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Melek Metatron:

The Initiation



I Am Melek Metatron from the Spheres of El'Shaddai. My dear human children, you can be certain of the immeasurable love of the Family. The energies of the love and the joy are uniting and we are celebrating the highest feast of love.

These are the times of the big presents. It is the time of change. It is the time of love. You can feel it in your heart how much has happened during these days. So much love, so much unity, borne in the light of the golden-blue frequency. The great lights are moved. They are with you, with each breath. You have experienced so much and the high point for you will be the walk-in. A very special pattern has developed. The grid of love has been meshed still deeper and tighter. You are being loved immeasurably.


The initiation which is going to follow will be a further gift. Much of what has been said will show itself in your everyday life. The energies at these gatherings have always been so high and so fine that the singing of the angels was audible.

But at this festival the energies have been even higher. Melek Metatron can bring you the joyful message: Much has happened. For many human beings there was change. Transformations have taken place and purification processes. Much has touched your soul.

As words never suffice to describe what this really means the initiation will take place without words.


I ask you: say these words as strongly as is possible for you:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


And now the Eye of God asks you: rise and receive what is meant for you.



(while the initiation is in progress a powerful song is played)





As part of the earth healer training three new chakras were announced which can only be initiated now.


The Eranus Chakra is situated about 3 cm below the top of the skull at the back of the head. It serves the transformation of fears. Memories of fears of past incarnations are being absorbed by the blueprint through the Eranus Chakra, through which these may still affect our life. Additionally the death hormone is being produced near the Eranus Chakra. Certain energies are being set free in certain rhythms which make us age. Through the initiation and purification of the chakra you are being freed of memories of the fears and the hormone of death dissolves. It brings about more calmness, courage and strength.


The Luina Chakra is situated in the middle of the brain, slightly above the auditory channels. In the Divine Reality it stands for centeredness, meditation, clarity and awareness.

In the duality it may cause restlessness and poor concentration.


The Sewaja Chakra may only be initiated at a particularly high light expansion. It is being guarded by a group of angels, the Sewaja Angels. Its seat is with the blueprint. Through the opening of this chakra one can easily get in touch with the high intelligences.



During the festival the Eranus and the Luina Chakras were initiated.

An initiation is a special gift by the spiritual world. When the new chakras are initiated they are being opened fully and great transformations can take place. In addition they should be reactivated again and again so that the energy may expand more and more.


At an activation the focus is being directed to a certain frequency. Through that a chakra is expanded and more energy flows through this chakra.