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My dear family of the golden-blue light.


First of all I would like to thank you for the numerous deeply touching emails. This festival was a very special one and I am unable to find the words which would describe what I feel. For one, the gifts which were brought to us, the high love energy which was so perceptible, and the meditations by Heiko El'Shara which are so wonderful also for me.


But the most emotional moment for me was when I walked onto the stage and saw you. My yearning for my big family, the feeling of being able to give something back to you, to just feel you, that was be best and nicest part for me. Each time before a festival I am excited and very nervous. The question whether you like it and you are happy when you go home is the most important thing for me. My hearrt is always pounding before I walk onto the stage. Then the moment arrives and I stand in front of you, everything in me calmes down and I am just happy.


I would like to say AN'ANASHA to each one of you and I am already looking forward to the next festival.


Naturally I want to tell you what has happened during the festival, but my human words do not suffice for this. Therefore I will let the high beings speak and hope to be able to give you pleasure with it.




Your Sabine Sangitar.




OMAR TA SATT my dear lightworkers, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service and my immeasurable love is integrated in each word. The festival of love was a festival of the New Age and each one has contributed so that the dimensions could open so wide. For the whole time magnetic love energy was poured out and thus the Earth energy raised. Thousands of dancing lights were among you and some were able to see them as light phenomena on the stage. The medium was sometimes held by these lights so that she did not leave her body. Therefore you were able to see these light phenomena on the stage particularly well. With my words there was already great energy expansion which increased throughout the days. We found the point of the highest energy and worked with it. We always do it like this and that is why some people have symptoms, which, however, are always of service and good. We will hold another celebration together and my love energy is always at your disposal.



I am Eschka and greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. When I passed my messages on to you through the medium there were 43 cases of spontaneous healing, for whenever Eschka speaks healing energy is poured out.

Many of you have made up their mind for the new nourishment TABA'TES, and it shows how high your consciousness already is at present. The new nourishment provides you with freedom and happiness. Both are attributes of the New Age. You may connect with me whenever you wish and I will touch you perceptibly.


I am Maris and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT, my dear lightworker.

It was my job to impress your task on you and I was successful with a great number of human beings. It was extremely important for me to demonstrate to you that you, stemming from the golden-blue frequency,  have given a promise to stand by the human beings' side, serving and helping them in these times of change. When you have realized this you will use your abilities and shine as Light Pioneer. I feel drawn to you in a very special way and my love for you is very deep. I give you my promise to be with you for the complete ascension.



I, Ashtar Sheran, greet you with the honor and respect which I evince for you, OMAR TA SATT.

The mother ship as well as hundreds of energy ships were loaded with lights and gods of other planets, even of three other universes. They all contributed to this great gathering of the golden-blue frequency. It is wonderful to see how so many divine children of the same frequency hold such a big celebration. This distinguishes it from many other celebrations of this kind. The unique thing is that you are from the same frequency and thus the oldest souls. We have shown you pictures of the Divine Reality and expanded your merkabah. This resulted in a big consciousness wave for more than half the divine children and with eleven human beings to complete awakening. We love you immeasurably.



I am Merlin and greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

With each word that I directed to you through the medium I touched your active and loving soul. It was a great honor for me to carry out my task. With 670 human beings I was allowed to work directly in the soul thereby improving their life. With 670 human beings I was allowed to activate the ability of magician and I gave 13 human beings the status of Merlin by presenting them with the title. This will bring many lasting changes, for a Merlin has a lot of power which he will use only for the good of the human beings. With many the willingness and intention were there to accept a title, but I saw that the time was not right yet. If you feel called turn to me and I will continue to give a few titles of Merlin. You will sense when you have received it.



I am the Son, Jesus Christ. My immeasurable love is with you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

Never before has so much been set in motion at a festival as at this one. The great lights continue to celebrate you and carry you into the Divine Reality step by step. It was a festival of love and redemption. More than you can imagine this will change the planet.

930 aspects of my Self were brought into the Light Body of the human beings and are spreading their energy there. It takes about 9 weeks until these are in full flower and can work all-embracingly. Those among you who have absorbed these divine pearls feel this very deeply. With many I can see how they move with more lightness and much more happiness in the duality. Three human beings have received two aspects and these have unified into a genesis flower of truth and revelation. During the walk-in a further 93 aspects were embedded in the Light Body. With 1023 I have touched the soul. That causes healing on all levels. The assumption of Sangitar's body was very deep. 96% of her soul was asleep in the Halls of Shambala. With each walk-in the planet and the human beings are changed. You are the energy bearers. We are so full of love for you. AN'ANASHA.



I am the Eye of God, Melek Metatron. From the spheres of El'Shaddai I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

The experiment was successful, and full of joy I look upon you, you, who are present with such great intention and love. Through you so much can be set in motion and the day will come when you will realize it yourself.

Melek Metatron would like to thank our medium who passes the divine messages on to you so precisely and full of love.

AN'ANASHA Sangitar, AN'ANASHA also to you, for your trust and for your open love.