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Public Channeling of January 6, 2010




  • Look Ahead to the Year 2010
  • Energy Transmission and Drops of Blessing

I am Kryon of magnetic service and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. With these words I testify to the great light in you. I address the light in you, your being, your divinity. All that you are lies in these sounds and the great song of love vibrates.


For you a chapter has come to an end and you are welcoming a new year. This year and this age comprise so much:

Highly energetic with magnetic love energy, the Prosonodo Light and the energy of Lentos, as well as unified with the energies of so many ages, much will change for you. This change is being brought about by you yourself, by your light, by that what you are, by your yearning which comes from the Divine Reality - welcomed by your soul the peace, joy, security, health, human love, health and abundance. All of that can await you for your soul is already filled with this energy. Many of your aspects have been touched by this energy and vibration in the harmony of the sounds. It is a year of divine omnipotence and of manifesting highly energetic energies. Your divine core begins to move in a faster rhythm. Your soul vibrates with All-that-is. Even though much will collapse in the outside and there will be situations which are frightening for many human beings, you will know who you are, full of power, full of divine might, with all that you are, and with the deep certainty that you bear within. For you are more than just a human being and your divine flame begins to blaze.


You are living in a duality, in a veil. But this veil is breaking open and up more and more - towards the Divine Reality. You will know: All the effort has been worth it. Where you have felt inner conflict it will be possible for you to find peace, where you have been afraid you will be courageous. You will act and spread the light, carry it to the human beings who need it in order to understand who they are, in order to feel what it means to be more than just human. But all this happens only through you yourself. We, beyond the veil, are ready to send you the energies that will carry you up in the harmony of the sounds until at some time - we do not know the time - the perfect sound begins to sing.


So much knowledge have you gathered and still it is necessary to point out to you again and again, to convey the message to you, that you bear the divine might, the divine flame, the being and the love in yourself.


Breathe in a rhythm that is right for you. Receive the gifts of glory, the New Age, the new energy, that empower you to do all that you want without ifs and buts, without fears. Perhaps you ask yourself or would like to direct the question to us and say: Kryon, do you understand the duality? Do you know what it means to have fears within onself, the fear to take the next step? Kryon assures you: We know how difficult it sometimes is for you, nonetheless we are not allowed to penetrate the duality, for beyond the veil is the Divine Reality and there there is no fear and no worries. But we have taken care of all you need in order to take this path into liberty, happy and calm, with deep intention in the heart and open soul. We have erected a magnetic grid in the Earth as well as above your planet, a planetary grid of love connected with All-that-is.


You are not far away from us and yet it is this veil that seemingly separates you. But with the divine omnipotence this veil will raise itself further and further. And the one who has still wondered whether it is possible that miracles happen will realize what a miracle means, when a miracle develops in you yourself and you will bring it to the outside and show it to all the human beings. For you are the miracle on Earth, you are the light which has brought light onto Earth.


Much will show itself in the outside, but the high powers will tell you that none of this is true. Appearances in the sky that you can see with the naked eye - they will tell you anything because they do not want you to feel the power that emanates from these lights for they want to keep their power. But you know better. The divine omnipotence will arrive in many of your aspects and you will feel deep peace. But Kryon conveys the message to you that it is you who should allow this to happen. For only you alone can make the decision again and again to let the light in you expand into all directions, to make the decision, no matter what happens in the outside, to feel the light in you. The yearning carries you one step and another step higher into the Divine Reality. So many energetic events are possible if you permit yourself this. We have conveyed the message again and again: You bear everything you need in yourself. But the difficulty is that you actually not just understand, but that you also feel who you are, in all facets, that you feel your own power and not listen to human beings who want to tell you something else.


Your mental attitude will play an important role in the near future. Turn your spirit towards the light, connect the energies with All-that-is and realize: You are the bearer of the light.


