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- Concert with Andreas Krause



- People and impressions

- Channeling

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- Kryon and Melek Metatron: Welcome Channeling

- Angel Chamuel: The Grid of Love

- Lady Nada: Opening the Doors of the Heart 

Jesus, the Christ: Old Hurt is healed

Maris: Raising of the Earth Energies, Relationships in the Universe

- Master  Laotse: Quiet and Inner Peace

- Sheldrak: Secret Revalations

- Jesus, the Christ: Initiation for the Walk-in


Videos of the Channelings (in german)


Epilouge Sabine Sangitar



My dear family of the golden-blue light,



First I would like to express a big AN'ANASHA for the wonderful emails that you sent me after the Kryon Festival! I took all of them home and read them together with Heiko El'Shara. They touch my soul deeply.


For me personally it was one of the nicest Kryon Festivals because I could feel the love, peace and harmony so deeply. This time I had a particularly big amount of work to do beforehand. But when I went onto the stage and saw you it was all forgotten. Immediately I could feel the great love energy. This made me very happy. Each time I cannot find the words to describe what this gathering with you means to me. I feel secure and arrived at home. You cannot imagine how often I fetch this feeling back during my everyday work and through this feel the security and joy with immediate effect, AN'ANASHA.

Heiko El'Shara's meditations also mean a lot to me. They comprise much power.


After this very intense and powerful walk-in I had to have a rest for a few days. My eyes still hurt a little today, but it gets better from day to day.


This was the Kryon Festival where the most miracles happened. Part of the reason was that so many people were able to open themselves. Another reason was that the walk-in with Angel Chamuel was so intense. He not only anchored the Crystal SHEN'ARIN in the Light Bodies, but above all healing energies were transmitted and emotional pain dissolved through the eyes.


Many have felt the channeling of Sheldrak as very powerful and deeply moving. Special patterns of awakening were added to this channeling. Some human beings also had an awakening experience with Sheldrak.


Of very powerful healing were also the love drops from Jesus and Lady Nada which were like a release from emotional pain for many.


I personally found it deeply moving how Maris activated the third Light Body level together with us. I know how much work the Arcturians had to do beforehand, how tirelessly they have done their task, and continue to put themselves into the service of us human beings.


The spiritual world has called me to connect myself with the energy of Shiva every evening from June 1, 2009. With that the preparations for the Kryon Festival in September begin now already. There will be a Shiva walk-in and I begin to imagine what this means if I have to prepare myself from June already.


My dear family, I look forward to seeing you again at the next Kryon Festival in five months. I say goodbye with the words of Sheldrak:



Your Sabine Sangitar