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- Kryon: Welcome Channeling

- Sanat Kumara: The Divine Omnipotence

- Kryon: Energy Transmission into Nine Aspects

- Jesus: Baptism of Love

- Maris: Changes of Lady Gaia's Consciousness

- Ma'Ha'Lias: Opening of Energetic Tracks

- Myriel: Initiation into the Ability Aspect

- Divine Love: Initiation for the Walk-in




Impressions of the Kryonfestival Spring 2010 




Epilogue by Sabine Sangitar


OMAR TA SATT my dear family of the golden-blue light,

A few days have passed since the Kryon Festival and still the energy of power and love is vibrating in me. The joy that you liked it is the most important and emotional thing for me. Heiko El'Shara and I have read each individual email and our hearts are full of AN'ANASHA! Many of the emails were so touching and full of love that we read them several times! I have often been asked why I am so excited before the festival as I am the medium of the New Age? There are many factors that contribute to my excitement, and I would like to share this with you.

On the one hand it is important for me to be in a deep inner attentiveness the whole time during the festival, but particularly on the stage. This the spiritual world demands of me as medium. Also, I am always a bit nervous whether I will really be able to hear and pass on the channelings. In particular with a new being that speaks to me for the first time, such as Ma'Ha'Lias. The greatest nervousness, however, is created by the uncertainty whether you all like the festival and whether I come up to your expectations! I always wish for this so much simply because you deserve it. Thus on the Saturday and Sunday I get up at 4.30 after almost sleepless nights and make myself a huge cup of milky coffee. Then I sit and wait for the sunrise. Most of the time I speak with the spiritual world. At 8 o'clock at the latest Heiko drives me around in the car and then already I go into the inner attentiveness. At 9.15 we arrive at the KuKo and sit down in our day room. Bernhard arrives then and tells me how wonderful the atmosphere is and what wonderful people you are. That everyone is so positive and looks forward to the event so much.

We confer a little and then a last hug. Then it is just a few more minutes until we go behind the stage and wait. I can see you then on a screen, look into your dear faces and I begin to feel calmer. Bernhard plays the song and I take a few deep breaths and go onto the stage. Each time I get  goose bumps because I am greeted so warmly and lovingly by you. As soon as the first being speaks to me all nervousness has vanished. I only notice very little from the outside anymore.

For me it is very unpleasant each time somebody comes to the front and I have to reject him, but after a channeling I am in no position to absorb any words. I hope you can understand that.

It was such a powerful festival and so much has happened. I will let some of the high beings speak themselves. Heiko El'Shara and I would like to thank you. Words cannot describe what this means to us.

Donations from the takings go to families with children who really need it on the one hand, and also to Kenya to a foundation that finances places in schools and for training.

Your Sabine Sangitar




Epilogue / post channelings by the spiritual world


I am Melek Metatron. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. This festival was borne by great power because we were able to bring you the omnipotence energy in great abundance beyond the veil. The collective was in a deep intention and so we could work with great significance. The greatest energetic attention we directed towards 9 of your aspects. Depending on how it was right for the collective, but above all for each individual at this point in time, we were able to expand the aspects and also to unite a few. It is very important for you to know that these are the gifts that we bring you. We can see from your intention whether we unite and tie aspects. But it is up to you to hold these aspects in the unification permanently. The best for this is your clear intention! The power with which the High Councillors work is great and exceedingly useful for you, particularly in such a big collective. You are being loved immeasurably. AN'ANASHA.


I am Sanat Kumara and greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

With my energy the energy of awakening was brought into many of your aspects and was embedded there. Many of you were able to accept this gift. They were expanded in their energy and in their consciousness very  much. That will be very important for you in the coming time. Many doubts could be put aside and your abilities can now step to the outside. Take this gift into your everyday life and make is usable for yourself by standing by the human beings's side, serving them. AN'ANASHA.


I am Kryon and greet you with the words of the family, OMAR TA SATT.

So much power and energy was available during the days. We used this in order to work in the best possible way for you. I was allowed to bring the magnetic love energy to you and to shower your aspects with energy. One could see how many aspects accepted this energy. This is a sign of high consciousness. This energy lifts you up. United with the divine light you will feel how much power and strength are expanding in you. AN'ANASHA.


I am Jesus Christ, the Son. With the words OMAR TA SATT I greet you in the immeasurable love that I feel for you. You have received a baptism of love. Thus you could realize how unique and magnificent you are. Love yourself as you love me and everything unifies in you. I accompany you at each of your steps. I bless you for that what you are. AN'ANASHA.


I am Ma'Ha'Lias and greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT, my friend of the light. For me it was a great honor to participate in this place of high light energy. Your aspects that you carry are that what you are. The divine flame makes us brothers and sisters. In this time of the so great change the High Councillors will do everything to let you know more about the aspects of yourself. I myself have been called to be involved in this. I will bring a few more messages through the medium Sangitar in order to generate an even deeper understanding for your aspects. AN'ANASHA.


I am Myriel and greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. For me it was a great honor to accompany you on a journey to So'Harim, into the temple of Merlin. There you received a significant initiation into the magic might. Use this might with all-embracing love and humility. Ancient knowledge was transmitted to you. Bit by bit this knowledge will be released. Trust in this and use the Crystal MONA'OHA. AN'ANASHA.


I am Merlin. I am the light of God. I bear the might and power of the divine light in all my aspects. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

The High Council permitted Merlin to travel into the body of the medium Sangitar with 17 aspects. This happened when I was among you and released my energy with each breath. Merlin bears a very powerful, magic energy and with the unified aspects I worked for each single one who was present.

It is a great challenge for a high lightbeing to go into a body and work, but this power, this energy and this might which are released are immeasurable. Thus I connected aspects for all divine human beings who were present and who permitted it.

The energy of magic was very present and it was a great pleasure for me to expand the omnipotence aspect very much for many of you and to create connections and ties with the soul aspect. Without words - as it is not easy for a high lightbeing to speak - I let magic energy pour into you through the eyes, the gate to the soul, and balanced energy in many aspects and brought it to circulate. I brought magic swords to many human beings. I was allowed to remove many crystalline structures that are no longer of service to the human beings in this time. I also created connections in your synapses, caused many deep memories to arise and with many human beings my attention was with their soul aspect. Through certain movements I sent out sounds and embedded them. With some human beings I was able to decode patterns, release them and made them vibrate. Some I was able to transmit healing knowledge to, even pass on healing techniques and embed them in the depth of the soul. Embedded there and connected with the ability aspect these techniques will be released whenever you permit. When this happens have faith that Merlin himself embedded these high techniques and energies so that you can work with the human beings.

It was a festival of power, strength and love. During these days much has happened. Energetic highlights and waves flooded All-that-is. But the highlight of a festival is the walk-in with his entire power and strength. As the energies were raised very much with all human beings and the collective was in a deep intention. Merlin was able to release very powerful energies that the human beings absorbed and that can now be released bit by bit - in a speed and rhythm that is right for you. I would have liked to speak to so many of you, but the challenge for a high, lightful being to go into a body, to accept the physicalness, to breathe and at the same time speak is only possible after many preparations. But more than any word you will feel this power and strength of Merlin that was embedded more and more with each passing day.

What I still want to say to you is that it was very moving for me to see you, to be with you, to see your energy and your colors so powerfully. It was a great joy and also a great honor, and many, many lightbeings and angel were present. They, too, have absorbed the energy of Merlin. And I have taught many of you knowledge and magic in the temple So'Harim once. But no matter whether you were my pupil once, the energy of Merlin fits in to this epoch. For it is important for the unified earth chakra and the perfect sound. Thus I say