 percent, and by focusing on it and getting involved in this 1 percent, you feel an expansion of this crystalline structure in your soul. As the soul wants and has to transport this energy it is transported into the physical aspect, and there you find your Light Body symptoms again. You have the possibility in your life to focus your entire strength and energy on the 99 percent of the real, truthful energies of your soul. Then the crystalline structures would disappear as by themselves and you would noticeably recognize yourself, feel strong and live your abilities. You could organize your life as your soul tells you. But this one small percent sometimes simply does not allow it.


Now you may say: Well, Ma'Ha'Lias, it's all very well for you to talk, sitting on a planet without body, and not knowing these things such as pain, worry and fears. But let me tell you, of course we do not know these energies because such energies simply do not exist in the Divine Reality, but we know very well what you took upon yourself when you incarnated in the duality. That is why we always speak of how much we respect and honor you for your courage, that you incarnated in the duality and took all of it upon yourself in order to help guide the planet into the New Age and be there for the human beings who need you. All of that you took upon yourself. You made a decision and thus it has happened.


Often the high lights and the High Councillors, your siblings, are held responsible if something in your life does not happen as you imagine. Sometimes it is even so that you have thoughts in yourselves such as, when will the gifts that have been brought to us finally bear fruit, when will I finally be really free and feel the awakening in me perfectly? Ma'Ha'Lias will answer you. It is up to you yourself. We bring you the gifts from the beginning of the 48 Steps. With the messages of the New Age we have transported so many energies, brought knowledge and gifts to you as well. But these energies expand in all your aspects and in your Light Body, but least of all in your soul. For it is the law: We may not intrude and work directly in your soul, for with that we would intrude in your free will. There are only very few beings in the universe who have the permission to work directly in your soul. They have been particularly trained for this and they are strictly supervised by the Eye of God. But every time we bring a message to you, shower you with immeasurable love, you have the opportunity to make a decision, namely the decision to invite this energy into your soul as well, to embed it there and to noticeably feel that what you are. For it is only the soul that lets you feel what it means, what power and might lie in you, all of what you are and can be if only you permit.


Often we send you messages, and your soul does absorb these messages, for at that moment you are in your unified chakra and in the unified chakra it is ensured that only the energy of the Divine Reality vibrates in your soul. In these moments you also feel that the message that we send you, that we bring you, is the energy of truth and Divine Reality. But most of the time it is so, that as soon as you step out of the unified chakra you direct this focus on the 1 percent and doubt the message that you received.


Thus I, Ma'Ha'Lias, would like to bring you another gift today. To be exact, I will send a direct message in the form of pictures to each single one of you, in fact to each single one of you. You will now receive your own personal message from Ma'Ha'Lias with the full power of your soul. It is very important that your centers are cleared, that you are grounded and your channels open themselves. This takes place while you are inhaling the light of love into yourself and give me the permission to transmit a personal message to you. While this happens you hear sounds from the Divine Reality, and subsequently Ma'Ha'Lias will speak further to you.


[Note: Here sounds from the Divine Reality were played.]


Perhaps you have received a picture, a message or a feeling that I sent to you? With this message you have the deepest connection with Ma'Ha'Lias from now on. Whenever you doubt yourself bring out this message and this picture and let it circulate in your soul aspect, for you have to know that each time you doubt yourself this energy shows itself on the surface. If you imagine your soul aspect as a funnel, this energy of doubt is always on the surface and from there it flows, if it is dammed up for too long, into your physical aspect.


It is not easy for a lightbeing to comprehend the duality. But you can be sure that the high lights do everything so that you win the realization that 99 percent of your energy in your soul surface are perfect and beautiful.


I would still like to direct words of love to you. For I, too, study the human beings and you, and you really are wonderful beings. You need not have doubts about yourselves, for you are the bravest beings of the universe and you are being honored and respected so very much for having made yourselves available. But this decision you have made yourself. We will accompany you until you have returned home and then we will celebrate a festival together. I bear very much sympathy for you. But it is also important to find clear words, even though it is not easy for an Arcturian - just to have mentioned it - to find clear words for this. It is so important that you work with your soul aspect and begin to love your soul, yourself just as you are.


From Angel Chamuel I know that very soon a Pioneer Step is going to follow in which Angel Chamuel accompanies you when you speak with your soul. Believe me, it is of very great importance that you are in contact with your soul, that you use loving words. Bit by bit the crystalline structures that take away your freedom and limit you so will dissolve.


I am called the aspects doctor, and Sangitar has agreed to collect all the information about these aspects from us and to make a Profession of the New Age out of it. Thus you, and you, and you, and you are going to be an aspects doctor. You will do wonderful work.


We Arcturians, we are on earth at the moment and we perceive the energy and the event of change very clearly. Since the gates of Lentos have been opened, since the Prosonodo Light is spreading across the earth and the collective consciousness has raised itself once more, the energies of Lady Gaia are beginning to change very fast. But it is also very important that you stay in the now-time, in the present with your consciousness and trust in that you are the one who contributes to leading the planet back into the divine orbits. For that is why you incarnated, that is why you have taken everything upon yourself, and that is why you are here. Many of you are Healers of the New Age - there are some wonderful healers here - and you I would like to tell that to some of you I have transmitted healing techniques and at a certain time these will be released.


It is a great honor for me and it is a great joy for me that I was called by Sangitar to bring the messages to you. The longer I speak, the better it works, and what I would like most now would be to speak with you for hours. There would be so much to tell.


What is still very important is that you understand and absorb deep in yourself that there is no energy of the duality in any of the other aspects. That is very important. An aspects doctor should know this. The most personal aspect that you bear apart from your soul aspect is the Christ aspect. There is no energy of the duality whatsoever there. That is why so many human beings like to speak with Jesus so much, because they can simply feel in their soul that there are no crystalline structures there, they feel safe and in good hands there. But believe me, in your soul aspect as well it is possible that you are freed from all structures that hinder you in living that what you would like to live on this planet.


And so it is hard for me, but still I will withdraw now. But as soon as I am called I will continue to send you messages. I would like to say AN'ANASHA to everyone with the highly vibrating Crystal, the sounds from the Divine Reality that this Crystal comprises, that you have welcomed me so warmly. And believe me, you are just as connected with all that is as I. We are brothers and sisters. With these words I would like to say goodbye.