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Public Channeling of March 2, 2011



Ashtar Sheran:

  • Transmission of the Balancing Energy as well as the Radiance of Peace


  • I Will Bring You into the Power


I am Adonai Ashtar Sheran. I greet you and I greet the collective with the words OMAR TA SATT.


Ashtar Sheran travels through the vastness of the universe with a radiance of energy that makes everything shine and vibrate. Ashtar Sheran possesses the energy of peace and the balancing energy that each single one of you needs so urgently. Therefore make yourself ready. For you will receive two energy transmissions today. In the beginning the balancing energy that can guide you into peace when you open yourself. Afterwards a radiance of peace will be transmitted to you. The words of Ashtar vibrate highly and they touch your soul. Now already your soul aspect is absorbing the energy of Ashtar. Lay your hands with the palms facing up for right at the start Ashtar will balance your masculine and feminie energies so that you can feel what peace can cause in you with your soul aspect.


Go into the deep intention. As by themselves all your channels open. Breathe the light of love into yourself, and with sounds from the divine Reality the tranmission begins. The energy already begins to flow.


[Sounds from the divine Reality are played.]


What does inner peace generate? It generates power. A power field is created that expands. With this power you permit your aspects to join. Inner peace, inner attentiveness and realization are very important processes. Your energies, your masculine and feminine aspects are perfectly balanced right now. Thus we can construct a power field, stabilize it in you and let the energy of peace, that makes many things possible – particularly now when Ashtar is so near - flow in. This power field comes into being between your aspects, and when we fill it with the energy of peace this power will stabilize itself in you. For we do everything to guide you through the process so that all doubts can vanish. Have faith in the words of Ashtar: To acknowledge the might that circulates in you is the most important thing at this time. You can feel this might with the peace, with the power and with your soul aspect. Thus we will begin with a great, intensive transmission of peace.


Thus the energy of peace begins to flow again with the sounds of the divine Reality that guide you into the inner, very deep attentiveness, where all intellect is put aside. Because of that your soul is even more ready to accept this energy of Adonai Ashtar Sheran in the radiance. It serves as preparation for what is coming. Center yourself in the depth of your Self. Thus we will begin now. Let this radiance flow into you for you are well grounded on all levels and your soul aspect is dancing with joy at absorbing this energy. You will feel it very intensively and perhaps, if you allow, this will cause very much for you, for you need this power for your lightwork. Where there is power there is no room for doubt. Thus the power will dissolve and transform the doubt. It will perhaps be an inner quake for a few of you for we have decided to carry this out with a special radiance. Thus let us begin.


[Sounds from the divine Reality are played.]


Now ask your personal group of angels to anchor this power field, the energy of peace, between all your aspects. Stay in your attentiveness and allow yourself to feel what this field generates in you. For peace is a state of power and of calmness, of confidence, of wisdom, that can flow so that you become even more aware and can go to the outside into action with this power. Thus allow yourself to feel this peace very deep in you once more.


In this deep realization of the radiance, the love and the peace Adonai Ashtar Sheran says to each individual and to all of you in the collective:







I am the radiance of God. I am Moses and greet you OMAR TA SATT. Eternally the light, the divine radiance through Moses shines in you. Eternally the light shines in your consciousness. Leaps of consciousness through Moses will be passed on to you and guide you into the peace of awareness. I am the realization. I am the light. I am the herald. I am the radiance connected with the radiance in you, for together we were the heralds, Moses and you. We worked together. You soul attains the redemption of doubt when Moses speaks to you. With each word the energy of the divine radiance flows deep into you and expands. Through this divine radiance, through the announcements of Moses it will be possible for you to generate these miracles that you carried out with me and Myriel once. If you carried out the miracles once you are ready now to repeat the miracles. I am the strength of God. I am the light that guides you. I am the radiance. I am all of what you are feeling at this moment – the entire power and the peace. I am, I am, I am.


The radiance of the heralds, the power and the joy to see and feel you here with your light generate such a deep peace. For you feel that we announced the birth of the Son of God together once. Thus hold this radiance in your soul. Profess what you are. The energy of each word will embed itself in you and serves as preparation for what Moses will cause with his energy, with the word, with the action and with the radiance. All-embracingly connected with you in the divine Core I tell you with a deep, deep gentleness: I love you immeasurably. I bring you into the power and into action. I will show you what happens when you really realize.