AN'ANASHA to all Great Lights for your Love and your Light.



Epilogue by Sabine Sangitar



OMAR TA SATT my dear family of the golden-blue light,


First of all we would like to say thank you for the wonderful emails. AN'ANASHA.


Each time I feel that the Kryonfestival is the best festival so far again, and for me they are the most emotional days of my work every time. The preparations already begin weeks before, and again and again I am nervous and excited. Every day so many thoughts go through my head. Will everything go well? Will you be happy and content? Will I be able to hear well? Then the day comes and the festival begins and the moment, in which I get on to the stage and see you all lets my heart beat so much faster for joy and love. For I am aware at each moment that even though I am the medium, you are the ones who trust so much and take long ways upon yourselves in order to be part of it. I am so proud of you!


Such a big event and so much quiet and peace. It was such a lovely festival.


Many have asked me whether I could not channel more about the fallen angel Lucifer and so I will do so during the next festival if the spiritual world agrees.


During the walk-in a lot of healing took place. Lady Nada expanded herself so much. Through this a lot of power was set free. Lady Nada wanted to tell you that the duality is like a dream and the awakening is something wonderful. When the energy became too strong Lady Nada had to leave my body very fast so that my organs were not injured. Although it was a close shave I am feeling fine again. Through the walk-in I was able to do my part to give you a present to thank you for your trust and for your love.


On the next day I was very sensitive and full of gratitude. Heiko told me how lovingly you behaved when I fainted. For that too AN'ANASHA.


As for you it was also wonderful for me that Heiko was also on the stage this time and preluded the channelings with his meditations.


I am already looking forward to the next festival and send you lots of ELEXIER.


Your Sabine Sangitar