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Jesus, the Christ:

The Lord’s Prayer of the New Age


Melek Metatron:

The Walk-in



I Am Jesus, the Christ. I am the all-embracing love that I have always been and shall always be. I orientate myself and distribute the energy of redemption in an even rhythm. Born from Being, knowing. I carry the immeasurable love. I carry the light.


At the beginning you were told in the introduction that there are particularly high energies here in this room. It is a festival of the special kind. Jesus, the Christ, would like to confirm this once more. You have put many things which are on your mind on the stage. You can be certain that the light will be activated and the love expanded. Now already you have received many gifts, but the greatest gift is the walk-in. For I will stand in front of you. Each look, each gesture, every step and every touch comprises the graceful light.


Thus it will be that many frequencies of the Divine Source of Metatron will travel with me in the body of Sangitar. It will touch you to your deepest being. It is so much more than you can imagine. For the energies of Lady Gaia are vibrating higher and your soul is ready to accept everything which is waiting for you - in the splendor of beauty, in the silence of being, in the bliss of love and in freedom. You are to experience the best, the most beautiful. For all of what you have sown you will reap. We have asked Sangitar to receive and to write down the messages of a new prayer. I as the Son tell you: Each single letter is charged with the highest light of the divinity. Said in the collective this prayer effects a great change at the mental and emotional levels. Patterns have been built in to this prayer which, when you speak them, trigger something in you which possibly frees your soul of things, especially thoughts, which do not serve you. For I tell you: if now is not the time, when is?  The time has come. Thus it would also be important that you pray this prayer in the collective from the deepest, deepest layer of your soul and absorb it into the depth of your soul at the same time. It shall become the prayer of your life, by day and by night. For I repeat the words once more: Each single letter comprises a gift for you personally.


And so let your chakras come together and prepare yourselves by breathing deeply. Then while you are saying this prayer in the collective the Christ's energy of redemption will pour out over you. Thus we will let sounds of the Divine Reality ring out as preparation. I ask you to get up for it in order to pay respect.



The Lord's Prayer of the New Age


Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth - the Trinity of the Divine Thought Field.


I profess my affiliation and go into the intention of ELEXIER. I breathe the energy of the New Age into myself. I step out of the collective consciousness in order to feel the unity and my connection to the Divine Thought Field. In the deep realization of being I speak to you, King of Glory: Amin nora de san.


You provide me with everything I need. Immeasurable love pours down on me and illuminates the Earth. Redemption takes place. I am free.


I speak the words: Ela dona ara senja serus de nostre.


From my center I profess to be So'ham and speak the words:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.




I Am Melek Metatron. From the Spheres of El'Shaddai I greet you, OMAR TA SATT. You have absorbed so much energy, have expanded, and much has changed because of that. It is so wonderful to see you. I love you so immeasurably. Melek Metatron, also called the Eye of God, speaks through the medium and would like to address you.


Tomorrow a walk-in will take place and it will be a walk-in of the special kind. For Metatron himself will go into the body of Sangitar. Her soul will be watched over in the halls of Shambala during this time. But a walk-in is a very complex event. Therefore Melek Metatron would like to ask you to breathe calmly and above all I wish for all the children to come forward so that we can touch them in their soul. Also, for all those who will receive looks instead of touches, please do not judge this. Jesus, the Christ, loves all of you. And so tonight you are already going to be prepared a little in your structure for the coming walk-in. We see your intention and your Light Bodies. It will be a wonderful experience. Believe me, even if the medium does not want to say it to you like this I, Melek Metatron, step into her place and say the words: for Sangitar this walk-in is a great strain and a sign of her great love for you.

You have received many messages today. The evening will end with the music of Andreas which is inspired by love and we, too, will listen to these sounds of the Divine Reality and be with you.


A ni o'heved o'drach.




Glossary and Translations:


Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai `Tsebayoth Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts.
ELEXIER Crystal for Unconditional Love
Amin nora de san. Your and my will are done.
Ela dona ara senja serus de nostre. The fulfilment of my soul is taking place and redeems me of my ego.
So'ham. I am God.
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. I am who I am.