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Public Channeling of January 5, 2011




  • The Energy of the Loving Might
  • Judgments
  • The Feeling of Sadness
  • Changes and New Beginning


I am Kryon. I am the magnetic messenger of God, the magnetic master, fused with the highest angels of the First Central Universe. With my entourage I come in, into this room with the energy, and directly into your soul with the magnetic energy. And greet you with the highly vibrating sounds and words OMAR TA SATT.


As Sangitar is just before a walk-in she has already absorbed very many energies in her aspects. And therefore we ask you to close your eyes and ask Sangitar to open her eyes so that she can bring this energy of the Christ to you.


Thus hear the words of Kryon, loving, strengthening and turned towards you with the magnetic New Age energy and with the immeasurable love that I feel for you. For you a new year has begun, and it is a year of spirituality, of might, of the vow, the challenge and peace.


And while you are absorbing the words of Kryon deep in your soul, in your soul aspect, Kryon asks you to breathe deeply and to turn yourself towards this by going into the deep inner attentiveness and letting this magnetic energy flow in. Ask your personal group of angels to anchor the magnetic energy directly in your soul aspect.


The Eleua Energy and the Prosonodo Light as well as the omnipotence, these energies have effected much on the earth and for Lady Gaia. Everything is highly energetic and has been enriched with magnetic energy. Many changes are happening already, and of course there are also human beings on earth who have decided in many incarnations to work against this ascension into the New Age. But one thing Kryon would like to tell all of you: The ascension was and is not endangered at any time, for the mights, they are working very strongly on earth at present. But we beyond the veil have started the greatest countermovement since the birth of Jesus Christ. And thus we have sent the Eleua Energy from the merkabah of God to you. This energy is anchoring itself on earth through the highest channels. This will also cause peace.


But very important is also the energy of the loving might. If you understand that you do not have to be afraid of the divine loving might in yourself, do not mistake it for the other might. For this might, this divine might in you, is essential and important so that the energies of the Eleua Angels can spread on earth. And thus you may accept this might and let it work in you. All your needs shall be fulfilled so that you can then bring these energies also to the outside, free and without a care in the world. It is very important to understand this. Might, divine might in you means love and nothing else. Love, strength, power that cause the peace. First of all the peace in yourself and peace for Lady Gaia.


Because of that, before he brings further messages to you Kryon would like to call the breath of God to let energy of might flow to you from the Divine Thought Field. This is not a matter of course for it takes great preparations when the Divine Thought Field brings energies to you outside of its rhythm. This happens from the depth of love for each single one of you. And it can effect so much when you are ready to really allow and absorb these energies. Many human beings are afraid of the energies of might. Do not be afraid to make them useable for yourself for you are the love. Otherwise you would not be here. You are love itself and your might is a loving might, a supporting might and a very important might for yourself and for the broader view. Also for Lady Gaia for she, too, needs these energies in order to stride ahead, in order to flee the confusions, to go through the transformations better, to become stronger for the process of her awakening.


Breathe the light of love into yourself. Breathe ANA right into your cells. It is also so important that you understand that human beings, divine human beings, who walk the earth are all connected with each other and still carry different views about events in themselves, judge them. Nothing is right or wrong from our view. Important is only that you acknowledge that when a human being has a different opinion, that this being different is not to be equated with it being right or wrong. If the human beings, also outside of these rooms, were able to understand this then much would already be different on your planet. Because of that I call you to understand with your high consciousness again and again that you do have the right to judge for yourself, but also to accept that another human being may have a different judgment for an event than you yourself. Simply withdraw your energy then and accept your own judgment as what it is, go into the power, into the might and into action with that. For only in this way can peace develop, peace in yourselves first. That is an important process for many human beings still do not understand that there are different cultures, different teachers who send out messages that are in accordance with the culture. And that another culture also needs these messages urgently. But you, you have incarnated in this culture, and this incarnation is the most important of all your incarnations. And there is a reason and a deep, deep sense that you incarnated into exactly this culture. Because of that you can not and you should not judge other cultures or try to unify them with the messages that are brought to you through some mediums in this culture. It is very important to understand this.


Many still think, especially because there are so many different judgments, that a human being, a divine human being on a spiritual path may or should not fulfil his needs. That spirituality is a path that makes lonely. It is very important that you can really understand with your soul and with your heat that when you satisfy your needs however they may look in you, that you then have the strength to be able to pass on. To pass what you bear in yourself on to other human beings with joy and lightness.


And now the energies of might will be transmitted to you to the sounds of the divine Reality. And this is a very venerable, a very solemn moment when this happens. For not only that the highest Throne Angels move faster, but the angels in the universe pause for they, too, absorb these energies from the Divine Thought Field and are full of AN'ANASHA for them. And when you have absorbed these energies open your Omega Chakra and let them flow on, to Lady Gaia, so that she is also covered by the energies of the divine, loving might, so that changes can occur. And however these changes will be judged by the human beings, trust the words of Kryon: They are positive and help all of you to carry out the ascension, the change into the new dimensions.


Of course there will also be confusion again and again. After all it is a very, very big event that is happening. But exactly you, my dear divine human being, can lean back, be certain that you are secure, are protected in peace and in the love. You carry the open spiritual consciousness within and we are with you in each moment because you are showing us your intention, are expanded and have professed yourself as that which you are. Do to your service on earth as divine human being. So it will be.


