1st International Kryon Conference in Hamburg, Germany

April, 12 -13 2008

from right to left: ital. translator, Angelo Barilari, Nele, Patrizia A. Pfister, Sabine Sangitar Wenig, David Brown, Lee Carroll, Sylvia Autenrieth, Heiko Wenig








Epilogue by Sabine Sangitar


I have many thoughts and feelings about the Kryon Conference. It is important to me to share them with you. I believe that every participant perceived and experienced the Kryon Conference in their own way, but one thing everybody will have felt for sure: The immeasurable love which built up during these days.


The mediums were as different as humans. Everybody will have felt their personal high point. I feel deep esteem and respect for all mediums. But the most intense ones were the channelings of Lee Carroll.


I myself became aware what it means to be integrated in a strong team. The Kryon Conference was very well organized. We were received with great warmth. It was a pity, I thought, that the German channelings were not translated for the English speaking people. But Kryon always says: "More than any word it is the energy which touches the hearts."


When I sat on the stage and got in touch with Kryon there was such a strong love energy in me that I forgot everything around me. I was one with all that is. When on top of that Lee Carroll told me backstage that my channeling had touched his soul I was overjoyed.


My personal high point was the family of the golden-blue light. All those who came and supported me. Even the people far away who were present with their hearts. The well-known and kind faces when I went out during the breaks, your kind words and gestures - that was my personal high point of the Kryon Conference. From the bottom of my heart I say to all of you





Sabine Sangitar