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Public Channeling of February 2, 2011




  • Speaks About the Change of Times
  • Unhelpful Patterns Are Removed and Magnetic Love Energy Is Transmitted

Jesus Christ:

  • Support the Human Beings Who Fight for Their Freedom in Love


I am Ma'Ha'Lias. I greet each single one of you with the highly vibriting sounds of OMAR TA SATT.


The wise council has asked me to bring the messages to you through Sangitar today. It is always a pleasure for me and also an honor to be with you. During the messages my energy flows to you and touches you in your soul. When we touch each other a field of bearing love and strength comes into being.


At the same time it was decided that Kryon with his entourage lets the magnetic energy flow. For in these eventful times it is very important to absorb these waves of magnetic new age energy again and again. For it, too, is powerful, works in your soul, in all your aspects, raises you, frees you from patterns that no longer serve you and offers you the possibility to structure yourself anew on the mental level and to adjust yourself to the energies. For the energies are circulating very quickly at the moment. You can see it by the great changes that are happening on the earth at the moment.


But before Ma'Ha'Lias continues to transmit messages he asks you: Allow yourself to be touched in your soul. For the energies of Ma'Ha'Lias, Kryon and the entourage are arriving and they go deep. It is this energy of love, of the New Age, that frees you from patterns that no longer serve you. Thus open the doors of your heart, your soul, your cells full of love and feel how close to you we are, just as if we were in the middle of the room with you in order to touch you. Enjoy these moments, for they are the moments of the gatherings in a collective of human beings who are aware of their divinity, or who are in the process of expanding themselves spiritually in their consciousness. Human beings who are ready and brave enough to solve patterns on the mental level. Human beings who are ready to be part of it through pure and new thoughts when the change takes place. Many human beings are waiting full of impatience for the end of time. What the spiritual world transmits to you again and again, what will happen during the ascension, be told: That is the last phase of the ascension. But the change of times began long ago and you are in the middle of it. If, however, you keep directing your focus to the end of time you forget why you are actually here: In order to serve and work with your light.


Breathe the magnetic energy of Kryon into yourself and at the same time let yourself be touched by the energy of Ma'Ha'Lias. So much is happening on your planet at the moment. Since the gates of Lentos have been opened and the Prosonodo Light released, the energy of Shan'Shija arrived on earth the human beings on earth feel the inner urge of the absolute freedom. They stand up and support the right for freedom. See what happens in the places on earth where the Eleua Energy spreads. Look at Egypt. See how millions of human beings are standing up and are not prepared to let themselves be oppressed anymore, for the time  of the rulers who would like to oppress entire nations will collapse now and a new age and new paths will come into being.


But you, too, must solve patterns in yourself and start off in a small way. Where are your patterns that no longer serve you? Ma'Ha'Lias asks you again and again and calls you again: Where are your patterns that forbid you to step to the outside and do what you were born to do, what you are here for? What is holding you back? Which fears, which worries? What is it that keeps you from going into action? Rebel against your patterns, just as many human beings are rebelling against inflexible patterns in the outside at the moment. The system on earth will not continue. It is inflexible and it needs time to dissolve for good. In you, too, patterns that do not serve you develop again and again. Ma'Ha'Lias speaks directly to your soul, not to your mind. He whispers to you: Begin to feel how precious you are. All patterns were imposed on you by human beings. Behind them is a fear. Step out, go through the gate of freedom and become who you have always been - a divine human being on earth with all his abilities.


See the changes in the outside. Observe the events and bid the changes in yourself welcome. Now is the time of change. Thus Ma'Ha'Lias will stand by your side and help you, and remove crystalline structures that you are ready to give me in full trust. For your soul does not feel fears, it is your mind that whispers this to you. So go deep within and into the intention. Feel what is behind this pattern, behind this fear and behind your worry. Feel what could happen if you were to go into action and show your light. Only one thing stays: the freedom, the love and the change.


Millions of human beings are rebelling against a system and so now is the time to rebel against these collective thought patterns that still often cause you so much fear in your everyday life.


While you are sensing into yourself we will work on two levels: On one Ma'Ha'Lias will remove the patterns that you are ready to give me. On the other Kryon will let the magnetic energy flow. For where patterns are dissolved it can sometimes feel like an emptiness. Because of that we decided to send the magnetic love energy immediately. This begins now with a deep breath full of love, and you will feel how thin the veils are, particularly when Ma'Ha'Lias, who is so fond of the human beings and regards you as friend, is so noticeable here in this room. Thus we will begin to do this for you. Name your original name and sense into yourself once more whether you are ready to hand me these patterns that do not serve you anymore. Trust me, for I am closer to you than you can imagine. I know you better than you will ever know. I love you more than you will ever feel. For you are still in the duality, even though it is collapsing more and more. Thus we begin with the removal of the structure and let the magnetic love energy flow in at the same time.


[Sounds from the divine Reality are played.]


The Eleua Energy has arrived on earth and it changes and causes so much. Especially where the human beings are being oppressed it finds its way to releasing. The outer structures cannot hold themselves anymore. Rulers who oppress entire nations will not be able to hold themselves anymore. Many children can not adapt to the school system anymore. Many human beings are unhappy in their job. They feel that they bear a calling within. The doctors will also change their views for very many human beings who visit doctors will be told that they are healthy even though they have severe symptoms. Here the healers, the new doctors will be in demand. Everything will change. Do see what is happening. You are involved in the events, but you hear the message of the spiritual world and you have the possibility to make a new decision with the energy. Where do you stand, what do you want and how would you like to work? Go deep into yourself once more and ask yourself, ask your soul, for it is the most alive part in you. How would you like to work?


When you sense even deeper into yourself, can feel the magnetic energy, then feel what it would move if you were to do what you would like to do with all your abilities. Perhaps you sometimes have the feeling that you lack the strength for this. Ma'Ha'Lias tells you, it requires dedication and courage to allow changes and walk new paths. Afterwards the door of strength opens. We observe the planet very closely and we were able to see what the Eleua Energy brought about and what it will continue to cause. These are the changes that are important. Many human beings on earth feel this very well. They are following their impulse. Follow your impulse as well and do not let human beings tell you something that hurts you in your soul. They are words such as: "That is not possible. You are not able to do this. You must not do this. What will people think and say?" All of these are words that do not serve you. As free spirit you bear the decision, but also the responsibility, in yourself to act yourself, to listen to your soul and to stand by the side of and serve the human beings on the path of change.


We Arcturians, but Maris in particular, we stand by your side and serve you with the entire energy, with our whole dedication, with the joy, with the confidence and with the knowledge. Hear the words in the knowledge of what is happening. Thus let yourself be embraced and touched. Feel the deep love that is brought to you for it is immeasurable.






I am who I am. I am who I have always been. I am who I shall always be. I am Jesus. I speak to you, dearest human being. I wrap you with the energy of redemption and I ask you to support the human beings who are so brave as to stand up and fight for their freedom in love. Include them in your prayers. As high channel send them Crystals from the divine Reality and the Eleua Energy. This region is highly spiritual. The Eleua Energy has embedded itself there and a big collective came into being with the Prosonodo Light when the gatres of Lentos were opened. Support this process with your love and with your spiritual consciousness. For this event will have consequences for your planet. They are the beginnings. The systems will not be able to hold themselves and collapse. Something completely new will come into being.


It is as Ma'Ha'Lias said: Do not direct your focus to the last weeks or months of the ascension too much, but direct your focus and watch the events of the present. The change of times is taking place with each breath.


I love you so immeasurably and the love flows and connects us on so many different levels. Whenever you breathe, know that you are breathing my energy into yourself.