Sometimes the human beings feel deserted by God, but God loves you so much. He breathes faster and faster. His merkabah, the merkabah of the divine Source, it is moving and it is calling to you and whispers to you: You are the child of God. You bear the light of divinity in yourself. How can you ever feel lonely? God's breath will lift you up into the spheres of Divine Reality. The divine Source, it loves you so much that once, in an epoch, it stopped breathing out of love for you, to then send the Son of God from out of the Source into the duality, in order to redeem the human beings and Lady Gaia. With each breath you take you are connected with the divine light and the love of Jesus the Christ. While you are breathing your chakras unify and your divine flame expands into all directions. Kryon has come to the first universe in order to help fetch the planets back home. Thus I serve you with all my love. And together we will produce a unified chakra with Lady Gaia in order to hear the perfect sound, and there will not be a veil any more. But know that even we, the great lights beyond the veil, cannot name the time when this will happen. But we are doing our service. Our light shines and we are with you with each step, with each breath.


From the different frequencies great lights have got ready in order to send you energies which serve you. They are energies of the highest spirituality, joy, peace, health, security, human love and abundance. Lay your hands on your legs and while you are in the unification of your chakras, the divine light blazes in you, the flame has expanded itself, your channels have opened themselves, your soul aspect will enter the divine flame and absorb the energies that the great lights are sending to you now.


[Powerful music is played]


These lightful and highly energetic energies are distributed in your merkabah now. While this is taking place hear the message of Kryon, of the immeasurable love: Many human beings want to know what the year 2010 will bring in linear time. And some messages Kryon is allowed to pass on to you. Thus some new technologies that are stored in the crystal libraries will be released. The consequence is that much will change. It will also be the case that balance will be brought about on different levels of the duality.


In the duality, on the planet you are living on, it is so that many human beings are very poor, have hardly anything to eat and carry many fears within themselves, and some human beings are very rich and live in superabundance. This imbalance is not very helpful for the earth energy, for the entire energy of the planet, and so much will collapse in the outside. In this way balance is restored. Though this balance will not be in complete harmony, but it will help to make many human beings change their views. There will be many events at which human beings will be in mourning for many human beings will return home. But there will also be events that will bring the human beings closer together, unify the hearts. Sympathy will be awakened among human beings and there, too, balance will take place. The energy of the divine omnipotence can change much, in so far as Lady Gaia and the human beings are ready to accept these energies. This energy will pour in and bring about changes in many areas. From the highest position of your government, all over the Earth, they will tell you something to keep you small. They will try to hush up spiritual happenings. However, this attempt will only partly succeed for the Earth carries too many spiritual human beings who are not prepared to believe what other human beings tell them. It will also be the case this year that there is much fighting in the outside. But at the end of the day peace will triumph over these fights. When this will happen we do not know. But what we see is that Lady Gaia is breathing faster and that Lady Gaia's merkabah is moving in a faster rhythm.


For you it is - hear the words of Kryon - for you it is the chance to permit yourselves, to allow yourselves, to raise yourselves into your divinity, not just to understand, but to feel. The love will be bearing. Sometimes love expresses itself as fear, anger or even hate with the human beings. But behind that stands love and when you feel this then you become wise. You become careful with your words and deeds. For you understand and feel that love stands behind everything and that it is love that connects us.


In this year you will feel how your abilities will find their way into the outside. They do not want to be locked up any more. They want to be free in order to stand by the human beings' side and serve them.


We will celebrate the great celebration of love and now already many preparations are being made on many levels. With each moment, with each movement of the light, with each sound we are with you with the attention.


So to finish let us speak the words Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth.


Energies have been transmitted to you which expand in many aspects and now already you can feel how peaceful this feels. And the greatest gift this evening is that the divine Source sends you the breath of God and you can absorb the breath of God in your aspects. When the breath of God touches your aspects it is possible that connections are created between your aspects and your merkabah moves.


Kryon says with the immeasurable love


AN'ANASHA and receive the breath of God.


[Powerful music is played]