2nd International Kryon Conference in Freiburg, Germany

April, 12-13 2009

Channeling Kryon Conference April,12 2009





  • The Magnetic master
  • The Greater Truth


I am Kryon, the magnetic master. Once more I greet each single one of you and the collective. With this greeting and the words OMAR TA SATT the immeasurable love that we feel for you is being poured over you. Many different messages of Kryon have you heard today. Many have touched you deeply and you have absorbed the energy of Kryon already. We are the messengers who want to convey the love and the peace to you, for more than any word that is spoken it is the energy which touches your soul, which allows you to realize here and now what a wonderful, radiant light you really are.


Kryon has spoken much about the fact that it does not matter at all which path you choose, for sometimes only one breath is necessary in order to realize that you bear the divine creator within. No matter what you do, which path you take, which workshops you visit, this is right and good if you feel the love which stands behind it. For that is the only thing that counts.


Sometimes the human beings tend to want to persuade you that you are not perfect, that there are many blockades that hamper you in your development. But the message of Kryon is: All that you need, all that you are you already carry in yourself. Nothing is added to you from without that is not already in your heart. The spiritual world can support you, help you to remember that you are perfect already. I would like to give you an example for this. In you there is treasure chest. It is filled with all your abilities, with the most beautiful light, with the perfect sound of the Divine Reality. So many human beings take the time to find out how they may open the lid in order to let out all their treasures. For this there are many paths. But now Kryon would like to tell you something which may be impossible to understand for some. But it is the truth and it is: You are not trying to raise the lid, but you are using very much energy and strength to keep the lid closed. It takes a lot more strength and energy to hide your divinity than to take it out. The reason is that many different human beings have told you, perhaps even in your childhood, that you are not worth it, that you are not good enough. You are doubting yourself. Perhaps you have often heard that this involves a long path with a lot of work and abstinence.


But hear the words of Kryon: Bring out your divinity and live your vision. Each human being carries his own opinion about what spiritual development means. You cannot measure it by the number of workshops you have booked or by the steps you have taken. Instead for us, who love you so very much, the highest form of spirituality is that you choose a life in complete joy, in abundance, in health and in peace. For that is the primordial force of life and your Self. All of that is in you and if you were able to push all your self doubts aside you would discover and realize, you wonderful creature, that all your dreams and visions, all your wishes fulfil themselves. Trust, trust that everything is embedded in you and that circumstances have led you to doubt this - but you have earned it.


Thus Kryon will create the space today in the here and now, if you permit, that you open your treasure chest and take out your abilities. Consciously tie them to the grid of love. For you are more than you think.


Thus Kryon initiates an energy which - if you permit - touches you even deeper in your soul. When you breathe, you breathe love into yourself. You breathe the golden light and expand yourself at the same time. Let all your wishes and your visions become the truth. I know each single soul which is present here. I know how many abilities you bear within, how big your intention and your wish are to carry your divine light further in order to stand at other human beings' side in turn, helping them. It is an invitation. If you permit it this miracle will develop from yourself and thus your whole life may change. For you are not here in order to suffer. You are also not here in order to worry or be afraid. You are here to realize that you are going into liberty by discovering that everything that you have ever wished for is taking place. For alsways - and believe me, I know you - have you felt very deep inside you, that you are something special. But sometimes it was not permitted for you to carry this feeling to the outside, but now and here when the energies whisper to you and sing the perfect sound for you visions become reality.


In the previous days you have been aware of how much sounds can have a supporting and healing effect. Sounds and energies express more than any word and so Kryon will also fall silent when the sounds of the Divine Reality ring out.


When this happens, lay your palms facing up on your legs and let all your dreams, your visions, your beauty, your perfection connect with the grid of love. When you are in the intention that this happens the lid of your treasure chest will open and the golden light of God will pour out of you. You will feel and realize that all of this is possible.


(A powerful song is played.)


Many human beings are of the opinion that there is only one truth. But even beyond the veil in the universe there are different truths. Unlike the duality they do not exclude each other, but they unite in a grid and fuse to a greater truth.


The time of change on Earth is perceptible. It would be so important to realize that there is not just one truth on Earth but several truths. But they shall not be in competition with each other. The higher consciousness reveals to you that these truths shall meld to a greater truth. Some human beings have chosen a path. They are happy on this path. They feel a feeling of being at home and the family. That is why sometimes they want to convince other human beings that this one path is the right one. They do not do it from a bad intention, but they are so moved and want to tell it to the human beings, but it would be so important to realize that each human being chooses his own truth and consequently his own path.


We support all human beings on Earth, not just those who visit workshops or develop themselves spiritually. Even those who are full of doubts we shower with the immeasurable love. When you look into the other human beings' eyes, then you can see that each human being bears the same yearning within, that each human being yearns for love, that each human being possesses his very own personal abilities and that the flame of God burns in each human being. No matter how this human being appears to you, the truth is: There is only love. A smile which you give the other human beings, a gesture, can sometimes mean more than the spoken word.


We have come here in order to invite you to unite all of this with each other, to recognize that each human being bears the flame of God and therefore the love within. Your intellect will never understand what is really happening. But you have the possibility to feel. Perhaps you can feel how your visions have become true during these days, and you are living a life in abundance, joy, peace and human love. Do not let anybody tell you you are not perfect. Just as you are you are like the light of God, and no matter what you do and how you do your lightwork, it makes no difference, for the love will radiate out of you and consequently the energy of the planet will be raised. Kryon and so many entities are very close to you. They whisper to you: Listen to the perfect sound in you. For, for what you are we respect and love you so immeasurably. So it is.