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Interview with Sabine Sangitar



Kryonschool was set up in Germany in 2003 and has been reaching increasing numbers of people all over the world ever since.  It has recently be granted the right to give certificates for training in the health sector by the OMSP in Germany.  The teachings have been translated into Spanish and English and each student who completes Kryonschool receives the title Bioenergy Therapist. 


We talked to Sabine Sangitar, the channel and founder of Kryonschool.

1.  What led you to set up Kryonschool?

I was trained as clairaudient medium and channelled the Christ energy for many years.  It all began with the teachings of 'A Course in Miracles‘.  I was told again and again that I had an important task as medium but in those days it was not easy for me to believe this.

About seven years ago I heard a voice which spoke directly to me for the first time.  The light being introduced itself as Eschka and began to tell me everything I wanted to know.  In the beginning my questions were quite naïve and I was often surprised at the answers.  After about a year Eschka said it was time she left as a different master would like to speak to me - it was Kuthumi.

Kuthumi is a very lightful and gentle master.  He prepared me for the Christ energy of Lord Sananda.  When Sananda came to me the first time a bottle of water which stood on my table shattered.  The energy was very high and powerful.  He repeatedly spoke of my soul mission as a medium of the New Age.

Six years ago the being Kryon came through and asked me to found Kryonschool.  At first I received information about who is involved in the 48 Steps at a cosmic level.  I was also given the time frame but it has not always been easy to follow as much of this was new to me and creating Kryonschool meant big structural changes in my work.


2.  How were the Steps transmitted?

I had to cancel existing training courses in order to totally devote myself to my task as medium.  But I was not allowed to channel the 48 Steps in advance and so was as much a Kryon student as everybody else in the beginning.  Naturally people wanted to know exactly what would happen during the 48 Steps and what awakening means, but I was not able to say much in reply as I had no experience with the process of awakening to the divine human being. 

There was a certain amount of hostility concerning Kryon and towards Kryonschool initially, but I had great support from the spiritual world and Kryon said to me again and again:  “Trust, the truth finds its highest way.”  And so it was.


3.  We still hear of there being only 9 channels for Kryon.  Has this changed?

In principle there is no monopoly on a spiritual being.  And as the energy on earth has changed it is possible for many people to channel Kryon.  Nevertheless I would like to explain something about that.  Kryon comes from another universe called the magnetic universe Quadril 5.  Beings who have been created there are called Nunis.  Nunis are magnetic lights and many of these lights have the task to supply other universes with magnetic energy.  When Nunis move into our universe a fusion with the angels is necessary so that they can hold their energy in this, the First Central Universe.   Thus Kryon is fused with a host of angels and because of this Kryon often introduces himself as ‘Kryon and the Entourage’.  In order to be able to channel Kryon you need a magnetic channel.  Sometimes human beings channel the Entourage, the angel energy of Kryon, which is perceived as Kryon, which is also true and accurate.  Human beings who possess a magnetic channel either have acquired it during the times of Lemuria or originate from a magnetic universe and have it already.


4.  Why were you chosen for this task?

I was chosen because I am a clairaudient medium and can also receive messages such as formulas, light language and Crystals.  I was created in the magnetic universe of Adamis and Adamea and bear the energy of the golden-blue light within.  I have been trained in this incarnation, but I have been prepared for this task in many other incarnations.


5.  What do the 48 Steps comprise?

The 48 Steps comprise instructions on how to awaken to the divine human being.  We are all of us great lights in a human body.  For a long time we have been wearing the veil of oblivion around us.

It requires several things in order to awaken to the divine human being.  The most important thing is the intention in one's heart to expand the consciousness to the extent that one realises that one is divine.  In addition decodings have to take place through which the DNA can be re-coded.  At the end of the day the Light Body needs a frequency of at least 88 percent light so that the cells in the body restructure themselves and can absorb new information.  All of this takes place during the 48 Steps, step by step.  With Step 1 the first step into the awakening begins:  Trust.


6. In Kryonschool awakening is talked about a lot.  What does awakening mean and is everybody who completes Kryonschool awakened?

We human beings are in a collective frequency of vibration which lets us forget who we are in reality.  In this collective many human beings feel separated from God and often experience themselves in fears, worries, illness and the process of dying.  Many human beings think they are puppets of destiny.

Divine awakening means to be completely free of structures which may hinder us in our life.  A divinely awakened human being experiences himself in the vibration of 999 and has freed himself from the collective thought pattern of the duality.  A divinely awakened human being creates joy, abundance, health, human love for himself and leads a life as avatar on earth.  He is a master of creation.

All human beings who have taken the 48 Steps are awakened.  and yet the process of awakening is a very individual process.  Experience has shown that the life of each Kryonstudent has changed in a loving way, but everybody experiences the 48 Steps a little differently.  You are being guided into the Divine Reality step by step and, having arrived there, one will be able to completely absorb the energy of awakening.  It is up to each of us how we use our divine power.


7.  What is the family of the golden-blue light?

The family of the golden-blue light is a certain energy frequency.  If you belong to this frequency you feel it in your soul immediately - you are drawn as if by a magnet.  Often they are human beings who were incarnated in Lemuria and Atlantis and have now agreed to carry out the Ascension process with the first wave so as to stand by the side of other human beings at the change of dimensions.  They are called Light Pioneers by the spiritual world.  This is not intended to be a judgement for each frequency carries its own mission within.


8.  What will it be like after the Ascension?  What can we expect?  What will change?

First of all I would like to go into what remains the same.  Each planet has its own laws and these will continue to exist.  The laws of the earth are ‘free will’ and ‘balance between giving and taking’ among other things.  The human race will also continue in a human body.  However, all human beings will bear the same age.  Young and old will no longer exist.  Our breathing will be the original prana breathing again.  Many things will become very much easier after the ascension and the collective will be borne by a new heart energy.  The energy of the New Age will be magnetism.  Nevertheless there will still be development, for each soul bears the longing within to get closer to the Divine Source in order to fuse with it at last.


9.  Is there a connection between the natural disasters which are happening on earth at present and the Ascension?

You have to know that Mother Earth possesses her own consciousness called Lady Gaia.  Lady Gaia has experienced herself in a dense vibrational frequency, expressed in a number as 666, for a very long time.  For the ascension it is necessary to reach a vibrational frequency of 999.  For this it is necessary that Lady Gaia frees herself from collective vibrations which stand in the way of the ascension.  Natural disasters always mean a cleansing of negative thought patterns.  Lady Gaia has absorbed much which has been created through the human incarnations.  She has done this out of love.  It hurts Lady Gaia very much when it comes to human suffering during the cleansing processes.  However, at the end of the day it is a great gift for all human beings to experience the planetary ascension in the human body, beyond the state of enlightenment.

After each cleansing the affected areas have a higher vibration.


10.  How is it ensured that each single person ascends as well?  And what can we do?

The Ascension is going to take place without question.  When the time for the dimensional change has come each human being will carry a vibrational frequency of 999 within.  As it is a planetary ascension it is possible for each human being to experience the dimensional change.  In 1987 Light Body level 1 was activated in each human being.  There is often talk of 12 Light Body levels which have to be activated in order to experience the ascension in the body.  Kryon confirms this by saying that the Light Body requires a basic frequency of 88 percent light.  In order to reach this there are many paths,  but at the end of the day the human being needs the love energy in the centre of the heart in order to experience the expansions of the Light Body.  It does not matter which religion or spiritual direction we follow.  A baker who sells his rolls with love and devotion can also expand this love in himself and thus experience the necessary light expansion to ascend.




(Lightlanguage for: thank you,

balance between giving and taking)