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Maris, the Arcturian:

Your Treasure Chest of Abilities

Great Lights in Middle Earth

The Work of the Arcturians

Crystals for Lady Gaia



I Am Maris. I am an Arcturian. After Artee I am the highest ranked Arcturian on the planet Arcturus. I have put myself into service to help all planets which have an ascension before them. But I have to admit that you, my dear human beings, your human race, is particularly lovable. I am very much attracted to you and it is a great pleasure for me to be permitted to speak to you through the medium today. I am going to tell you about the work of the Arcturians on Earth but first of all I would like to greet you.



I will tell you a few short stories. Many Arcturians are currently on Earth in order to help you so that you can go into the new age. We were given the task by the High Councillors of the Light to get in touch with different mediums, among others Sangitar. We established contact with one or the other medium in the way it is usual for us. It went very well. But then we got in touch with Sangitar through the usual workings of the power of thought and nothing happened. We sent thoughts, we set impulses, we sent more thoughts and got no answer. We conferred and did not know what this means and then turned to Kryon. We told him that unfortunately Sangitar does not listen to us. So Kryon asked us: 'How did you get in touch?' 'Of course through thoughts!' and Kryon says: 'That gets you nowhere with Sangitar. In her case you have to choose language.'

So you can see that even we are not all-knowing. Then we used language and bingo, Sangitar answered immediately. Since then we are conducting very lightful, very serious, but also very pleasant conversations.


I would like to tell you another story, about how we perceive you and why we think you are so exceedingly lovable. I will tell it in pictures and metaphors, but it is exactly as I relate it.


There are very many human beings who are in a dark room. Some are a little afraid, feel that there might be something somewhere with which one could illuminate the room but remain continually seated. Others, though, get up and try to find the light switch. Some go right, others left. Some go in a circle, this way and that. It takes a little while but then you find the light switch. You hold your hand over it and the energies, the spiritual world, the High Councillors of the Light, whisper to you: 'Switch it on, switch it on!' You persistently keep your hand on the switch and say: 'No, no. What happens when we switch on?' The energies whisper to you: 'It will get bright, you can see!' You, persistently: 'No, no, we will wait another little bit.' At some point the impulse is so great that you dare to switch on the light. And first of all you are completely surprised. You are in a room with light and there is so much to see. But you do not look at everything. Most of the time you keep your focus on a certain object. And this object is a huge chest. You can imagine what I would like to say to you. I will tell you in advance what is in the chest: Your divine light and all your abilities.


The chest is locked. You stare at the chest. You draw nearer and the spiritual world, the High Councillors of the Light, say: 'Open it!' You say: 'No, no.' and rather sit on the chest. The spiritual world, surprised: 'Why are you doing that?' The answer: 'Well, how do I know what is in the chest?' 'Treasures, lots of treasures. All your abilities, all that you are. When you open this chest you will find out about all of that and receive what you wish!' You remain consistently seated on the box. After some time enlightenment dawns and the impulse gets so strong that you stand up and look at the chest. Then you look for a lock with a combination of numbers as possibility to open the chest. The spiritual world says to you: 'No, no, you only have to open the lid!' Some human beings say: 'No, then we would rather go. That is too simple for us. We would like it to be a little complicated.' Sometimes the spiritual world is so full of love for you then that they even give you hammer and chisel so that you can break open the chest by the sweat of your brow. Although it would be very easy to open it. Then, completely shattered after the great strain, you have finally opened the chest and speechlessly stare at the treasure. The spiritual world says: 'Go on, take it! Reach in, this is yours!' You say: 'No, no, it is better just to look.' The spiritual world asks you: 'Do please take this treasure! It belongs to you! It is yours!' You stand there. Your hands clasp behind your back. At some point the impulse is so strong after all that you dare to reach in and you take the treasure out of the chest. Let us assume, these treasures are bits of jewelry in the figurative sense. You hold them in your hands, you marvel at them, you think they are beautiful and the spiritual world says: 'Well, so put the jewelry on!' 'No, no, I am not worth wearing such beautiful jewelry. What will the others think when I shine like that?' But at some point the impulse is so great and you put on the jewelry after all. You are being showered with all your treasure and with all your abilities, suddenly everything is there. Your abilities lie open. You can use them. It is part of you.


But then you turn around and see another human being and think: 'Oh, his necklace is prettier. I would rather have the necklace of the other one.' And you start to swap. You do business. 'If you give me your jewelry I will give you mine. I would far rather have yours after all.' Or else you say: 'My treasure, my jewelry is not so beautiful, and so I do not want it at all anymore.' put it back into the chest, close the chest, sit on the chest again and look surprised at the beauty of the treasure of the others. Is not that lovable?


We think you really are lovable. But when one reinterprets this story, what does it say? Everybody carries his own treasure which is intended for him. Each single one among you has special abilities which are his own. Do not look at the abilities of the others, but at yours. It is your treasure which suits you exactly. It was made for you and fits perfectly. But it is the case that you understand this slowly and the work may begin. By the way, you are very great lights with a very high consciousness. Imagine that there are still people in this room who did quickly see that you switched on the light, but are holding their hands in front of their eyes and do not want to see the light. For this, human children, you have been trained: to carefully and gently go to these human beings in order to show them that they may take their hands from their eyes, that they may open their eyes to see the light. Of course there are also human beings who refuse vehemently. But there are also human beings who are ready to open their eyes already. You are trained to help with this. Just as we Arcturians are trained to help you, to accompany you, to help Lady Gaia to reach the next energy form of the ascension. We, too, have put ourselves into service and we are working on Earth in various respects.


