People and impressions 


Break und Exhibitors

Jesus Walk-In 






Festival Spring 2007 People and Impressions (8 minuntes)

Jesus Walk-In (32 Minutes)






Kryon, Angel Michael and Melek Metatron - Welcome Channeling 

Angel Chamuel and Saint Germain

Maris, the Arcturian: The work of the Arcturians

Jesus, the Christ: The Lord`s Prayer of the New Age

Maris, the Arcturian: Free will, balance, intention and Ufos

Melek Metatron: Initiation of the Eranus- and Luinachakras




AN'ANASHA to all Great Lights for your Love and your Light.



Epilogue by Sabine Sangitar


OMAR TA SATT my dear family of the golden-blue light.

First of all I would like to thank you for the many emails, cards and presents. My heart overflows with AN'ANASHA when I read how much you enjoyed the Kryonfestival. You cannot imagine how the weeks before the festival pass for me. On one hand there is the preparatory work, the anticipation about seeing all of you and at the same time also the pressure whether everything will go well and, above all, you will be content and happy at the end of the festival.

Metatron said that the energy has never been so high and I can only agree with that. It could be felt right at the first channeling. On one hand this was due to the higher energy of Lady Gaia and on the other hand the high energy of the group. What was the most noticeable for most of us was the initiation of the Eranus and the Luina Chakras. For some it was like an awakening.

It was the festival of gifts. The spiritual world tells me again and again how much has happened for most of the human beings. I was also happy that you welcomed the Arcturian, Maris, so warmly. I think he is very good at conveying messages in an almost human way. We can find ourselves very clearly in his examples. I am in touch with him fairly often. He is a very loving and also funny being.

Jesus has told me that many cups emptied themselves into your aura during the walk-in. this will lead to positive changes. Even though Jesus did not touch everybody he has effected something in everyone. It was very moving.

I told you that there also was a British Kryonstudent - she was the first person to begin the Kryonschool in English - at the festival. Although she did not understand a word the festival was very special for her. She was able to feel the energies intensely and is very happy to have taken part.

I myself have recovered well after the walk-in, I am still a bit tired but very happy. Even though I feel a little sad and empty as you are no longer physically present. It is just so nice for me to be able to be together with you. I love you immeasurably, words do not suffice to describe that.

Many have written that this was the nicest Kryonfestival. I have also felt this. There is an increase from festival to festival. I am curious as to what awaits us at the September festival.

I send you as much ELEXIER as you can accept and say AN'ANASHA.

Sabine Sangitar.