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Public Channeling of February 3, 2010




  • Balance of the Light Body and the Soul Energy


  • The Prosonodo Light and Its Effects


I am Kryon and I greet every one of you with the words OMAR TA SATT. Kryon has travelled through the chink of the veil with his entourage in order to arrive here in the present of the moment and to be very close to you with the magnetic energy of Kryon.


Many thrusts of energy hit you and your Light Body. They are various thrusts of energy. They are wonderful and highly energetic. Through opening the gates of Lentos the energy is highly energetic and it changes much. We have found out that it has come to small tears in the Light Body for many, and therefore Kryon and the entourage will balance your Light Body today, spoil it and do something good for you personally. We want to balance your soul energy. It is the time of quiet at this moment. It is the time of inner attentiveness. It is the time to permit yourself to accept this energy and the gift of Kryon, in order to feel strong, free and divine, to fill yourself with strength. Be it so as though you were taking a bath in this energy of the highest level.


The angels, they sit at your feet, they hold, honor and respect you. They are very close to you. It is the time to go inwards. It is the moment of quiet. It is the moment to become conscious and aware of who you are, to feel yourself in your divinity, to bathe in it and to realize that you are worth it, that you deserve it, that you are wonderful. It is the time of inner attentiveness, cut off, stepped away, stepped out of the collective of the confusing thoughts, the rush, the hurry, the fear and the worry. Long since the angels have begun to feel you, to touch you, to love you. With one breath go into your inner attentiveness, find yourself in your divinity there and make yourself comfortable there.


This is a moment in which you need not do anything except feel happy, let yourself fall and give the permission that we balance, smooth and raise everything in order to do you good. This takes place without words, quietly. The light and the energy of the angels are with you. While they are treating you, loving you, they vibrate in a sound which frees your soul of patterns that no longer serve you. They sing with the light and they give you the strength to realize how valuable and how wonderful you are. Let this happen in complete trust and permit yourself and your cells, your body, to relax, perhaps by imagining that you are lying in a hammock, gently swaying in the breeze, meshed from a golden grid of love that carries you, and into which you can drop everything that burdens you. The sun is shining and so, with sounds from the Divine Reality you will sun yourself, bathe yourself in this light and feel how the entourage, how the angels touch you.


[Music is played for a longer while]


And so feel what has happened and permit yourself to feel your divinity. Hear Kryon's words, hear Kryon's message: The new energies on Earth show you the path into your inner attentiveness. The time of the outer attentiveness is passing you by. The turbulences in the outside confuse your spirit and also your soul. It is very important to take the moments of time, in which you are completely in your inner attentiveness and can feel what it means that you are not alone, that, when ever you want, the great lights are with you, love you and show you how important you are for the broader view. Show your light and love your light. Do not let outer circumstances, the collective persuade you that these times are very violent, for the high energies of Lentos and of other ages are connecting with Lady Gaia's heart center. Love connections are formed, energies connected with each other. Outwardly it may be turbulent, but in yourself and in your divine core you will feel the strength and the abundance.


The angels have smoothed your Light Body, closed, expanded and raised small tears, and balanced your soul energy. With vibrating sounds light has flowed through you. It is the time of attention, to hear, to feel what the great lights are telling you. Hear the message of Kryon, for with each word the magnetic love energy is borne to you. It embeds itself in your pattern and so after this evening, after this time, you will feel very light, very free and very strong. For more than words can express it is the energy when a group of angels turns towards you in vibrating sounds, takes care of your soul and your Light Body and loves you immeasurably. This love you take with you and in turn carry it to the outside, to many other human beings and to Lady Gaia, for everything is being connected. The magnetic love energy, it flows, touches each cell of your Being. The more magnetic love energy you absorb, the easier is it for you to carry the outward, the confusing. Light-footedly and full of strength you stride through the duality. Permit yourself to feel how your divine fire burns in you. All your abilities, all that you are, in the full strength and more than you guess - the human beings need you in this strength and lightness. Take when ever you can one breath and go into the quiet. Do not let yourself be distracted by the outer cicumstances, for there where the quiet carries you to, there lies your strength, there lies your freedom. Now make yourself aware what it means when you receive the message from Kryon that, when ever you send a loving thought to us we return it to you a thousandfold. We guide you through the duality, we accompany you on your path. You are one of us and we love you immeasurably. So it is.





I am Melek Metatron. I am the Eye of God and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. The gates of Lentos have been opened. The energy of the Prosonodo Light has arrived. This energy is bearer of the highest light of Jesus Christ. This energy is very important for the broader view, it is the bearing power of the ascension, the Golden Age. But it is also important to know that the Prosonodo Light makes each human being more vulnerable and sensitive. It opens the gate to your heart. It opens the gate of the hearts of all human beings. But many human beings feel this to be unpleasant for they want to be strong, without emotion and without feeling.


But to you I say: Listen to your feelings, to your soul. Listen to the pounding of your heart and permit yourself to accept this sensitivity, and turn it into one of your absolute strong points for sensitivity is strength. With this strength hold out your hand to the human beings. Look into the eyes of the human beings and recognize the mirror of the soul. Recognize the fear and the sadness that is behind the rage. Recognize the human beings' yearning for love, for sympathy. Hold out your hand to your brothers and sisters and realize: Every one bears the divine light. Recognize the deep sensitivity and let all these feelings that your soul whispers to you become reality. For this is the Prosonodo Light. The star tetrahedron of Jesus Christ has opened, pouring out for the Golden Age the high energy of love, realization, trust, but also power and strength.


Use, when you are speaking with the person opposite you, loving words. Try to understand that every human being yearns for love and sympathy, no matter how it expresses itself. And make yourself aware that the one thing connects you all: The divine bond of love. It was tied. Recognize your strength and let the Prosonodo Light shine in you.


There are many human beings who are a little afraid of such energies. For many human beings are - even if they do not know it - afraid of unconditional love, for too often have they been told that the way they are is not right. But each human being who exists bears the same yearning as you yourself. Every human being, no matter which abilities he bears within, is equally important. Every human being, no matter how he expresses himself, is loved, seen and looked after equally by us. So set an example. Be particularly loving when you meet a human being who is full of fear and grief and you will feel what this can effect. For Jesus the Christ has already worked like that and has made miracles come true. For love alone is able to move mountains and so these miracles will happen. Each loving thought that you send out makes you stronger, lets you grow and feel yourself more in your divinity. Melek Metatron, the Eye of God, is with you with each breath that you take.