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Public Channeling of April 7, 2010



Melek Metatron:

  • Drops of Blessing from the Divine Source


  • Energy Transmission from Merlin
  • The Omnipotence Aspect



I am Melek Metatron. I am the Eye of God. I am the light, the torch of love. I am what I am. Melek Metatron greets the collective and each single one of you with the words OMAR TA SATT.


You have gathered in order to hold the celebration of love. You have been prepared and now already you will receive gifts in the present time of today. You are the torch bearers and Melek Metatron will invoke the divine Source in order to pour God’s breath over you, for this will flow into all your aspects, make your merkabah vibrate, let omnipotence flow in and give you strength. You are being loved immeasurably. Speak the words Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai T'sebayoth, and in the depth of your center inhale the light. The energies begin to flow. For each one of you the time has arrived to acknowledge who you are. In the depth of your being you find out what it means when God’s breath reaches you, flows to you – for you personally. So name your original name and go into the intention. Thus you will feel deeply – with sounds from the Divine Reality – that the veils are so thin already that the divine breath touches you deeply. Thus I ask you to lay the hands on your heart. With the drops of blessing the energy of omnipotence will pour into you and your aspects will find their way into the divine flame. This happens all by itself. It is a deep, deep preparation and an immeasurable love that begins to flow now.


{Note: Here a powerful song was played.}


As the energy of Merlin is already present very powerfully in the aspects of Sangitar, I will call Merlin for you. But know that the messages of Merlin predominantly take place without words so that the 17 aspects do not expand in the body of the medium now already. We have asked Sangitar to release the energies through her eyes during the channeling, therefore we ask you to close the eyes in order to absorb and feel the might of Merlin.



I am Merlin. I am the might and the power of the magic energy. Through the energy of Merlin the energy of magic, the high power of love, flows directly into your omnipotence aspect.


Through the power of Merlin you will feel what it means to manifest energies, to be what you are, to live what you are, what you have always been, to absorb this power, to carry it to the outside, to the human beings. For the era of time has arrived to use the powerful energy turned towards love, in order to free the human beings, in order to let them feel how deeply everything is connected. This energy is already flowing through you, through all your cells, it penetrates your merkabah and it finds its way into your omnipotence aspect. Feel this power. I call you, torch bearer. I call you, messenger of God, herald. I call the priests and priestesses. The unified field of energies aligns you with each other in the collective of love. With this energy of Merlin you will feel deeply what it means when energies manifest, aimed outwards, to expand and to use the blue sword of magic, the wand and the staff that you bear within yourself. For a new age of energy has dawned and carries the Earth, your planet, to where it once was – into the Divine Reality.


You have made the tracks and are making them still. The time has come to carry your light outwards, to absorb the power to live that what you are. Each ability wants to be lived now, you will not be able to hide yourself anymore for you have been called. Your soul has heard the call and you have gone into the intention, and therefore you are our torch bearer. At the festival of love, if your soul is ready and if you too are ready, Merlin will connect your omnipotence aspect with your ability aspect and your soul aspect. When this connection is permanent the might of magic will step from the inside to the outside. Many of you who are present here carry this wand of magic within themselves. The time has arrived to employ this in your life, for the last phase of the ascension has begun. Breathe the flow of magic, breathe the energy of Merlin into yourself, and ask yourself in the depth of your soul: Are you ready for this energy? Are you ready to employ your abilities in order to serve the human beings? Are you ready to fulfil your task? Are you ready to make the tracks in order to guide the planet home? If you are ready send a signal. That which we see when we see you is when you go into the intention and name your perfect sound, namely your original name. The High Councillors of the Light have decided that you will go into the temple So’Harim with Myriel at the festival of love. Merlin will be there. Drops of recollection will fall down on you. There you will receive the realization what magic power, magic energy is in you.


The energy on Earth has changed very much. The veils have become very thin and we use this in order to bring the energy of omnipotence to you. We have waited a long time to be able to do this, and now the time has come.


Many of you who are present here once were pupils of Merlin. I know you and you are deeply connected with me and my energy. All of this shall come to bear now. Thus express with the words Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham, that you are divine light, messenger on Earth.


The magic energy of Merlin continues to pour in, enlivens all your aspects and makes your merkabah vibrate. Through God’s breath you are very balanced, the magic energy circulates, and thus also feel in your soul what this means. Many of you know about their ability. Many of you use their ability, but there is something in you that tells you that you are capable of more, that your abilities will be expanded more and thus it will happen.


Many great lights have grounded you deeply. And so Merlin asks you now: Look into the depth of your soul. If you have a wish that you would like to state to Merlin, then do this. If it complies with your soul truth it will happen, for you carry a lot more might in yourself than you are able to feel. But now the time has come for you to permit yourself to feel this might for it means love. Merlin is with each single one of you, and great preparations have been made in order to go into the body of Sangitar with 17 aspects. When the look of Merlin reaches you the fire in you will burn.