On the one hand we Arcturians are very intelligent. We possess very high technology and we have the possibility to condense and also liquefy our light. Thus we can also go into the interior of the earth with the liquid light. For it is one of our tasks to get to the inhabitants of the Earth who live in Middle Earth. You can imagine in simplified form, it is expressed very simplified, that these inhabitants are wrapped in a cocoon and their consciousness is asleep. They are the little siblings of Lady Gaia. We have come to break open the cocoons and to let out the light for they are of high consciousness. When these cocoons have been broken open, the lights step out, the high consciousness goes to the tips of the star tetrahedrons in order to help there to keep everything in balance and to raise Lady Gaia in the vibration. That is one task.


That reminds me: the word cocoon is a pupation. Shall I tell you another story which may be amazing for you, but also very beautiful for it springs from the truth?

Each being which ever was on Earth, each race, always brought and left a present. The present of the Arcturians was the butterflies. Butterflies come from the planet Arcturus. Wherever there are many butterflies the Arcturian energy is particularly strong. When they free themselves from this pupation, from the cocoon, they bring joy and lightness. You can feel it because you have a very, very strong affinity for butterflies. You are happy when you see butterflies. More than when you see spiders. The importance is that butterflies are of high energy and you human children feel that they are good for you.


Further work of us Arcturians is that we make planetary connections. To be exact, it is the case that not just planet Earth will ascend but at the same time, I stress this, at the same time 388 planets will also ascend, 380 inhabited and 8 uninhabited. As the planetary ascension can only take place if all the planets are in the vibration of 999 at the same time it is currently the highest task for us to travel to all the planets and make planetary connections, a huge net of connections which makes it possible for all planets to ascend at the same time. This is only possible now that the grid of love has been erected.

We carry great responsibility because of that but we love what we do and we love you because you are so lovable. Here in this room, by the way, there is a particularly beautiful energy. You have wonderful Light Bodies, beautiful souls and you are so brave. You have such beautiful abilities.

That reminds me, Sangitar is a medium but she can read Light Bodies very, very well. I will get her to give me a Light Body consultation.


Audience: Laughter


It is nice when you laugh. For we have noticed that sadly that happens far too little. You are able to laugh for you are really such cheerful beings. It is the duality which makes you seem to be so serious sometimes.


The planetary connections are very important as, as I said before, all the planets will ascend at the same time. And thus it is of course also possible, and it is not just possible, but it is the case that some planets already carry the consciousness of 999 and others still that of 996. The planets are waiting for each other and the vibration has to get to 999. You are already very far advanced. I would also like to tell you that for a long time at our ascension we, too, received the messages, by the way, also through a medium, that an ascension was happening. We were told, this is happening, that is happening, the other is happening but nothing happened. Sometimes we were also impatient, but suddenly the ascension was there. Much faster than we all thought. I can only tell you, human children, you lovable human children, it will be the same for you. Sometimes you ask yourselves: 'When is something finally going to happen?' and before you turn around you will be surprised at how fast it happens. You have the authorization, you have expanded so far already, that at each minute of the ascension when it happens you are ready. Do you actually know what that means? What kind of grace that is? Each single one of you has chosen a path and you were so brave and are so expanded. You are ready. Do not sit back down on the treasure chest or switch off the light. Take your treasure and spread the light of the treasure around the globe. For you are the bearers of the light.


By the way, have I told you already how beautiful you are? You are beautiful. Lady Gaia is also beautiful. Lady Gaia needs you very much, more than you imagine. Exactly you. Therefore I ask you in the name of the Arcturians, be available as channels for Lady Gaia again and again. The highest form of transmission is when you send Crystals to Lady Gaia. For you this may have become normal in the meantime but Lady Gaia absorbs these Crystals like a sponge. She is so grateful to you.

Now we will send energy to Lady Gaia with the Arcturian energy and the Sun God. Are you ready?

And so I say what you know so well:

Go into the depth of your soul. Breathe the light of love into yourselves.

You are in the unified chakra and open all your channels.


I, Maris, call the Sun God and very many helpers now to send energy through your channels to Lady Gaia. Please ground yourselves. It would also be good if you were to connect yourselves with the awareness of Lady Gaia.



Now the energy begins to flow through you. You are channel, are conducting everything through your omega chakra to Lady Gaia. As so many great lightworkers have gathered here I ask you, in your judgment, everyone for himself, the way you consider right, to send Lady Gaia 9 Crystals, one after the other, and to just hand over these Crystals.



Well, I thank you so very much. Wonderful work, lightful and strong. Or was it too easy for you? Would you like it more complicated? Perhaps you can see the stars in the sky, different planets. But you cannot see your neighboring planets in the duality. Do you know that Lady Gaia also has an opposite? She has a male planet, Thestadaros, with the original name Noris. And human beings live on this planet as well.

Now we will make it slightly complicated. You continue to make yourself available as channel and visualize your planet Lady Gaia. Let the planet move past your mind's eye. Now you, at least very many of you, will meet Noris. He will show himself to you. You will see that this planet is also beautiful. He is in the same vibration as Lady Gaia and the male opposite. And now create planetary connections ... that is a joke. The Arcturians do that.


But what you can do, and that is very serious, you can also send Crystals to Noris. We will do this together once more. Again with your help the energies are pouring onto Lady Gaia's opposite. Again send 9 Crystals in the intention of love.


And so it was a great pleasure for Maris to speak through the medium. I am a lot closer to you than you suspect.

By the way, would you like to know what the Venusians left you as a present? It is the sunflowers.

I could also tell the story that Sangitar asked who left the mosquitos but to that we will not give an answer now.


And perhaps I will have another chance to speak through the medium during these days if you want to hear me.

And so I say AN'ANASHA now.