- Seminar Friday - Healer of the New Age

- Stage and public



Evening programm 

- Ritual

- Ashtar Walk in

- People and impressions



- Walk in of Ashtar Sheran

- People and impressions



- Melek Metatron: Welcome Channeling

- Jesus, the Christ: Initiation of the Third Eye

- Melek Metatron: Lucifer energy

- Maris: Ascension and the Arcturians

- Kuthumi: Animals and plants 






OMAR TA SATT my dear family of the golden-blue light,


First of all I would like to say AN'ANASHA for the kind emails which I received from you. Every time it moves me deep in my soul to read how much the Kryon Festival means to you.


Many days before the Festival I'm excited and nervous. I'm always told repeatedly: "Sabine Sangitar, but you don't need to be excited!" But still I am because it is my big wish that you like it, that you can accept the gifts and miracles and are pleased with everything that has happened during that weekend. When I walk onto the stage on Saturday and look into your faces such a deep feeling of love for you comes over me so that I calm down completely - well, almost completely!


In your emails you write how wonderfully I do everything and forget at the same time how wonderfully you do everything. Such a big event and because you are so wonderful everything, even the walk-in, runs so smoothly. After the walk-in I felt as well as one would expect under the circumstances, and was able to ask what had happened the very same evening.


There was a total of 147 spontaneous healings, 212 healings on the emotional level, and Maris was able to fulfil 39% of the wishes and requests.

During the walk-in energy strands were connected to the big grid of love. Energies were harmonized and stabilized. Hormones were harmonized and the lymphatic system cleansed. Rigid thought patterns were removed and deep grounding at all levels was carried out. With some of those present crystalline structures were removed and much more…


Already I am looking forward to the next Kryon Festival and in my heart I am with you!


Sabine Sangitar