Public Channeling of December 2, 2015



  • Feel the Magic of the New Era
  • A Pattern of Knowledge Opens
  • Transmission of Security and Wisdom


I am from the field of the Samadieh Guardians. As light of the All-One I call myself Nirengaa. I greet you with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT and bring my vibration, the light of love, of bliss, of security, of wisdom to you. And if you allow, then I, Nirengaa, will work with you personally with light and love. With intensive radiant power I will expand the glow in you, carry, watch over, and love you. If you permit me I will work in your soul, in your light body, all-embracingly, as is right and good for you.
You are living on a planet that is full of grace, filled with light and love, for God's Son walked on it. This planet is experiencing its deepest change, and with it the human beings and you yourself. Intensive transformations are taking place, but you can feel the light and also see it, for it is shining in you like a torch, warming, full of beauty. A big change is taking place, and in every beginning, in which you are now, this magic is working, the magic of the new era, the New Cycle. You can feel this magic with each breath you take, when you are still, with you, in you, if you permit, the opening of all your senses, then it is as if this magic were available for you. This magic helps you to develop yourself further, to go even deeper in order to understand even better what is happening on your planet and to yourself now. You can regard it all-embracingly from a higher perspective, with deeply expanded consciousness, and you will understand, you will feel, and you will know what it means, but there is a difference between the all-embracing and the personal light in you. How do you yourself perceive the change? Do you feel this magic that is inherent in the New Age? Do you feel that perhaps it is cold outside in the duality, you look for warmth like in a protective house, in front of a fireplace where the fire warms you, you make yourself comfortable, let yourself fall and feel the warmth, and all the things that are happening outside are unimportant in one moment because you are centered, because you feel this fire that brings you the warmth, that lets you feel: You are being looked after. This home you feel in yourself. This home lives in you. This home is your essence.
We, the Samadieh Guardians, we are with you and support you with deepest security, with knowledge and wisdom, with expansion and light, and right now, in this moment, when you inhale this magic of energy you feel the light of Nirengaa, you feel how you soften, the feeling of warmth, the feeling of security. These small miracles that can take place in these moments, now, if you permit, allow you to see the big miracle all-embracingly.
You planet is ready for the transformations to come to an end soon, and yet the New Cycle has arrived long since, and sometimes perhaps it is not easy for you to make the distinction that everything belongs together anyway and nothing happens separately. But if you can perhaps not feel the cold in the duality sometimes you would not be able to feel the warmth either, and it is up to you and lies in you what you decide for in every moment of your life. Do you decide for warmth, for the security, for the shining fire in you? Are you ready to go even deeper into the dawning of consciousness, to dive into what is lying before you, what is in you, and what is waiting for you? The planet of grace that bears the sounds of Solvana is ready for the original sound of divinity. TORA'AN'TARIA has arrived. This energy, when you are ready for it, accompanies you by day and by night. There is nothing you would need to fear. There is nothing that worries you for now you are here in this energy field that is building up and goes deep into the layers of your soul, as far as you allow, and lets you feel what it can mean when you are orientated, orientated towards trust, MONA'OHA, towards the security in your Self.
With a deep breath feel what Nirengaa is bringing you with each word. With each word a pattern of knowledge opens in you, and perhaps your third eye opens and the pictures of your perfection, your awakening move past you, and from uncertainty the certainty that you are being taken care of grows. The life you are living on this planet is grace. Live this life with human passion, with divine passion, with spiritual passion. Enjoy your existence. Enjoy life and be glad about every breath you take, for this is the life on a planet of grace. What this means, perhaps these words lie beyond your intellect, but chosen as planet of grace with the tracks of God's Son that have embedded themselves deeply the big miracle will happen. You can feel it, how it approaches you, and again you feel this magic that is inherent, the mysticism, all the things that are the truth, all the things that are love, all the things that are God in you.
The transformations are very intensive and of course they have an effect on you, but you carry the possibility to celebrate this warming fire in you. You have the possibility, with all your abilities, that the energetic patterns open themselves in you more and more. You have the possibility to decide for love, to love yourself just as you are. Always carry the compassion that the human beings need so much within. The radiance is getting stronger and what is glowing is the divine fire in you, and in a collective, just like in these moments, it is possible for me to transmit the energy to you that embeds itself deep in your structure, that this pleasant feeling of security, of safety will stay with you. And thus I will begin to transmit this energy now. In addition the Samadieh Guardians will transmit wisdom, and, if you permit, open energetic patterns for you, and all the things that do not serve you you can let go now and let yourself fall deeply now in the energetic transmission that works very intensively. And so I will begin now…