The medium has told me that many of you are feeling a sadness at present. Thus let me tell you, this sadness may have caused a feeling in you, that which you call sadness, through the Prosonodo Light and the Eleua Energy. It is a net full of energies and in this sadness you are trying to flee out of this net. As if this sadness were something that is almost cruel. But believe me, this sadness is nothing but the yearning to recognize yourself even deeper, to live your abilities fully, to go into service, to make the year your personal most spiritual year, to go into the deepest intention, to make up your mind clearly as to who you are once more and to dare carry this to the outside. If you let yourself fall into this net and do not try to come out, this net will carry you. For this net comprises the energy of peace, of strength and of confidence. Only when you try to step out with all your strength can this energy of peace not enter you. And you are far enough advanced to realize that energies in a net that divinely surrounds you with the highest patterns of sounds, holds you and protects you, and then you feel, then you feel the peace very clearly.


Many try to link this sadness to something, to trivialities, to situations. But this sadness is anchored deep in you for it reflects the yearning for more, for more experience, for more spiritual wisdom, for closeness, for connection of your aspects. Your soul is giving you deeper and deeper impulses and you shall receive these impulses. Use this might that we are sending you now in order to also fulfil all your personal needs and also wishes. Trust the words of Kryon that this is completely all right. For again and again - and Kryon passes this message on through the medium Sangitar for a long time - it is the human beings who want to keep you small, who would have you believe that you are not worth it or you should not wish it, you should be there for other human beings, use your strength for other human beings, be modest. All of that may even be correct on the whole, but we know, only when you have found and satisfied that which torments you so in everyday life, only then can you serve the other human beings with great strength and love. This is a very important realization process and Kryon does not simply speak words, transmit a message, but the exact right time for this has come, for some time soon very many energies of might will pour in. For the Eleua Energy and the energies of the Prosonodo Light and the great energy of might Sol'Avana will cover you. For we beyond the veil endeavor to show you and make perceptible more and more clearly what it means to be a divine human being on earth. And part of this is that you recognize that you also bear this divine might in yourself.


And so you will receive a very strong and powerful transmission to the sounds of the divine Reality now. And the angels have already turned to you. And Kryon would like to emphasize once more that these angels are sitting at your feet, honor you and respect you for that which you are, divine human being. Recognize, recognize the might and the strength in the times of the changes. And so let it happen now, my dearest divine human being on earth.


[Music is played.]


Now ask your personal group of angels that they anchor this energy of might in your soul and also bring it into your omnipotence aspect at the same time. The lightful beings will help to anchor these energies.


Just as you have consciously made up your mind to give everything for the ascension in many incarnations, there were also human beings who made up their minds against the ascension in many incarnations. They brought about and worked very much with great might particularly in the last six months. They are human beings who are aware of their might. Thus it came to a big catastrophe in your oceans. And you must know that Lady Gaia bears a very much bigger consciousness than each single human being on earth. But with her big consciousness she has to transform all these energies of these mights. And thus it comes to big discharges on the part of Lady Gaia. She has to discharge herself so that the ascension can take place. Because of that it is so important that you, just like these human beings who consciously decided to fight against the ascension, with your divine loving might also use this might, but in a loving way. Just as you, too, are loving.


Of course it was forseeable that there will be countermovements when the ascension approaches. But do not let this disconcert you and make you forget your intention, but on the contrary, go even deeper into your intention and give us the gift that you discover the divine might in yourself. For with this you can effect really much. For yourself, for the human beings who come to you and ask for help and for Lady Gaia.


Thus another knot, a join, of the magnetic grids that make it possible to bring even more powerful magnetic energies onto your planet has come into being. These magnetic grids connect with each other and they ignite the fire of power and might. Kryon once said in a message a long time ago, that when the magnetic energy arrives and the planetary grids are ignited a time will come when no aircraft will be able to hold themselves in the sky. But it has not got this far yet. When this happens Kryon will inform you of course. Always trust that you are protected, loved immeasurably, and that we always watch your action, your conduct. For we are with you after all. With each breath, in each moment of your being we look into your light body full of love. And we have called you to pay attention to the impulses of your soul. And when your soul sends you impulses and you do not heed them you feel a deep sadness in yourself. Let the might and with that the power work in you and let yourself fall in the net of peace, then the sadness will transform itself into something wonderful and you will feel the entire power that is in you.


Kryon is always with you. Just as are the 36 High Councillors of the Light and further many, many light beings. And it is also very important in this time to pay attention to the word that you divulge. For very many magnetic patterns have been embedded in you and a word carries very much power within in this time. Because of that Kryon would like to call you once more: Even if you have a different judgment on certain events than other human beings use loving words. Use words that open the soul and the heart. For it is the love that is above everything. And it is the love that will triumph. And it is the love with each single one of you with which the ascension will take place.


And thus we will use this time, this year, these months in order to bring energies beyond the veil even deeper to all those human beings who are open for it. For we, we look upon you and with each change a door opens and something new comes into being. Even if the change should be painful that which is behind it when you stride through the door and dare the new beginning that you will be received by something much bigger, by something veritable, and forgotten is the pain and the fear of the new beginning. With new beginning Kryon also means the call to all lightworkers to show themselves to the outside, not to put the light under a bushel, but to show themselves in the light of love, with loving words, with understanding, with the certainty and the insight of wisdom that all human beings are the same, no matter which culture, no matter which religion, no matter which skin color, no matter what opinion and judgment they bear within are united by one thing: Namely all bear the divine core within. And you can perhaps ignite a divine core of a human being with your might and with your power, with your consciousness, so that it is ablaze. And that is veritably the highest thing there is on earth.


With these words Kryon says goodbye to you, with all his love, with his entourage. And I speak the words of the highest vibration:


A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH, you are being loved immeasurably.