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Public Channeling of April 6, 2011




  • Transmission of Love Energy and Dissolving of Unhelpful Patterns


I am Sherin. I am the glow of love, the radiance of the immeasurable love. I greet you with these rays of the flowing love that carries and warms you, that gives you security, with the words OMAR TA SATT.


The great Festival of Love, all preparations have been made. Let me tell you, love is the highest energy, for love is able to do everything. Love, it heals and dissolves pain. Love, it carries you into the infinite expanses of your divine light, and at all the preparations by this cosmic love, I, Sherin, was with you. While you slept I was with you and warmed you. I already freed you from structures that do not serve you any more. Love is something that is so radiant in its energy that it resembles your divine light, even when you feel pain and worries in the duality. The Son of God once told you that the human being fears nothing more than love. Many human beings did not really understand this statement. Even if you feel the fear of love daily, relax into every kind of love you meet, the love of a mother, of a father, the love of a daughter, a son, the love of a man or a woman, the love of a friend. As you are sensitive and open you are also receptive for hurt when you receive this love. But all that fear is, is the energy radiation of the love that circulates in you, connects somewhere and cannot continue to flow. Your soul feels this as fear then. But behind each fear, behind all that you feel is burdensome for you, is love.


We have come in order to show you, and above all to let you feel at this Festival, that your divine light expands in your self when you let the love flow in all areas without holding it, letting it come, letting it go, letting it come again. Let the flow of love carry you. For you are the love. Believe me, you are the love.


Now Sherin will dissolve all your patterns, that may still let you feel fears, with the entire power of radiance – if you are ready to entrust yourself to me, to let go, in order to receive my love that I feel for you. I will let this love flow into your soul aspect with sounds from the divine Reality. There you will feel deeply what flowing love means and what it feels like for you. Thus let us begin with a deep breath.


Give the permission that your soul aspect is pulled out of your merkabah into your divine light. Love is purity, strength and truth. Even the physical cells open themselves for the rays of love. Expand yourself and go into the deep intention. Though you may have already heard this message very often, hear the words of Sherin, the energetic patterns, when I tell you: With this love everything is possible. This love is connecting. Afterwards it flows in all your aspects. It touches you most deeply. In each realization that you gather while you can hear a message, you become aware of how much you are being loved. It will be the love that lifts you up into the higher regions when the change takes place. This love that I now transmit to you is a gift for you. Thus breathe the light of love into yourself in your rhythm. Also permit your cells to open themselves for love’s power of radiance. Thus a transformation process will take place during the transmission. Thus let us begin. Lay your hands on your heart, and Sherin will now begin to transmit this love energy to you. As I know the light body of each one of you, know the soul of each one and also the pain, thus the transmission will have a different meaning for each one. Not only collective patterns will be dissolved, but also your own personal patterns. Thus the calyxes of your merkabah will open, and now let yourself in for the love light of Sherin.


[Sounds from the divine Reality are played.]


Now ask your personal group of angels to distribute the absorbed energy. You will feel that great pressure will go away and you feel completely secure and peaceful. In the duality so much is attributed to love. There are so many subjective truths about the human and the all-embracing love. But let me tell you one thing, and hear the sounds of Sherin: God himself, the divine Source, is the purest love. Which energy could be higher than the love of God or the energy of God? Do you really believe that any energy could be higher than that of God himself? As God is love, love is the highest energy. Because of that it is stronger than fear, stronger than anger, stronger than despair. Embedded with the Eleua Energy it works so all-embracingly in you with its power of radiance that you will not just feel changes. For even with all the events on earth you will experience entire leaps. Many of you put themselves under pressure when it comes to love. But pressure generates a low vibration. Simply let love flow and do not try to hold it or to analyze it. For each love, when it is personal, shows itself differently. The all-embracing love is the divine light, mother love is protective and comforting for a child, father love is strengthening and powerful for a child. Both are important. In each relationship love is the bond that is formed so that human beings get together. Do not be afraid to open yourself. Listen to each other. When a human being speaks to you take the time to listen, in the consciousness that his or her situation is not yours. For when you do not do that you have too little dissociation in yourself and then the energy of love bundles and it begins to stagnate. Then you feel a feeling in your soul that does not please you.


Simply let everything flow. Take the time to acknowledge the divine light in the human being you have met. But never put yourself under pressure, for love is simply there and it does not leave you. Even when a human being who means much to you leaves you, or a child leaves you, or a mother or a father leaves you, a friend leaves you, love stays. For it is in you and you have the possibility to let it become your decision whether you want to carry this love in your heart even though a human being may have left. For even when it hurts love is stronger than the pain, for love heals.


Sometimes you feel sad, and you think we are not able to comprehend this. Of course we do not know sadness the way you know it in the duality, but we feel yearning to be very close to God in our circulating light. With each fibre of our light we carry the yearning to be very close to God, but we do not call it sadness. In the duality sadness is almost like an illness. But sadness is only a different feeling for the yearning that you carry in yourself. This yearning again comprises this love. Because of that love is stronger than sadness. It would be so important that particularly in these times, in what is happening on your planet now, this realization that love is able to do everything expands in you. Thus breathe ANA into yourself and feel how the power of radiance of the love of Sherin expands in your aspects.


Soon I will be in the body of Sangitar and I will work with your aspects. I was chosen to do this for you. But it requires trust to let yourself fall into this feeling of love. If it is not so easy for one or another to let himself fall into this love, then realize that it is because you still do not feel worthy enough to be loved exactly as you are. Thus we connect this power of radiance of love with the grid of love and it is a great joy for me that I can be with you. For so often you visit me and I know each one of you. Thus we will take each other’s hands and together we will embed this deep love in all your aspects. It is a preparation for the change of time. I tell you, each preparation is of use to you and lets you vibrate higher.





[Note: This channeling was transmitted shortly before the Kryon Festival Spring 2011 and refers to this Festival.]