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Angel Chamuel:

Human Love

Saint Germain:

Letting Go of Worries and Problems



I Am Angel Chamuel and I greet you with the same immeasurable love as all the beings in the universe. OMAR TA SATT.

As Kryon has already told you the energy in this room is very high and, when a human being feels the immeasurable love so strongly, it can sometimes happen that he grows faint for a short while.

But it is important for you to know: you are embedded in a big bubble full of love and light here. You can let go of everything for nothing can happen to you. High energies are at work, certainly, but they are love energies and the expansion which follows is of service to you.


But now Angel Chamuel would like to speak with you about human love for it is a subject which touches many of you. Many among you yearn for a partner, for human love. They would like to share love with someone on Earth. Even if you think you are ready for it there are often hidden fears in you which make you become too rigid to let the human love arrive. Each human love which you have lived once before is stored in your matrix like a genetic fingerprint. The memories of them can be painful. Human beings which you have loved have often hurt you with their words, with their gestures and with their conduct. These memories are unconscious so that in your surface consciousness you yourself are not aware of having fears of being hurt or deserted again. The human love is precious. I can see that many of you wish for it so much. A gift which we hand you is that together with you we will carry out resolvings in your matrix so that you are free and open at this point in time, right now. That is why Angel Chamuel speaks in metaphors. Simply follow the pictures and if you cannot see pictures follow the energies.


But first breathe ANA deeply into yourself once more.

Call all your chakras together and expand yourself.


If it is possible for you let a gate appear before your mind's eye. A net is stretched around this gate. This net symbolizes the memories of all your injuries. Behind this gate you can see a shadowy human being who is meant for you. But this net does not allow you to pass through. Now it is important that you open all your channels and permit Angel Chamuel to work through you as is right for you at this point in time.

Let a golden ray come out of your heart. This ray will be charged with the energy of Chamuel. Chamuel will dissolve memories and patterns which prevent you from living human love. You can watch this golden ray beginning to move in a circle and dissolving the net. Fears, memories and injuries are being dissolved by that.


Now move towards the gate and, with the intention of love, dare to take the step of striding through the gate.


All the wonderful things which you experience now will manifest for you.

With open heart, with joy and curiosity, like a small child, you are ready from now on to receive the human love to the fulfilment of your self together with a human being. You can share the love and connect with each other. Two halves become a whole.


Your channels continue to stay open. Angel Chamuel showers you with the love energy once more. It makes you brave and it boosts you in all human matters of love


Angel Chamuel says AN'ANASHA.




Thus I greet you, OMAR TA SATT, Saint Germain, also called the time traveller. I bring you the freedom and the removing of all your worries and problems. Especially at the beginning of these days, during the first hours, it is very important that you are purified, charged, expanded and open for then you may absorb much more. We know of your everyday worries and problems. But now is the time, right now, to let go of them. If it is just for these days and you really acquire distance from your worries and problems, you turn towards other thought structures, then your worries and problems can never again return to you in the same manner. Because of that great change begins. And that is why we have decided and arranged this at the beginning of the festival.


Saint Germain has the ability and the readiness to collect everything that is weighing on you. I would like to stress once more: If you are ready for just one moment to let go of them, these things will not return to you.


Breathe in a rhythm that seems right to you.

Make yourself aware once more of what occupies you in your everyday life, which thought structures repeat themselves again and again and which problems and worries weigh on your shoulders.


You, who are sitting here on the chairs, you are the golden-blue frequency, the Family. Thus you carry a high consciousness within yourselves, are capable of perceiving Saint Germain before your mind's eye. Saint Germain will stand in front of each one of you at the same time, holding out his hands, and take the parcel of worries from you.


Before this happens I would like to point out once more that this is a special festival. The High Councillors of the Light have decided to bring you these gifts at the beginning so that everything which follows can manifest itself in your everyday life. Und thus you will feel now that Saint Germain is standing in front of you: Hand your parcel to me. I will take them away.


When you make yourselves aware what has happened in this short time: You are grounded. Memories of injuries of human love have been removed. Worries and problems of everyday life have been taken away. Feel what that feels like for you.


You will be able to absorb all that is good, true and beautiful during these days. Through that your life and your situations in everyday life will change. You have come here and your intention is very strong. The changes will manifest themselves very fast. The gatherings of the golden-blue light have always been of very high energy but at this festival the energies are still higher. And thus we will celebrate together the feast of joy and love.


In the intention of love declare who you are, all together, with the words:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


Now Saint Germain would like to give you the opportunity to make yourselves aware of your wishes, your hopes and your expectations once more. Let them shine in a great intention for it is this that we recognize.


Do not permit your thoughts to go into a different direction which does not serve you during these days. And so finally we will set your spiritual wheel into vibration now. Sit up straight. Stay in your divinity while we will let the spiritual wheel vibrate and inwardly say the words:

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth.


If you should feel a little dizzy do not worry. We will begin now.

Your spiritual wheel is vibrating evenly. With the drops of blessing from Melek Metatron all the preparations have been made so that you can absorb everything in its complete abundance.

All rise.


(While the drops of blessing are being poured out a powerful song is being played)