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Public Channeling of March 3, 2010




  • A Journey to Venus
  • Energy Transmission for Lady Gaia


I am Kryon. Kryon, your friend and companion, the magnetic messenger of God, arrives with the entourage and greets you with the words OMAR TA SATT.


You have gathered here in order to hear the messages from Kryon, the messages from the spiritual world of light and love. When ever a being speaks to you, this being also sends an energy embedded in patterns and sounds which flow over to you, your soul and your Light Body. Kryon brings the magnetic New Age energy. During this time in which everything changes on your planet in the outside, the duality collapses more and more, structures of the duality cannot hold themselves anymore, the new energy expands strongly, Lady Gaia discharges and orientates herself anew. During this time it is especially important that the strength and power flow into you that let you realize who you are. That let you feel who you are. Why you are here on this planet. That you are more than just a human and everything the duality tells you is just an illusion. For the truth is: You are a divine messenger. The core in you is divine. During this time it is very important that your soul relaxes. In the confusing times of the duality your soul shall dive into the realm of the Divine Reality where it is irradiated with light and love, where it finds quiet and security, can charge itself with peace and strength for what happens in the duality.


When we invite you to travel into the Divine Reality many of you may ask themselves how this works when you seem to stay seated in this room with your body and just your imagination goes on a journey. So hear the message from Kryon: Aspects unify, and especially your soul aspect. We take this energy, embed it and bring it through the veils into the Divine Reality. Hardly anywhere else can your soul relax quite like this. The pictures that you see spring from the Divine Reality. As these times are so turbulent for you we have decided to take you on a journey into the Divine Reality - to the planet Venus where your soul has the opportunity to relax completely, to enjoy itself and charge itself with strength for the coming times on Earth.


Therefore Kryon asks you to breathe deeply and go deep into your divinity in order to unify your chakras there, expand yourself, and while this happens we will ground you on all levels.


Make yourself aware that the energy from your soul aspect and the energy from a few of your aspects will be embedded in a magnetic field, and go into the Divine Reality.


When you give you the permission we have the right to guide you into the Divine Reality and thus it shall happen. Ask that a few aspects unify. Kryon will embed your aspects in a magnetic light and carry them through the veil into the Divine Reality.


Already you can feel how the energy changes. Perhaps you can perceive how the beings greet you, how you stride through a gate of light. And now let your soul experience everything. Take some time for that which is important for you. Let yourself be guided into the chamber of light, hear the sounds, perceive the energy.


[The trip takes a few minutes]


And so Kryon will carry the energy back and continue to pour magnetic energy over you while the energy from the Divine Reality spreads and expands itself in your merkabah. For believe me, we know how difficult the times in the duality are for you. We know how sensitive you are, how vulnerable, how difficult it is for you to still perceive the density of the duality. We know about your Light Body symptoms and we honor and respect you for what you do. And believe me - hear Kryon's message: The energy, the magnetic New Age energy is working deeper and deeper in the duality, and yet this can sometimes feel as if the one part of the duality is getting even denser than you know it. Believe me, we know of your interests, of your worries and fears, and we do everything to hold you, to give you the energies and to send you the messages that you need. Each message is embedded into a pattern of energy that carries you further, up into the New Age. When so many old structures break apart it is not easy for the human being to understand what must happen so that the Earth can be born again.


Feel how the magnetic energy supplies you with the bearing love and it nourishes all the cells.


Now permit yourself to feel how the energy from the Divine Reality that you have brought with you from your journey, embeds itself as pattern.


Each individual who is present here, hear the message from Kryon: It is important that each single one of you becomes aware what it means to be more than just human, to feel the divine power and also to use it - in love and humility. For many human beings deny themselves to express their divine power, but divine power is the highest possession that you carry in yourself. With this power you can change much. Do not be afraid of it and always connect this power with the immeasurable love. Use it to serve all human beings on this planet.


Kryon asks you to send immeasurable love to Lady Gaia in the collective now, to make yourself available as channel, to let the energy of peace, the immeasurable love and the strength flow through your Omega Chakra.


Just as you yourself feel your sensitivity particularly strongly at this time, Lady Gaia also feels very sensitively. In the coming times we will do everything so that you will feel your divine power and use it. With each message the energy vibrates even higher and each collective is even stronger than ever before. Perhaps it is your desire to convey a message to Lady Gaia, then do this.


Now lay your hands with the palms facing up and hear Kryon's message: A group of angels has manifested - the angels of peace. They have got themselves ready to pour the energies over you, and they will let the energy of peace flow to you now.


The energy of peace is flowing through you. The High Council of the Light has decided to pour these energies over you today - in all facets: magnetic love energy, a journey into the Divine Reality where your soul can calm down and absorb the energy of peace. For many of you ask themselves, what is wrong with me, why do I feel how I feel, why do I bear so many Light Body symptoms. This is the New Age that is arriving. It is the only answer that the spiritual world can give you to your questions. But you receive the wonderful gifts, for these energies are very strong.


Thus it has happened. Call, whenever you have the desire for it, Kryon, and allow yourself to be supplied with the magnetic love energy. It is the energy that each cell needs in order to align itself. Draw the high Prosonodo Light to yourself and ground yourself on all levels. Kryon says to each single one and to the collective