- First rush

- Channeling and Stage

- People and Impressions

- Exhibitors

- Outside

- Walk-In




- Kryon: Welcome Channeling

- Norina: Journey to Landras

- Sherin: Journey to Venus

- Jesus Christ: Landras - Journey into the Pearl Field of God

- Lady Amethyst: Children of the New Age

- Mother Mary: Freeing from Structures



Videos from the Kryonfestival Spring 2011



Concluding channeling by Sherin


I greet you with the radiant power of love, the words OMAR TA SATT, I am Sherin.
When I was among you, in the body of Sangitar, a glow of love was in the room. Through this love I was able to establish a very deep connection with you. We were one and there were no differences and no veil, the entire radiant power of energies was able to unfold and wonderful things able to happen.

This love has changed much with you. Your souls opened themselves even more for the divine and the human love. Through this a love bond came into being that accompanies you with each breath from now on and lets you become even more aware of how wonderful you are.

For me, Sherin, it was also a great experience and my joy was without bounds. This radiant power of energies is still working in your soul and through this you can better allow the nice changes. Very many patterns were able to detach themselves and where there were doubts trust has arrived. Each child of the New Age has received an initiation from Sherin through the walk-in in order to make life in the duality easier for these children. They are very strong and at the same time very sensitive. My love for you is immeasurably great and I let my joy flow into you.