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Kryon's Origin


Channelled by the medium Sabine Sangitar on January 19, 2005


I am Kryon of magnetic service.

The medium has asked me to talk a little about my creation, my origin and my universe from which I come.


As you may have heard already I am from a universe that is called Quadril 5. Quadril 5 is a magnetic universe. The pure magnetism that is there keeps the energy from densifying. The main task of Quadril 5  is to send other universes magnetism and to align the magnetic belt that each galaxy possesses. Quadril 5 is also the oldest universe.


I am certain that you have already heard of black holes. It is important to know that all black holes came into being at the same time as the galaxies and are fundamental building blocks of the cosmic structure. Each universe came into being through itself. From Quadril 5's point of view the First Central Universe is the youngest, but with its many experiments also the most interesting universe. But before I give you further infirmation about the First Central Universe I would like to return to my creation.


My cosmic parents bear the vibrational names Adamis and Adamea. They created 48 high lightbeings in the magnetic field. In our universe Quadril 5 there are no angels or Ascended Masters. In our universe only magnetic lights come into being that create aspects of themselves in the course of the light years. We call these aspects Nunis.


Nunis bear the task to go to the black holes, to scan the magnetic arms of other galaxies there and to pass this information on to Quadril 5. The task of creating magnetic lights is to produce magnetism and to supply all the galaxies with it. Basically you could say that we are technicians and serve the one great divine Source.


Please imagine it like this that a group of Nunis passed the following information on to Quadril 5: "The First Central Universe is asking for help as the spiral magnetic grid has shifted. On several planets the energies densified. The magnetic grid of the galaxy is no longer in direct connection with the magnetic grid of other planets. Experts to see to this matter are asked for."


And thus Kryon was chosen to move over into the First Central Universe. You have to know, when strange beings enter another galaxy there is always a fusion to align the energies first. Because of that I fused with a host of angels. From that moment I became "Kryon and the Entourage".


It was to be my first task to look at the shifted magnetic grids. The entire galaxy is crisscrossed with a magnetic grid. The electrons that are moving through the galaxy very fast illuminate so to speak the magnetic field. The power is experienced vertically through which the electrons adopt a spiral path around the magnetic field lines. From the direction of the polarization the movement of the magnetic field arises. Where the magnetic field is the strongest the energy is the most intensive.

To the scientists among you I would like to add that you often disregard the magnetic fields in the universe. Most of the cosmic processes cannot be described correctly without consideration of the magnetic field.


So my work began with the examination of the magnetic grid of the First Central Universe and the planets belonging to it. Quite a few planets were affected by the shift of the magnetic grid, but the most affected was the magnetic field of the earth. The magnetic field of the earth was not in harmony with the magnetic field of the First Central Universe anymore.


The consequence of this was that the energy began to densify on your planet and created an individual energy field on the earth. Thus the duality could come into being. The inhabitants of planet earth perceived the magnetic love energy of the divine Source less and less and felt cut off more and more until they finally completely forgot who they are.


Whereas with other planets it was enough to realign the magnetic grid, a completely new magnetic grid had to be erected around planet earth. Kryon did this. After this work was carried out Kryon began with the new alignment of the magnetic grids. This had great consequences for the planet and its inhabitants for very quickly the human beings began to feel their divine connection again. Therefore Kryon's work was finished for the time being and I was given a golden color ray for my work


Kryon was asked to continue to stay in the First Central Universe in order to help planet earth to get to the coming ascension. And so it is Kryon's task now to continue to align the magnetic grids and in addition to align the magnetic fields of the human beings who bear the intention for the new energy within themselves.


In addition Kryon sends more magnetic love energy onto planet earth in order to speed up the ascension and to make it possible for the human beings to experience the ascension of the earth more easily.


At the same time Kryon passes the newest messages on through different mediums who all have one thing in common: Through their aspects that were partly created in the magnetic universe these mediums possess a special magnetic channel so that they can receive the messages of Kryon.

Among these the medium Sangitar also possesses such a magnetic channel and Kryon uses this channel in order to send messages such as this one.