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- Kryon: Welcome Channeling

- Sherin: Journey to the Venus and the Ashtar Ship, Awakening of your inner child

- Sheldrak: The Age of the Heralds Lentos

- Seth: Initation into the Prosonodo Light

- Noah and Lumina: Healing Transmission 

- Maris: Energy Transmission for Lady Gaia

- Jesus the Christ: Initiation for the Walk-In

- Melek Metatron: Concluding Channeling

- Shiva Walk-In





Impressions of the Kryonfestivals Fall 2009


Epilogue Sabine Sangitar


My dear family of the golden-blue light,


Now I am sitting in front of my computer and search for words to describe how I am and what I feel!

It was a wonderful Kryon Festival, not only because so much could happen, but also because you are so wonderful. More than I can describe you are so deep in my heart and I am proud to belong to such a family which is full of love, caring, understanding and high consciousness. That you trust me so much and can laugh but also cry with me makes me immeasurably happy!!! But I, too, trust you from the bottom of my heart and because of this trust I can be just as I am on stage. And for this I would like to thank each one of you. AN'ANASHA!


I spoke with Melek Metatron after the Festival and naturally I would like to share this with you.

First of all it was emphasized again how very much you were prepared this time. I know that not all preparations were pleasant. But I also know that the more intense the preparations are the more things can be got rid of in you. These preparations are for your highest good and show the immeasurable love of the 36 High Councillors for you.


It was particularly important to the 36 High Councillors to guide the human beings into a deep intention and to anchor them in the greatest expansion. The new essence has also contributed to that. The deepest intention was generated during the channeling of Maris when we made our channels available for Lady Gaia. During this energy transmission your personal intention was also anchored. (I had to smile when Melek Metatron told me this. It is so typical for many of us. When it is about doing something for somebody else, then the intention is the greatest.)


Very much was also brought about through the channeling of Noah and Lumina. It was very important for the spiritual world to relieve your Light Body symptoms. They transmitted deepest grounding energy into your first, life-preserving aspect. There was also much spontaneous healing.


With Sheldrak a lot of awakening energy was poured out and an enormous expansion took place.


The initiation from Seth into the Prosonodo Light caused doubts that you may still have carried to have been removed now. We were all of us tied to the pure divine light.


Through Sherin it was brought about that you absorbed very much energy from the Divine Reality and your aspects could bathe in light. This means that you were able to store very much high energy in your aspects. Through this it will become much easier in the duality now.


That Bluestar has given a channeling was a great gift and he did it in honor of you.


Jesus prepared you for Shiva's walk-in. At the initiation your intention was examined once more and as we were all of us in deep intention Jesus was able to open very much.


Shiva's walk-in was probably one of the most powerful walk-ins ever and has touched so many human beings into the depth of the soul.

Shiva transformed energies and produced harmony in your soul at the same time. Where possible doubt was taken away. Over and above that Shiva constructed a grid in each one which was tied to the great star tetrahedrons through which the Prosonodo Light was able to pour in. This was probably one of the greatest gifts. In many of you a deep feeling of freedom has anchored itself and I am so very glad for you.


From Heiko El'Shara I am to tell you that he was delighted at the applause and he would also like to tell you AN'ANASHA once more!

I myself would like to tell you that I think of you often and I can hardly wait for the next Kryon Festival, for I know that the Festivals get more and more intense every time.


I send you very much ELEXIER,


Your Sabine Sangitar